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The Prince Charming


When I was little, all my friends wanted to be doctors, pilots, or teachers. But me, I wanted to be a princess. I was five years old, so don’t judge.

Fast forward to twelve years later, on the night of my senior year Winter Formal— I was finally feeling like one.

And here is how the story goes:

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess, me. The princess wore a lovely off-the-shoulder silver dress, as she waited for her Prince Charming to arrive at the ball. She had her friends to keep her company, and so she spent the first half an hour of the party cheerfully.

But the clock kept ticking and there were still no sign of Prince Charming around. She thought of using her magical conch shell to give Prince Charming a call, but she thought that would be too desperate of an act, so she didn’t.

Of course the princess didn’t want Prince Charming to think she was so desperate for him. Heck, she wanted him to think she didn’t even like him all that much—that they were just friends—who kiss sometimes...

But, after waiting for about an hour, I finally came to the realization that my life was not a fairytale and I was no princess. I was well aware of that. Yet, when I put on this silver dress today, I had hoped that maybe tonight could be an exception. I was trying to be positive, telling myself that my prince would show up for me. But, with each every passing minute, my faith was starting to waver. Thoughts of Judah ditching me came to mind and it felt like I was being punched in the gut.

I shook off the negative thoughts quickly, telling myself that he could still show up. I mean, even Snow White had to wait for her prince to come. But, what no one forgot to mention was how much waiting sucked.


I stared at the stupid tie hanging loosely on the doorknob for the longest time.

What the fuck was she thinking—asking me to go to a dance? She knew damn well how much I loathed these things. And if I didn’t go, I’d be the prick that stood a girl up.

And why the hell was she asking me anyway? She could easily get any guy in the damn school to go with her if she wanted to. Why me?

But of course, knowing Blondie, she probably hadn’t noticed all that. The way guys would look at her when she wasn’t looking, or how they talk about her in the locker rooms, I’d seen and heard it all. Of course any normal guy would want a piece of her. How could they not?

And somehow she decided to pick me; the good for nothing piece of shit.

Don’t worry, I won’t get it over my head though. I knew exactly why she asked me to go with her. It was the same reason as to why she kissed me on that homecoming game and struck that deal with me in the first place.

She just wanted to make her boy jealous, and I was the perfect pawn.

Normally I would steer clear from useless high school drama. I got enough shit to deal on my own, I didn’t need anymore of that. But, once I saw who I was playing against: the little prince, Blake Harrison himself, I couldn’t possibly say no. It was amusing to me, to taunt the prince that this lowly peasant could steal his princess away from him. I knew this was going to be a fun game and I was determined to play it.

What I didn’t realize though, was that the princess was a stealthy thief.

She stole my heart and I wanted it back. I needed it back or else I was gonna end up with the same fate as those other guys in that damned school—pining over a girl I could never have.

* DING *

Suddenly, the noise coming from my phone broke my train of thought. I grabbed it quickly, thinking that it was probably Blondie looking for me.

Ava: I still got ur stuff. Are u coming today?

It was just a text from Ava. I let out a sigh, and somehow the fact that Blondie wasn’t looking for me got me feeling disappointed. She had told me that the dance starts at eight, and it was already nine now.

Would she still be there waiting for me?

“Ah, fuck!” I muttered to myself as I got up abruptly from my bed.

I went deep into my closet to find the best shirt I could find, before going for the doorknob and grabbed the damned tie.


I was just standing casually on the corner of the room. I took note of how the dance committee did a great job with this year’s Winter Formal. They had fairy lights hanging all around, fake snow and mistletoes, and the stage resembled Elsa’s ice castle from Frozen.

I scanned the room to find Hallee, who was busy dancing with her boyfriend and Gabe was also nearby, standing three feet away from wherever Maddie was at.

When Hallee noticed that I was looking at her, she waved for me to come over and join her in the dance floor. I simply shook my head and mouthed a ‘no’. I wanted to stay here and keep my eyes on the door, so that when my prince finally comes, I wouldn’t miss him.

I let out another sigh, probably my millionth time for the night. I didn’t know if they turned the AC in here on high to comply with the Winter Wonderland theme or what, but it was freezing in here. Maybe if I was out there dancing, I wouldn’t be shivering in my dress.

No, I’m no Elsa. The cold does bother me.

It had been over an hour now and with each passing minute I was getting more and more agitated. I glanced down to my phone and saw that there were no new notifications.

If he wasn’t gonna come, he could at least text me...

And just when I thought my night was gonna end in despair, I heard a familiar voice.

“Care for a dance?” I turned around and a tall handsome figure stood in front of me. He was wearing a crisp black suit and his hair was neatly pushed back.

“Blake,” I spoke. My tone was slightly disappointed, although I didn’t mean that.

As if on cue, suddenly the loud techno music faded down and it turned into this soft love song. It was an Ed Sheeran song, and his lovely soothing voice had managed to coax all the couples in the room to some slow dancing.

“You know, I’ve been waiting all week for you to ask me to the dance... but you never did,” he said softly. Blake took a step closer to me and I finally got a better view of him. My mouth gaped as soon as I saw the black and blue bruises all over his face.

“Oh my god,” my eyes widened and my hand instinctively went to touch his handsome face that was very badly bruised.

He just smiled weakly at my reaction, trying his best not to flinch at my touch.

“Blake! What happened to your face?”

“RJ happened,” he stifled a laugh and smiled meaningfully.

“I met him this morning. We talked and I told him everything. About meeting you at the party, about falling for you, and about how I let you down. He punched me three times in the face. He said; one for not being honest with him in the first place, two for letting you down, and three for any future mistake that I would make soon enough,” he was grinning as he spoke, but I could tell that the facial movement was painful for him.

“Thankfully after the three punches, RJ gave me his blessings,” he said again.

Something stirred in me and I was feeling all sorts of warmth and fuzziness in my stomach. There was something about the way a guy was being vulnerable to a girl that just screamed ‘swoon’. I stared intently at Blake’s sea-blue eyes and suddenly the room didn’t feel so cold anymore.

“...I can’t believe you did that,” was all that I could say in response.

“I should have done it a lot sooner. I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” His hand then reached for mine, lacing my fingers with his gently.

“I knew it was a bad idea to fall for my best-friend’s sister. So, for a long time I tried to deny it. I kept putting it off, thinking that my feelings would go away with time. But I can’t deny it anymore, Taya. Despite what you might think, I was never ashamed of you. I never wanted to keep you a secret because I was playing with you. I did all that because I was just too much of a coward to admit my true feelings,”

These words. I didn’t know how long I’ve prayed to hear these words coming from him. I had fantasized about this moment so many times before—Blake arriving on a white horse to declare his undying love for me.

And now I was finally hearing it all. But somehow... I wished I hadn’t...

If he had said this to me a few weeks prior, I would have jumped into his arms so fast, he’d get dizzy. But now, these words had fallen short. And it wasn’t because he wasn’t eloquent enough or that this moment wasn’t romantic enough. It was because of something else entirely.

My thoughts were corrupted by the image of a certain someone, who I was still desperately wishing would stand before me right now.

“Listen, Blake...” I tried to speak, but Blake was quick to notice the uncertainty in my eyes, so he spoke again.

“Taya. I’m proving it to you. From this day on, I want you to know, and I want everyone here to know...” his voice was extremely loud when he said the last part, garnering the attention of the people all around us.

“That I’m in love with you,”

Gasps were heard and shocks echoed through the air. And I swore, the DJ had purposely muted the music to add the dramatic effect. The whole entire room was looking right at us—Hallee, Gabe, and even Viv had her mouth hung open in shock. Meanwhile, I was utterly frozen like an ice statue, ironically like the movie.

“Blake, I...” My words came out in a whisper and it was cut short by Blake’s actions. He brought my hand up and he leaned down, his lip landed softly on the back of my hand, causing my brain cells to crash.

And as I stood there with my thoughts running wild, all of a sudden, on the corner of my eye—I saw him.

He was wearing his usual denim jacket and a white buttoned down shirt underneath. His dark hair was messy and he looked disheveled in general, as if he was rushing to get here.

My prince had come!

He was just standing there by the door. I didn’t how long he’d been there for. I didn’t know how much he’d heard. And I couldn’t decipher the look on his face as he gazed straight into my eyes. All I knew was how much I wanted to go over to him so I could smack him on the arm for making me wait so long. And as if he knew what was going through my head, his lips then twitched into a small smirk.

So much for a prince charming.

Still, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw his smile. And I never felt so happy, seeing someone standing by the door for me.

In some ironic and twisted way, perhaps this was not the story of how the princess was falling for the prince after all. Perhaps this was just a story of me, Taya the girl, and my not-so-charming bad boy, Judah Hudson.

And I was fine with that.

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