The Devil's Untainted Possession

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I want to touch you not just physically but by psyche. Explore the things you keep locked away. Until we are ONE not You and I. Utkarsh Agnihotri 26 is the most powerful businessman of Mumbai and the ultimate sort after bachelor. He is smart intelligent, handsome and arrogant at times. Girls worship the soil he walked upon but his heart flutters open only to an impeccable sweet girl Anastasia Singh, his childhood love. Anastasia Singh is beauty by heart and as well as for her looks. She is a young girl of 20 years. Being the only daughter between the two prodigious business families Anastasia is pampered to hell. She is ceremonious and unblemished as her will is the command in both the metier homes. Will the devilishly handsome heartthrob claim the hand of his pristine childhood sweetheart? There is a challenge to face, a biting truth behind a secret which no one knew. Explore the devil's untainted possession for his credulous beauty's heart.

Romance / Action
M Manogyna
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Utkarsh Pov

I was dumped with work. Papers are scrolled all over my desk and my eyes are scanning the file which is held in my hands. I read through the contents carefully so that I don’t miss any of the information. Just when there was a knock at the door and my secretary Neena stuttered in. “Sir we are trying our best to trace him out. Probably he left the country.” She whimpered with a tinge of dejection marked on her face. I nodded and dismissed her to arrange for the company’s share holders meeting to take place within half an hour.

Why the hell is this Robert all the time on my nerves? I’m keeping an eye on him since the time Uncle Anand left the business but I do not know how he slipped from the eyes of my men and..... I am going to make him pay for what he had done. My voice came out determined.

I eased out of my leather sofa. Putting hands in my pant pockets my legs took me to the large glass window of my office which had the picturesque view of the busy Mumbai life. Lighting a cigarette I let a puff of smoke out of the window when my phone rang.

I pulled out the phone from my pant pocket to have a look at the caller-id and my face beamed in happiness. It was a call of my mother. “Hello Son” she called in her usual angelic voice and within seconds my features changed from rejoiced mode to burning fury. I answered her in an affirmative and my hands moved to the intercom placed on my desk. “Neena! Get my private jet ready to leave to Delhi tomorrow morning at 6′0 clock sharp and don’t forget to cancel all my meetings for the next two days.” “But you” she tried to make a sentence but couldn’t continue any further. “Cancel all my meetings Neena.” I held finality in my voice.

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