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To Live You Have To Make Sacrifices He had that kind of visage that stopped you in your tracks. There was a sudden pose in my natural expression. I gaped openly as I descried his Sharp jaw and cheekbones. Body built like a brick carved to perfection. Dark brows graceful and neat as I inquired to myself if my features are as perfect as this human. Seriously though who created this bundle of creativity. Bristly coiffured dark chocolate hair sheltering his forehead. With our guns still conical on to each other's brow my eyes escalated quickly keen for his eyes. When they finally encountered, I was met with two blazing alluring hazel eyes gazing right into me, of course the blush that accompanied me was a dead give-away. I could apprise to the fact that we both nevermore presumed this inconvenient situation thus I did what I had to do. ******************************** A twain of mafia bloodline in aversion for decades. A Spanish ancestry hosting beheaded men at Quinceañeara's and a Brazilian pedigree with a forte of assassinating. When both families agree to harmony, they consign Camilla and Alejandro on a mission to terminate a man who doesn't exist in sequence to fall in love and end the rivalry. Hence what Camilla didn't expect was an arresting gentleman of a superior kind and Alejandro, to find a woman with vision and beauty at a gun point but with the Russians intruding for specific files, things get dizzy.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1: LIQUEUR

Camilla's P.O.V

The girls still ongoing their dance with every movement full of poetry. Arms waving from side to side, veils hiding their soft feminine features. As we swayed our hips in unison we sang to the lyrics of the entertaining music. We were all wrapped up in superior clothing, covering our bodies fluently. Enjoying what the crystallographic night had to offer.

"Quero curtir com voce na madrugada." Screamed my sister in her drunken trance. Gripping on to her whiskey in a protective manner.

"Dancar, pular que hoje vai rolar." Followed Valentina, causing us to suddenly sing jointly to one of our favored song.

"Tcherere tch tch, tcherere tch tch,tch Gustavo lima e voceeee."

We laughed so hard I could feel in my lungs something so hard that it took my breath away. These are the moments I inhabit. The lights dancing across the club with an endless crowd rocking the music, I lived for these moments. The colors laughed around the club from blue to pink to yellow and mauve, having all grow feverish in excitement.

The smell of sweat and alcohol was a killer as we made our way to the bar, ignoring the thirsty stares from all men, who looked like ravishing squirrels to us at this point, hunting for their nuts.

Whirling and twirling on the rotating bar stool enthusiastically. I managed to close my eyes for the little while I have, inhaling the air to relaxation from the dirty dancing.

"3 Tootsie roll shots please." Valentina ordered winking my way, only to be possessing me for shoving down the daring cocktail vodka. One quick sip and the alcohol thrashed through my veins.

One shot turned into four and the music roared nonstop becoming aggressive to ones ear while my eyes scanned the room hazily.

My blurry gaze was briskly fixed on a man whom I've never laid eyes on before. He didn't look local or causal instead he was viewed as a rich and perfected high class arrogance of a male. His perfectly sewed suit sipping on to his drink whopping with laughter as a woman whispered seductively into his ear.

Her body exposed to nature and her lean back arched downwards fluently sliding into his thighs. Something about him was odd. The way he moved uncomfortably, looking around had my senses in wonder of anything non vital.

It was then that I admired him as he nodded his head to a man across the room and stood up pushing the woman away from his sight.

His eyes averted to mine and caught me staring, I didn't make any achievement on looking away in fact I watched him saunter towards me never breaking eye contact.

He reached behind his pants and took out his gun. I smirked and quickly removed mine from my thigh aiming for his forehead. Before I could wrench his face I felt a cold metal on my neck.

The man behind me swiftly held me with the sharp weapon placed firmly on to my exposed neck. I tried getting away from his hold but he was much stronger and bigger.

"Calm down perrito and nobody gets hurt." He hissed in my ears shooting in mid air. Spanish I thought and it suddenly occurred to me, that there were probably more of him at my fathers club.

Screams charged the room and the clicking of run away heels began.

"You won't get away with this you know, you won't make it out of here alive." I forced a laugh. "This place is surrounded with my fathers men." I finished sucking the information through his brains.

"Shut up or I will slit your throat in half." He whispered angrily looking around at the chaos he has caused.

"You wouldn't I'm guessing your boss needs me alive." I assumed from all the movies I've been laying eyes on.

Men were already savaging on to each other. Bullets fired from different angles, body parts were revealed in ripples.

"I'm serious." I tried to escape his grip but he scratched a minor bruise on my neck.

"Perra estupida." He mumbled to himself.

"Call me a stupid bitch one more time and we will switch positions." I fizzled angrily, he seemed taken aback by my understanding to his language.

The gun shots that fired next in rapid succession was enough to distract the piece of shit behind me. When he spun around to witness the killing of the men that came with him. I grabbed his neck escorting his awfully gorgeous face forcefully but gracefully because I'm a lady to smash it on my knees.

With my bare hands and a portion of effort I spun his head, harking the blare of his head snapping. As I looked down at his lifeless body I thought of how I should have asked the pathetic excuse of a man to apologize for calling me a stupid bitch.

The first fool that was once standing with pride was currently drowning in a pool of plentiful broad blood, I knew this was Valentina's exertion, she liked to leave a pointer behind when she killed.

The room that was once full of boundless people is presently empty, only occupied with my father's followers.

A shocked Adrianna and a relaxed Valentina, the sound of the door brought us all to halt whilst my father walked in informally.

His cigar floating on his lips, he inhaled deeply letting the smoke seep into his cells, the ash sprinted across the cement, just as he removed it, he observed the area boringly.

"What happened Camilla?" He inquired to me, irritation vivid in his harsh tone. "Why did my men come fetch me from my dinner when you all look unharmed?"

"There has been another attack Papa."

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