Peach - *Book Four*

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It’s already past midnight when Emma and I leave the wedding festivities and stand in front of her room at the Inn. “So, this is me.” She clears her throat and turns to me. “Do you want to come in?” she asks hesitantly.

I study her a moment, wondering what her invitation includes. There’s no question that there’s been a whole new tension between us today. Anticipation has been steadily building up to a point where it almost hurts.

There’s been the incidental touch here and there, turning into a deliberate touch the further the day progressed. I held her in my arms when we danced, and our lips met in a kiss that awakened a particular need in me. And now I’m curious where this will lead us, so I nod and follow her inside.

She puts her purse on the little desk, and her back is turned to me when she takes off her shoes. I come to a stop right behind her and gently place my hands on her waist. I deeply inhale her mesmerizing scent, and at once, I feel drawn to her even more. I tighten my grip on her when my lips touch the bare velvety skin on her shoulder. Again and again. I leave kiss after kiss along the back of her neck over to her other shoulder, agonizingly slowly.

Emma takes in a long, slow breath as she puts her hands on mine, intertwining our fingers, holding onto me. She tilts her head to the side to grant my mouth better access to the sensitive spot behind her ear. “Oh, Jack.” My name falls from her lips like the softest whisper, yet it hits me like the loudest roar. Her voice makes me tremble, makes me weak in the knees, and my desire for her grows exceedingly. She makes me feel things that no woman ever has. I want all of her, want to make her mine, and I finally feel ready to do that.

“Jack,” she whispers hoarsely. She removes our entwined hands from her hips, lets go, and turns around to face me. She looks up to me with heavy-lidded, lust filled eyes.

Good, she wants this as much as I do.


I will never tire of her saying my name like that. I take a deep breath and close my eyes for a moment. I open them again when she puts her hand on my cheek. She tilts her head and narrows her eyes. “How drunk are you?”

I frown. So this is what she’s worried about. “I’m not,” I tell her. I cup her face with my hands and run my thumb along her lips. The lips that I want to kiss so badly right now.

I lower my head, but just as my mouth is about to touch hers, she asks, “Are you sure you want this?”

I chuckle and let go of her face. I take her hand and put it on my erection that is getting harder and harder for her. “Is this answer enough?”

She closes her eyes and moans softly. “You won’t regret it in the morning?” she asks, eyes still closed.

I put my hands around her face again. “Look at me, Peach.” I gently stroke her cheek. “I didn’t have any alcohol today,” I continue now that her eyes are open again and stare at me expectantly. “I want this. I want you, and I could never regret this in the morning.”

And I love you I want to add, but I’m not sure if I can drop that bomb on her now.

At last, the worried look on her face disappears, and her lips lift in a soft and sexy smile. “That’s good because I want this too. I’ve wanted you for so long, and I can’t believe this is finally happening.”

“You can stop doubting now because this is definitely happening.”

I lower my head once more, but again, just before my lips can gently brush over hers, she pulls back a little. “Are you sure you won’t freak out right in the middle of it all?” she whispers.

I bite my lips and rest my forehead against hers. “Oh, Peach,” I sigh. “I’m sorry I make you doubt this so much. I promise I will not freak out. We will do this, and you will scream my name when I finally make you come, okay?”

She trembles slightly after hearing my words. “Okay,” she moans.

“Good. Are we done talking?”

Her lips lift in a small smile as she nods, and I can finally close that last inch between us. When our lips meet in a slow and deep kiss, with our tongues encircling each other, my hands start to explore her body. They make their way down her front, over her beautiful, full breasts, onto her back where they linger on her soft and round ass, all the while she runs her fingers through my hair.

I’m surprised at how gently and slowly this is happening, considering how long we’ve been waiting for it. I thought once we did this, there’d be clothes ripping and lots of impatience, but this is soft and tender and sensual as fuck.

I run my hands up her back, up to the zipper of her dress. I slowly pull it down until the whole thing lands in a puddle on the floor. My palms stroke her arms down to her hands, where our fingers intertwine. I take a step back and take in her beauty, her soft curves, the swells of her gorgeous breasts, and the small bump.

Emma lets go of my hands to unbutton my shirt and slide it off my shoulders. She strokes my chest, using her nails a little, and I draw in a sharp breath at the sensation. My heart is beating wildly against my ribs, but I know that this time, it’s not out of unease. It’s because of this woman standing in front of me, looking at me with so much affection, touching me everywhere within reach.

She undoes my pants, and when she drops down on her knees in front of me and pulls them off along with my boxers, a very low guttural groan escapes me. “Ah, damn, Peach,” is all I manage to utter.

She looks up to me with a cheeky smile before she grabs me and my eyes close. I draw in another sharp breath when she runs her tongue along my shaft. I can’t remember the last time this felt this good. I don’t know if any woman ever made me feel the things that Emma makes me feel while being intimate. Every sexual encounter up to now has been about relieving tension. But this, here, is so much more.

Emma flicks and twirls her tongue, and by now, I’m sure it’s never been like this, but I can’t let her continue. I grab her wrist. “Stop, Peach, or this will be over way too soon.”

She chuckles as I help her up again, and she walks over to her bed, pulling me after her. She turns to me and unclasps her bra. I let out a deep growl when I see her naked breasts for the first time, and I can’t help but cup them, run my thumb over her hard nipples, and lower my mouth to suck on them. Emma moans at the contact and grabs my shoulders. “I need to lie down,” she breathes. So we lie down.

I caress her soft and full breasts a little while longer, enjoying how responsive she is to my touch, how she writhes underneath me while my hands explore more of her soft body. I leave a trail of tender kisses all over her skin, over her belly down to her hot core. I groan when I find her soaking wet panties. “These need to go,” I breathe on the skin of her inner thigh, as I hook my fingers in the waistband of her underwear and pull them down.

It’s only now, when I see her glistening sex, that the pace picks up. Only now impatience spurs me on, and I lower my mouth to her, tasting her, inhaling her feminine scent. It’s been forever since I last tasted a woman like this, and I have no idea why, but it probably wouldn’t have been the same. No woman would have tasted like her. By now it’s pure agony to try to hold back and not embarrass myself, that’s how bad I want her, want to be buried deep inside her.

“Ah, Jack!” Emma suddenly screams. “Stop, please! Don’t make me come.”

“Why?” I give her a surprised look as she sits up and moves away from me.

Her cheeks flush even more when she whispers, “I told you, I want to come with you, this first time.”

I groan at her words and move my body over hers, pushing her back into the sheets. “Fuck, Peach, that is so sexy.”

With a fierce impatience that’s making me lose control any second now, my body slips between her legs and I hover above her so I don’t put any weight on her. I place a tender kiss on her lips before I pull back a little and put a strand of hair behind her ear. My eyes search hers. “You want me to use a condom?”

She blinks at me before she furrows her brows. I smile subtly. “Not to prevent a pregnancy, obviously. I – uhm – I’ve been tested since the last time I had sex. I’m clean.”

Emma smiles before she puts her hand around the back of my neck to pull my face closer. “I trust you. And I’m clean too,” she whispers before her lips find mine again in a fervent kiss. Great, that’s settled then.

I place my tip at her entrance and push in just a little bit. Even though I still feel rather impatient to finally feel her wet heat wrapped around me, I slide into her body only slowly, inch by inch.

“Dammit, Jack!” Emma groans. “Would you hurry up a little and fuck me properly?”

I chuckle into her neck, which makes her arch her back and shudder. “I’m sorry, Peach. I’m just enjoying this moment so much.”

I keep up the slow pace until I’m all the way inside her. I stay like that a couple of moments to savor all the things I feel right now. Amazing things, none of them scary anymore.

“Ah, yes. That feels incredible,” Emma says with a soft sigh. Her lips find mine for a passionate kiss with our tongues melting together, and she moans into my mouth over and over when I pull out of her just to thrust right back into her, over and over. We move together in the most magnificent rhythm, panting each other’s names, grabbing, stroking, just touching every patch of our burning skin within reach.

And then we both climax. Emma screams my name, tightening her grip on me everywhere, pushing me over the edge with her just like she wanted.

I try hard not to collapse onto her body and crush her, so I lie down next to her, pulling her with me without breaking our connection. We’re both still breathing heavily, our chests touching with every inspiration.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to come back down from this emotional high. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I slept with the woman I love without being drunk. I touched her and let her touch me.

While that took me to a sad place in the past, it did the opposite now. Feeling her skin on mine was – and is – the most soothing feeling. While it used to take me to a place of despair and sadness, it was lifting me up now. All thanks to Emma, the woman who has swept me off my feet right when I met her.

“Can we stay like this forever?” Emma asks with her head buried in the crook of my neck.

I wrap my arms around her a little tighter. “I’d love to,” I murmur into her hair before I inhale sharply. “What are you doing?” I ask.

She chuckles as she tightens her inner muscles around that part of my body that is still inside her. “I might be pushing my luck here, but can we do that again?” she asks and lifts her head to smile at me, and at the same time, she starts to undulate her hips a little.

“Greedy little thing,” I say with a low laugh, and I laugh a little louder when she gasps and gives me a surprised look as I pull back and out of her. “Let’s take a shower.” I grab her hand and lead her behind me into the bathroom and into the shower, where we do that again.

After another round of hot and steamy and – I can’t stress that point enough – sober sex, I lie in Emma’s bed, waiting for her to finish drying her hair. When she comes back from the bathroom, I hold up the blanket for her. She snuggles up to me and wraps her arms around me. She buries her face in the crook of my neck again, and I smile to myself when I feel her inhale deeply. “You didn’t freak out,” she murmurs, her breath tickling my skin.

“No, I didn’t.”

“And you didn’t leave after.” Emma shudders slightly as my fingers start to draw lazy circles on her back.

“I told you I wouldn’t.”

She lifts her head and gives me a pleased smile before her gaze falls on my left arm. She slowly runs her finger over my skin, just like she did that night at the ER. “I’ve been meaning to ask—when did you get your tattoo? Was that before – everything happened?”

I chuckle and tighten my grip on her to feel her even closer. “No, it wasn’t. That took so many sessions, and I spent most of the time breathing into a paper bag. But I wanted it, and I did it.” I add in a whisper, “Just as I wanted tonight.”

Emma lets out a quiet moan that I feel all the way down to my toes.

“Now sleep. You look exhausted,” I tell her.

“Good night, Jack,” she whispers as she brushes her lips over mine.

“Good night, Peach,” I answer and return the kiss with just a little tongue.

And with that, we move even closer together and both fall asleep quickly.

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