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The Champagne Supernova

J U D A H :

“Kiss me,” she said again.

I heard her loud and clear, butwhy the fuck am I not moving? And I shouldn’t have made her have to repeat herself. But damn it, I was fucking terrified.


“Blondie,” I said quickly through gritted teeth, “I just have to warn you. If we kiss… it will end the world,”

It’s happened before and no one survived, especially me.

“What do you mean?”

“Letting you go was the single stupidest thing I had ever done. And I’ve done a shitload of stupid things. So, I’m gonna be honest with you, I will kiss you. And then I’ll never let you go,”

I didn’t wait for her to react this time. Closing the distance between us, my face delved right in for hers. It was like an explosion of sensation. Just the taste of her lips was enough to send me off the rails.

For the past month I had been kissing and tasting lips other than hers, it was stupid, but I was so desperate to numb my cravings for Blondie. But nothing and no one could compare to her. Not even in the slightest.

She had ruined kissing for me.

As our mouths moved in sync, my hands moved to cup her cheeks, holding her tight. Nothing felt better than this. Nothing felt more right. And when she started tugging on my bottom lip, I lost it.

I pushed both our bodies back until she was trapped between me and a tall tree behind her. She looked up to me in shock for a split second, but I was adamant on not breaking off the kiss.

“Told you I’m not letting you go,” I murmured as our tongues continued to tangle.

“So don’t,” she murmured back.

I couldn’t stop the groans coming out of me. She pushed me back this time, until my back lightly slammed against another tall tree. She was smiling through her kiss as she deepened the kiss.

Smiling back, I pushed her back until we hit another tree, a little more rough this time. She gasped at the contact, but she quickly recovered herself. This then went on for a couple more times before we finally reached the old abandoned house. There were no more trees to pin her against, so I settled for the tattered walls.

My mouth stayed hungrily on hers, my hands were holding hers up against the wall, and my body was pressed up against hers. There was no room for her to escape. We were moving in synchrony as our bodies were rubbing against each other.

“Fuck,” another groan escaped my throat, as I couldn’t control myself any longer.

“Judah?” she said as she pulled back slightly, noticing something was off with me.

“Taya…” I said in between breaths.

I only said her name, but I had said with such meaning. My eyes were pleading with her as I swallowed hard and waited for her to respond.

Her eyes were a little glassy as her small lips curved into a smile. And then she nodded her head.

Not wasting anymore time, my hands found the hem of her shirt and the small fabric went flying in seconds. She responded by grabbing a hold of my jacket and briskly shoving them off me. I replied with holding her by the hips, my hands lounging casually around her jeans’ button. She was impatient though, as she didn’t wait for me to finish my move and instead she pulled my shirt up and over my head.

“No patience, huh?” I joked

“Shut up,”

“Slow down, baby,” I laughed as she rolled her eyes. And I noticed that little cringe when I called her ‘baby’.

“You don’t like to be called ‘baby’. You have something against pet names?” I said as I slowly reached for my jeans. Her eyes were getting darker as they followed my every move.

“No, I just have something against nicknames,” she said with her eyes fixed intently on my hands. “I used to get bullied a lot when I was young. People calling me names. One time I was crying because a kid was being mean to me, and other kids started laughing at me and called me a big baby. So, that’s why…”

“Tell me their names and they’re dead,” I said as I pulled my pants down and let it fall to the ground. She responded with a cheery laugh and it was like music to my ears.

Stepping out of my jeans, I moved closer to her and my hands found the hem of her jeans. My fingers lightly grazed the skin above it on purpose, and I felt her breath hitched responsively.

“You must really hate it when I kept calling you Blondie,” I said as my face leaned down to find the crook of her neck.

“Yeah at first,” she breathed, as she was trying hard to stay still, “But for some reason, that one has grown on me,”

Smiling to myself, I started trailing kisses from her neck down to her chest. Her breathing became more labored and she started squirming a little. I hadn’t even started yet and she was already so ready.

“So, what should I call you then?” I murmured against the skin of her stomach as I made my way down.

“Anything… you want,”

Her words came out in breaths as my nose made contact with the area of her heat, covered by her jeans. My fingers trailed its way to unbutton her jeans, before slowly pulling the zipper down. With each passing second, I felt like I was about to explode, but I was trying my best to contain it.

After I peeled her jeans all the way down and she stepped out of it, my lips started trailing kisses from the side of her knee up to her thigh. Her nails dug on the hard walls behind her as she tried to hold her ground.

With my hands on both sides of her legs, I pulled them apart gently so I had clear access to her. My nose was pressed against the fabric of her underwear and she smelled so fucking good, I almost lost it there.

I looked up one last time to check on how she was doing. She had her eyes closed and her back was arched, a clear sign that her body wanted me. My lips went down to suck on her core against the thin fabric and she sucked in a sharp breath in response.

That was it for me. I went and bit her underwear with my teeth, before pulling it down, like a motherfucking caveman.

She looked down in shock, but I didn’t give her a second to think as I went straight for her now bare opening. My lips grazed around her before I started kissing and sucking, full of hunger and want. When my tongue finally hit her clit, she gasped loudly and her body jerked up. Using the momentum, I let my index finger travelled up and entered her. Her inside was so warm and wet already, and her body quivered even more as my finger went to feel her deeper and deeper.

She wants me.

I kissed her harder this time, while adding another finger into her. Her hips bucked up in response, giving me more access. My thumb went up to circle her clit, pressing and putting pressure on it as my two fingers continued going in and out of her. Her breathing was getting harder and I looked up, and I just watched her. She was biting on her lip, suppressing her moans from getting too loud. And all I could think about at this moment was how fucking beautiful she was from any given angle.

And if only she knows how much I want her.

I pulled out of her in an sudden move and her eyes jerked open. Immediately, I got up to my feet, my face hovering above hers. She looked up at me in confusion and need. And I answered her by moving closer to her, the bulge under my boxers rubbing hard against her stomach.

She knew what I was trying to tell her, since her gaze went dark and she swallowed hard. Without warning, her hands then moved up and rested on my chest. My skin was burning as her fingers gently ran down my abs, stopping at the hem of my briefs. Her thumb grazed my tattoo for a moment, before her fingers slid down under the fabric.

She found me there, and she cupped my hard erection with her hand. I didn’t even remember all the profanities I started hissing out in response. Her other hand then went to the side of my boxers, tugging it down a few times before it fell.

She let out a little gasp as I stood completely bare in front of her, only with her one hand covering me. She was about to pull her hand away once she realized what she’d done, but I was quick to hold her hand down so she couldn’t move. Pressing on her hand gently, I motioned for both our hands to move in sync. Once she understood what I wanted, I took my hand off her and I just watched her. Her small hand was moving slowly up and down on my length. She put a little bit more pressure with each stroke, and her thumb would rub over the tip every time she reached the end.

“Stop,” I said suddenly and her hands stopped moving.

“Did I do something wrong?” she looked up quickly with a puzzled look on her face.

“If you go on like this, I’d lose myself right here and now. And that’s not what I want,” I let out a short laugh as she turned red in response.

Bending down to reach for my jeans, I pulled out a fresh pack of condom from the wallet in my back pocket. She watched me intently, not moving an inch, as I rolled the rubber down my length.

Once I was done, I gave her a quick smile as I grabbed her by the hand. I laced her fingers through mine, before pinning it gently back against the wall.

“Such bad hands,” I hissed playfully.

Using my free hand, I pulled her one thigh up and arched her body so she was completely open to me. My manhood was rubbing against her and she scrunched her eyes shut in response.

“Open your eyes,”

I knew that she heard me, but she wasn’t opening her eyes. Instead, she shook her head lightly as if to say no.

“Do you want me?”

She nodded her head, still with her eyes closed.

She looked so scared, like I was gonna hurt her. What the fuck did he do to her?

“I’m not gonna hurt you Taya, so please open your eyes,” I cooed her gently, pausing to say, “I just want to see you,”

After a few seconds, her eyes finally fluttered open. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw those beautiful chocolate brown eyes that could get me lost for miles and on.

“I should have waited for you,” her words came out in whispers, full of regret and sorrow.

“And I shouldn’t have let you go,” mine was even worse.

I let out a long sigh as my lips went to kiss the side of her eye. My lips then kissed her cheek, her ear, below her ear, before finally resting on that sweet spot on her neck.


“I’ll make you forget everything... Until I’m all that you could think of. My name escaping your lips is all that you can remember,”

And with that, I eased myself slowly into her. I couldn’t describe the feeling I got as she took me in, inch by inch. I never wanted to close my eyes because I wouldn’t want to miss any second of this.

She was mine and I was hers. And I never felt more complete.

She was moaning my name out loud and I just had to pick up the pace in response. I moved in her wildly as I held her tight. My movements were getting rougher, but I wanted her to feel safe in my arms.

I couldn’t count how many times she had said my name, and I never wanted her to stop. But finally, her body reached her climax and she clenched around me tight. She screamed my name out loud one last time, before she unraveled all around me.

I never knew what perfection was like. But this might just be it.

“You doing alright?” I whispered to her ear as the both of us were lying down on the floor, atop of a bed made of our clothes.

I was worried that I might have overworked her a little. I didn’t mean to, but we ended up going at it for a few more times.

I just can’t help it, okay? Fucking sue me.

Luckily, she nodded her head and gave me a small smile. Letting out a sigh of relief, I noticed her skin was shivering a little, so I pulled my jacket up to cover her. She looked at the jacket and then to me, and her eyes glistened a little.

“Hey, what’s on your mind?” I said as my fingers ran through her cheek.

“This… isn’t another part of your game right?” she breathed lowly, pausing a second before saying, “You’re not gonna wake up tomorrow and say that this all meant nothing?”

Fuck, did I mess her up.

I propped myself up slightly, inching my face closer to her until my forehead rested against her.

“No, this isn’t a game. Because if it was, then we’d both lost,”

She looked at me for a second before she glanced away. The look on her eyes said that she wanted to believe me, but it was hard for her. She didn’t wanna get hurt again like last the time. Letting out a soft sigh, I tilted her face back up to meet mine.

“I know I got a lot of making up to do. So starting now, I’m making you a promise. No more lies, no more games, just the truth,”

Her eyes lit up this time. And she couldn’t hide that smile that was forming on her lips.

“For real?”

“For real,”

We smiled at each other for a second there and my heart was going off like it was gonna explode. I had never felt something so strong in my life before. This moment was everything to me. Leaning down, I gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before I pulled myself up.

“Now come on, let’s go,” I said as I scrambled to get our clothes.

“Where are we going?”

“You got your cake. Now it’s time for some real food,” I gave her a wink before I said, “Can’t let my girl starve now, can I?”

She narrowed her eyes at me and smiled as if I was an amusing sight, before proceeding to put on her clothes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.

“You said ’my girl’,”

“You said I can call you anything I want?”

“Is that what you want?” she asked when she had finished putting on her last article of clothing.

Smirking, I got up and ran towards the edge of the cliff, before shouting at the top of my lungs, “I’m in love with Taya Leigh Williams and she is my girl! Mine!!!”

I was shouting so loud, I could hear myself echoing through the wind. I could also hear her happy laughter in the background. Probably the sweetest sound I had ever heard, like ever.

“How’s that for an answer?” I said as I turned back to her.

She rolled her eyes at my dramatic act, but I could tell she was happy.

“And you’re cool with that, right?” I said cautiously, just to be sure.

She cocked her head to the side and bit her lip, as if she was thinking hard about something. Then suddenly, she lunged at me, her arms linking over my neck and pulling me down. Her lips found mine, teasing me gently before coaxing me into her.

“How’s that for an answer?” she smirked and pulled away, just as the kiss was getting good.

“Using my own weapon against me, I’ve taught you well,” I chuckled in disbelief, “What have I created?”

Sticking her tongue out at me, she turned around and started running for the woods. Still reeling from her kiss, I shook my head a couple times before I finally ran to follow her.

I said that this was all just a game, but I lied. I told you that this was just an act, but my tongue was going to hell. I promised that I’d let you go, but my lips broke it. And I swore that I would never love again, but my heart was always yours to begin with. And no part of me will apologize for that.

So if the world has to end now… let it fucking does.

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