Mr. Player And I

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He was just another player. She was an ordinary girl. He changed her. She changed him. He made her feel like herself. She was his anchor. Sean Myers and Ellen Henderson. He is the school's new student, soon to be the school's bad boy. He plays basketball and struggles with studies. He has girls dying over him, and he uses them like you would use tissues. Her friends call her Ellie, because she doesn't like being called Ellen. She loves reading and eating. Nobody messes with her food. She's a straight A's student, and doesn't want trouble in her life. What happens when they both stumble across each other? What happens when the good girl gets bold and the bad boy gets possessive? What happens when she finds out the famous player of Ridgewood High isn't your average bad boy underneath that tough exterior?

Romance / Humor
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"Don't worry, Mace. I won't fall for him", I said.
Who am I kidding?
He makes my legs turn to jelly. My heart starts racing when he's around me. His presence makes my brain go all fuzzy. The butterflies in my stomach start going crazy when I'm around him.
I can't stay away from him. He's like a magnet. He constantly keeps pulling me towards himself. It's impossible to let go; to pretend like I don't ave these feelings for him, to pretend like my heart doesn't start beating out of my chest every single time I see him.
He makes me happy. When he's not around, it's hard to go on.
He changed me as much as I changed him.
"And what makes you so sure you won't fall for him?", Macy asked, disbelief clear on her face.
I hesitated for a second before I replied, "Because I already have."
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