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Alejandro's P.O.V

My hurt sunk. I felt it drop. It was now beating too fast.

"There may be the slightest chance that we...ask who would you rather have alive. There's a possibility we can only save one. If they're lucky...they'll both make it." The doctors words replayed in my head.

"There is one problem..." she panicked. "We know she's not in the right state to make a decision, any mother wouldn't be. However she has asked us..." she gulped. "To save the baby if anything goes wrong."

This left everyone silent. We couldn't speak. Hell I couldn't even breathe.

"But there is a chance they'll both be saved."

"Yes. Although it's very risky, and the baby is premature there is a fifty percent chance."

"Then I'll take that fifty percent chance before I could choose whom I'd rather have in my arms." I sighed.

"Very well.You are all tired and worn out. There won't be any use for you here in the next hours. We are going to get her ready for surgery." The doctor said, removing her gloves. "This is for you." She gave me a small device. "When this buzzes, you come straight here. I'm calling Dean and a few other nurses to come and clean your wounds, then kindly proceed to the bathrooms. We have showers and I'll have Lola the receptionist put aside some clothes for you. After that you can wait in the lounge, they have a restaurant and a phone to call."

"That won't be necessary, Kane..." Carlos pointed at him. "has already bought us all extra clothes. Although the showers sound nice and someone to clean these up." Carlos stared at his bruises. "But We'll book a hotel nearby. So just taking care of our wounds is enough."

"Alright. Dean will be with you in a few min." She said sauntering towards the automatic doors. Sliding her card and walking away.

"Did anyone pay attention to her hand ? Ya know Incase she had a ring on her?" Kane asked. Carlos slapped his head and muttered under his breath.

A few minutes later a group of nurses took hold of each of us, treating our bruises. When they were done, Carlos had already booked separate hotel rooms a few blocks away.

We walked there and all of us hit the showers almost too quickly.

I allowed the steamy water to run through my tender body. My mind was in shreds. The lukewarm water trickled down my back. My eyes fell closed, I tried not to think about anything at all but my mind failed me. Images of Camilla in that room and Mateo lying with a pool of blood. Vincent's laugh and Diego's confession then death.

I stayed in the foggy illusion for a good twenty minutes and slumped on my bed. I saw a plastic bag on the dressing table.

I found boxers, shorts and T-shirt's.

I put a pair of boxers and shorts. Called room service and ordered dinner. Even though, my appetite was not in place or rich but I was beginning to feel tired and weak. I need the nourishment's to keep myself on my feet.

An hour later, I sat on the balcony drinking an expresso, watching the city lights flicker and cars pass by. I wanted to take a nap but I was anxiously waiting for the buzzer in my pocket to buzz. To give me an excuse to go to the hospital.

Another hour passed, nothing new but Carlos who came to check up on me and left.

Told me I should sleep, it will be a while before they call for you. He didn't have to tell me twice.

I got under the cold sheets, I think I needed someone to tell me to sleep. At least now I don't feel bad about it. So my eyes closed and my body relaxed. I did set an alarm. Two hours of sleep should be enough.

I woke up. It wasn't my alarm. It was the buzzer. I panicked and looked for a shirt. Took the room keys,my phone, wallet and banged on Carlos's door.

"What is it Alejandro?" He sleepily mumbled.

"I'm going to the hospital. Get ready and wake the others."

"Is she?"

"I don't know I don't know anything." I ran to the elevator and impatiently sprinted to the hospital.

I made it breathless and legs aching, crying for rest.

"Doctor Sasha!"

"Oh your finally here. I've been trying to reach you for an hour or two now."

"Pardon me, I overslept."

"That's okay, you clearly needed it." She smiled.

"Umm..so is she okay? The baby?"

"Congratulations Mr.Rodriguez." She smiled widely. "She made it, and so did the baby. She was very lucky."

I relaxed. For the first time in fifteen years, I felt the salty drops of my tears. I sighed loud enough to exert all the stress and pressure that was in me. I was happy. I was content. I felt lighter.

"Can I see her?"

"We've moves her to a room across the hall. She's still asleep because the morphine has not worn out yet. And your son.."

"It's a boy?" I asked her smiling until my face ached.

"Yes." She Laughed. "We've put him in an incubator. We have to wait for his organs, like his lungs to completely develop before you could take him. It might take a month or two. Not many babies make it. If he's lucky..you'll get to take him home..." she paused for a while. "Come now let's see him."

At that moment the rest showed up and she briefed to them everything. She took us to the maternity ward in the incubator room. There from the thick glass she pointed at a small precious baby lying on his stomach.

This was one of the most happiest moments of my life. At that moment I wanted to break through the glass and hold him.

Promise him that I'd always be there for him. That no harm will come to him for as long as I live. when I know for the rest of my life he's all mine, it just made me the happiest man. Just looking at him gave me serenity.

"He's so cute." Adrianna cooed.

"Congratulations Alejandro." Kane patted my back.

"You're going to be a great father." Carlos hugged me.

"Now, I have better news." Doctor Sasha turned towards us. "Your friend, has made it through as well. He's in a room next to your finance."

I could feel everyone's body relax. Mateo was going to be fine. Camilla made it and so will my baby.

"Let's go see them." She led the way.

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