Splintered Heart

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The villain shouldn't fall for the hero, should he? Alina, thanks to her service, has been awarded the title of Commander Dawn to fight against Anubis. With the help of her best friend and Commanding Official, Draven, she fights to end his tyranny over Aressea. Though there is more going on than Alina knows, and she can only take so much of Anubis's attention before she finds he has more up his sleeve, His attention towards her changes over time to be something greater than even she expected.

Romance / Adventure
Diana Hart
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“In your service to your fellow man, and your bravery in fighting against Anubis. We, the Governing Officials of Aressea, award you the medal of honor. With this, you also are given the title of Commander. This title comes with new responsibilities. Ones, which we know you will handle with duty and honor, that will benefit the world in new ways. Thank you for your service.” The authoritative voice said.

Bowing her head, the medal was placed around her neck, and the large audience cheered her success. But in her head, she knew there was much more to come. This new position just cemented the leadership that would be needed to stop this villain from destroying everyone’s way of life. She had a big future ahead of her, and she didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

“From now on, you will work with the law enforcers of the world under the leadership of Draven, the Aressea Governing Official of Defense.” Lord Ashur, the head of the Governing Officials, proclaimed. “We thank you, Dawn, Commander of Defense.”

Another applause erupted from the crowd, and the hero turned around to acknowledge her people. Holding her Law Enforcer hat to her side, she remained expressionless. Her eyes scanned the crowd, taking in every face that was there. Their lives depended on her, and the weight of responsibility already pressed against her shoulders.

The ceremony ended, and she felt she needed to speak to her new commanding leader, Draven. She turned her head, seeing the leader give her a small smile before indicating for her to follow. She did as she was asked and followed him to his office. It was spacious, but held little in terms of decoration or memorabilia. She could tell that he liked things simple.

“So, tell me what you think of becoming Dawn, Commander of Defense?” He asked with a smile as he sat in his chair.

She kept a straight face. “I’ll be honest. It’s a lot of responsibility. A new burden that I must carry. It seems so long since this planet had a Dawn. It’s...”

“Pretty Big.” he finished her answer. “I know it’s a lot, but I know you can accomplish this. Aressea hasn’t needed a Dawn for a long time, but with Anubis targeting and destroying some of our systems and endangering lives, we must act.”

“I understand, Official.”

Draven let out a moan of annoyance. “Please don’t call me that. I hate that title. Just call me by my name.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He gave her a look that said that wasn’t much better but continued. “You are the one in charge, Dawn. Whatever you say, goes. I am here simply to help you accomplish your goals.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“A true soldier, huh?” He sighed. “Listen, you don’t need to be so formal with me. I am your friend in the fight. As so, I want you to be comfortable around me.”

“I understand, Sir.”

“That means, no more calling me ‘Sir.’” He stood up.

“Of course.”

She was stubborn. But she knew her place, and this was her Commanding Officer. She would show him the respect he deserved. She was treading on new ground, and wanted to be sure she kept a firm footing.

She heard him sigh once more before walking over to her. He had a small smile as he looked down at her. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he tried to convey that she could relax, but she remained firm in her stance.

“What’s your name?” He asked kindly.

She hesitated, not knowing whether to actually tell him or go by her new title. He was there to help her, so she could trust him. He wasn’t the only one who would know her real name as well. Plenty of people already knew who she was.

“Alina, Sir.”

“Well, Alina,” he said while playfully smacking her shoulder. “You should get some rest for now. Your first day of being Commander Dawn, begins tomorrow. Meet me here when you are ready.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Alina was dismissed, and she turned to leave the office. As she walked out, she heard him call out to her.

“It’s Draven.”

This did gain a small smile from her, though it didn’t last long. A lot was on her mind, and she needed some time to think. Maybe it was the new position. Maybe it was fear of the responsibility. She just didn’t feel herself. Over time, it would change. She just needed to take the time to relax and adjust to her new surroundings. Having a friend, like Draven, would help.

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