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The Wildest Dreams


I was staring at my laptop screen in awe—a page full of words was displayed in front of me. Word count: 500 words.

Not to sound narcissistic or anything, but I legit thought that it was a great essay. I got so proud of myself every time I read over it. UCLA’s application deadline was last night, and I had sent in my application just in time. I could only hope that UCLA would agree with me on this because they were my first pick.

I was sitting outside the guidance counselor’s office with nothing much to do, so I started re-reading my essay. Re-reading my college essay got me thinking on how much I’d grown the past year. I started out as nothing but a blank white page, and now, I was full of new experiences and new stories to tell.

Taya 2.0 was a successful project after all.

I glanced over at the clock on the wall, the time showed it was almost 4 PM. Judah had been in the guidance counselor’s office for almost an hour now, he should be done anytime soon.

For the past two months, Judah had been working his ass off. He did all his homework, asked for make up tests for the ones he missed, aced all his projects and exams, and he even volunteered at the local youth shelter for community service hours. On top of all that, he managed to score a 1300 on the SATs!

Judah can do anything he puts his mind to. Anything.

And no, I wasn’t just talking about school. Judah was a great guy all around. He had the best personality, always cracking up jokes and lighting up the room whenever we were around my friends and family. And when we were alone… he would lit up something else entirely.

He sparked something in me that I never even knew existed.

Yesterday for example, it was Valentine’s Day. Knowing Judah, I didn’t expect anything ’cause he’d probably think the whole idea of Valentine’s Day was stupid. But he surprised me, he came over at night with flowers and a box of pizza. The pepperoni on the pizza were made into the words ‘be mine’ and a question mark. It was so freaking adorable and who on earth could resist Judah and a good slice of pizza?

We ended up going to the cliff top building, as it was our spot after all. We had a small picnic there, eating pizza, and talking about nonsense stuff like aliens and what we’d do on a zombie apocalypse. After we finished our pizza, Judah put the box away and scooted over closer to me.

“Now, if you’re wondering what’s for dessert…” he said with that signature smirk of his.

“Tell me, how do you like your cake?” he said again, and boy did it got my blood rushing.

“With a lot of icing,” I said as I bit my bottom lip seductively.

As the memory of last night replayed in my head, suddenly I felt two strong arms grabbed me from the back. A familiar masculine scent filled my nose and I could only hold my legs tighter together.

“Hey, sorry to keep you waiting,” he whispered to my ears.

“Hmm,” I found myself murmuring.

“What were you doing?” he said as he peeled away from me and started studying my body language.


“Nothing. How was the meeting with Mrs. Ash?” I said quickly as I fixed my posture.

“I’ll tell you all about it. But first…” he cocked his head to the sight and grinned playfully.

He knows me all too well.

“Cake?” I said, in all my shameless glory.


Shocker, we ended up going up the cliff top building again. In just a few short months, this place had become my favorite spot on the entire island. There were so many great memories here, all between Judah and I. Just Judah and I.

And we are still making more great memories…

“Fuck, Taya,” he hissed as I rolled my hips on him.

I was straddling him as we kissed and he lay back on his stomach. But within seconds, he flipped us over until he was hovering on top of me.

“You don’t like losing control, do you?” I laughed.

“You like to tease too much, don’t you?”

“You think I’m a tease?” I kissed his bottom lip gently, my tongue slightly grazing over it. He groaned aloud in response. And as he was about to dive in for my lips, I strategically pushed him back and flipped us over.

I got up and started running a few feet back. I was giggling and laughing as he just sat there in shock and bewilderment. Sticking my tongue out at him, I deliberately let my finger travel up my collarbone and pulled my little spaghetti strap to the side.

“If you keep this up, I swear you’re gonna kill me,” he couldn’t hide that smile on his face as he put one hand over his chest, faking a heart attack.

After he let me have my fun for a good minute, Judah then got up and he ran after me. He literally attacked me as I was tackled to the ground. I tried to wrestle with him for a while, but obviously he was way stronger than me.

He had me pinned down against the grass. I was all out of breath from laughing and fighting too much. All the while, he still looked as cool as ever. His hair got a bit messy and he had that playful glint in his eyes as a victorious smile played on his lips.

“Such a bad girl,” he shook his head in fake disapproval, “What are we gonna do with you?”

Only he could make me feel all tame and wild at the same time.

Within seconds, my little dress was lifted off of me. One of his hands then traveled to my back, finding the clasps of my bra, and his fingers flicked it open. As my breasts became exposed to him, he delved down and I felt his tongue circling around my bare nipple.

He hadn’t even done anything and I already felt the buildup in me. My fingers clawed onto his back and I could feel him smiling against my skin. His other hand then moved down to find my last remaining item of clothing, my underwear. He slipped one long finger skillfully underneath it, and his thumb started stroking me from over the fabric. As his finger started thrusting into me, I couldn’t stop the moans and heavy breaths from escaping my mouth.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, and it sounded like a low growl.

I found myself going insane as I heard his voice. My hips started moving, grinding against his finger, wanting so much more.

“Still wanna tease me?” he joked, and I found myself groaning impatiently.

“Judah, please…” I whimpered as he slowed his movements down, causing me to grow more and more insane.

He was still smiling as he pulled a pack of rubber out of his back pocket. He was taking his time as unbuttoned his jeans, pushed it down, and he proceeded to ripping the foil packet open. It was agonizing to watch.

“I love seeing you like this,”

“Like what?” I blurted impatiently.

“Like you’re crazy for me,” he chuckled.

The next thing I knew, he was back on top of me. His lips had attacked mine, his tongue coaxing me into submission. I parted my mouth open for him, and as his tongue delved into my mouth, his member had entered my core at the same time too. I gasped instantly as the combination of pain and pleasure began to burn my insides.

“Because I’m head over heels crazy for you too,” he murmured in between the thrusts and kisses. “You have no idea how much”

I couldn’t make out what I was saying to him in response. His thrusts had gone deeper and harder and I found myself losing my reality. He took me out of this world with the way he kissed and the way he moved. He was so strong, yet so gentle. So fierce, yet so warm.

He had devoured me. Literally.

When I opened my eyes next, the sun was already setting. It was gloriously beautiful. Probably one of the best sunsets I had ever witnessed. And I had seen a lot of beautiful sunsets here.

I was resting my head on Judah’s chest and I could hear his breathing slowing down. His hand rested on my head, his fingers running through my hair ever so gently. I looked up slowly to see him, and his beautiful face was just staring at the open sky.

I wouldn’t mind lying like this forever.

“So,” he started to speak suddenly, breaking off my train of thought, “Mrs. Ash gave me the result for my career aptitude test today,”

“What? Lemme see,” my body jerked up in instantly. I was excited for this.

Judah rolled over to his side and raided his backpack, before pulling out a piece of yellow paper. I grabbed the paper from him before he could even hand it over to me. I skimmed through the words until I found the result at the bottom.

“Architect?” I gaped.

“Yup, has a nice ring to it, right?” he smiled as his hand reached out to tuck a strand of hair away from my face.

“You do like building things,” I nodded, “Bikes, houses, sets for theater plays,”

“Ha-ha, yeah I do,” he agreed.

It was the perfect result for him. I could already imagine it: Judah Hudson, the architect. How dashing he would look in a suit and tie. How hot he’d look as he bent down on a working table, designing buildings and skyscrapers.

“Maybe you can even build this place up someday,” I said with a smile, referring to this old abandoned house.

“Yeah, maybe,”

“Promise me you’ll invite me for a housewarming party if you ever do finish this place up,”

“Girl, why would I need to invite you?” he scoffed, “You’d be the lady of the house,”

He was probably just joking, but damn did it have my hair standing and blood rushing.

“Smooth,” I muttered, turning my face to the side to hide my excitement.

“Hey, so I was thinking,” he said as he tilted my face back up to him, “Since you’re going to California—“

“We don’t know that yet. UCLA might not accept me. In which case I’ll stay here,”

“That’s bullshit. No one is gonna reject my girl. They know how fine you are, trust me,”

Again, that was so smooth. I could only laugh and shake my head from side to side at this point.

“As I was saying, since you’re going to California… I’m gonna go with you,” he said again, and suddenly everything around me stopped.


“Yeah. I’ve lived there before, I know the place. I can be a good tour guide for you,”

“Judah, are you serious?” my eyes were blinking rapidly and I found it difficult to breath.

“Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’ve talked to my mom about it too. It’s about damn time I’m getting out of this place anyway,”

“And what does your mom think about that?”

“She likes the idea. She said anywhere I’m with you, I’ll be out of trouble,”

“Wait—what? Is this actually happening?” the smile on my face was growing bigger and bigger.

“Yeah. I’m applying to community colleges all around Los Angeles. I’ll work hard, get my GPA up, and stay out of trouble. In two years time, I’m gonna transfer to UC Berkeley,”

“UC Berkeley?”

“They have one of the best architecture program in the country,” he stated proudly, “And it’s only a 5 hour drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I’ll go visit you every weekend,”

“You’ve really thought this through, huh?”

“Blondie, it just ain’t bikes and houses that I’m building. I’m building a future too. And I know it’s with you,”

Judah was always playful and jokey, sometimes I thought that he never takes things seriously. I never thought that Judah was thinking so far ahead, especially about this. About us.

“But this future thing, I can’t do it on my own. I can only do it if you wanna do it with me too,” he said again as his hand reached for the side of my face. He looked at me with hopeful eyes as he said, “So, are you game?”

This boy always knows just how to surprise me.

Smiling from ear to ear, I linked my arms around his neck before I pushed him down to the ground. My already swollen lips found his and I kissed him with everything I got. I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore, imagining how life would be like with him and me together in a new place, with new adventures.

“How’s that for an answer?” I said as I pulled back, leaving him wanting for more.

“Damn, I could get used to this,” he bit his lip as an attempt to suppress that smirk.

“Hey, you know what else I like to build up?” he said again and suddenly I was flipped over on the ground. I knew exactly what he meant by that and I could only laugh openly in response.

Well, Judah’s got dreams now... Big dreams.

The world better watch out.

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