Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 12 ~ Finally Communicating

The moment he said those words I was on him, after all these years, after all this heartache and struggle, we were finally where we should have always been, right in each other's arms.

My back lay flush against Axel's hard chest as his large, thick, steel rod slid in and out from inside me, our bodies drenched in sweat and our breathing laboured as his right hand circled my clit, fondling my highly aroused folds in the most deliciously divine way. I couldn't open my eyes, the powerful waves of pure ecstasy swept through me while the bed sheets below our intimate coupling knotted and gathered in utter disarray – his left hand toying with my tightened nipples. Axel's mouth softly caressed my neck, just below my ear as I moaned in sensual erotic and unashamed pleasure – just having his hands on me was the most exquisite feeling in the world.

My back arched as his hip thrusts guided his pole, through the copious amounts of orgasmic release, in and out of my hot saturated centre. He had ejaculated four times since we started, each emission painting my inner walls in his sticky, gooey essence, mixing with the uncountable amount of my creamy releases from me. Our primal need to not be separated resulting in a stream of endless cum, dripping lavishly from my tunnel. After every intimate session, he would stay tucked inside until we were both ready for the next round of phenomenal lovemaking.

My body craved his touch, craved his everything and right now, was being expertly played by the only man I had ever given my whole heart too.

His back pressed further into the mattress below us as the heated grunts from our passionate intercourse vibrated against my burning flesh. My palms groping at the sides of his silky skin while climactic euphoria consumed both of us and we lost all concepts of space and time as our forms moved in perfect synchronisation with one another – a rhythmic dance of sexual desire. The knot of sacred promised oblivion grew within the depths of my core, expanding and spreading with each push in, preparing for the moment of cyclonic shattering of the most sexually climatic and wondrous torture I had ever experienced.

Only he could manipulate my soul in this way, he was perfectly made just to fit me, to know my body so well that no other touch would satisfy. "Oh Butterfly, I've missed your pussy so much," he mewled as his velvety tongue lapped at my ear lobe, drawing it into his warm wet mouth, his teeth gently grazing across it just as I reached my galactic peak.

"Oooohhh, Aaaaxxxeelll," I cried. Pure spine-tingling relief washed over me as heaven held my mind in its hands. Shattered completely yet again, my body limp and devoid of movement, slowly piecing itself back together, one fragment at a time.

"I love the way you say my name when you cum Butterfly," Axel's words were everything I longed to hear, dreamt of and no one could pleasure the way he did.

I felt something between my legs and exhaustedly lifted my head to see what it was, only to notice Axel wiping away the collection of our releases with the crumpled bed sheet. "W-what are you..."

"We've cum so many times that I miss the feeling of you without all our goo," he innocently snickered.

"I didn't know you'd even moved out from under me."

"Oh baby, just give me five seconds, we have seven years to make up for and I am not wasting a single moment from here on out."

I couldn't help it, I knew it wasn't sexy or romantic, but I just couldn't stop, the tears appeared thick and fast as my heart clenched painfully – he loved me and I loved him – we had finally reached that point of honesty.

He pushed his huge cock back in and both of us moaned in wicked delight. Finally having our juices wiped away offered a better sensation than the one from before. He captured my lips, slipping his tongue in and tasting my mouth, I had never enjoyed any others kiss the way I savoured his.

He pulled back, his palms brushing the sweat and loose strands of hair from my face as he thrust into me, immediately scrapping his head against my magical spot. His brow furrowed as he examined the tears leaking from my eyes, "why are you crying?" He whispered as my legs wrapped around his middle.

My chin quivered and my nostrils flared as a new wave of emotion exploded out from inside me, "I never stopped Axel, I tried so hard not to love you, I tried so hard to forget you, but I can't..." my eyes switching between his as I poured it all out. "I'm so sorry I left you, I'm so sorry I wasn't strong enough to fight, I'm sorry I never told you..."

He buried his head into my shoulder before focusing back on me, "It doesn't matter now Danny, you are back where you belong, where you've always belonged – with me."

His thrusts inwards sent wave after wave of newly found ecstasy racing through my soul, each more powerful than the last as I began my climb towards my peak again, "Ax... A... Axel, oh Axel." I mewled.

"Fuck Butterfly, I missed... your sexy... body... don't you... go anywhere... Dan... I need you... I've always... needed you." Axel finally managed through hard primal thrusts, slamming in with dominant need.

"A... A... I'm going to cum... oh, oh, ooooohhhhh gggggoooodddd AAxxxeeeelllll."

Tensing his body as his cock swelled, "ffffuuuucccccckkkkk," he growled before shuddering above me as our bodies trembled through our orgasms. Fuck, he feels so good.

His forehead and nose pressed firmly against mine with our eyes closed tightly, wisps of ragged breaths meeting each other in the middle as we slowly descended from our galactic orgasmic flight.

"You and me forever Butterfly."

My lids snapped open, soft browns meeting aquamarines – more tears crawling from the slits and down the side of my face, "f-f forever Axel..." I cupped his cheeks, pressing my head into his harder, making sure he knew just how serious I was. "Only y-you Axe... f-f forever, j-just you, t-till the end of time, t-through darkness and in l-l light, my heart, my s-s soul, my everything... I am forever yours."

Neither of us slept, the sun blazed through the crack in his curtains but neither one of us cared. His fingertips traced the surface of my face as we lay there, lost in each other's eyes. I think we were both in absolute shock of what had gone down that we dared not to move – just in case it ruined this moment of perfection.

Gazing in pure adoration and contentedness the striking realisation that all we needed to achieve this spectacular moment of clarity, was to actually talk, talk... who knew it would have ended up this way? If I had of known, I would have held that gorgeous hunk down and made him listen to me sooner.

I know it seemed stupid, but I guess now that we are older, it appears to make more sense - our love... and to a cruel, judgemental world our relationship would appear less significant.

"I have something to confess."


"I didn't just wait below our tree, I was waiting there with an engagement ring." All blood drained from my face.

"What?" I gasped in shock.

Axel sat up, "We were going to be apart for two whole years, I wanted to make sure you knew I would always keep my promise to you, so, I was going to ask you to marry me Butterfly – that's what hurt the most about you disappearing. There was I, ready to commit forever and you left."

I sighed, feeling my heart ache all over again. "I'm so sorry, I wish I could turn back the clock, I wish I had a time machine."

"If... Greta..." he grits his teeth saying her name and I flinched. "... hadn't of attacked you, and all of this had never of happened... what would your answer have been?"

I sniggered, "do you really not know?"

Axel looked down at me with a plea on his face, "tell me."

"Of course it would have been yes." He sadly smiled, "I was intimate with other men over these past seven years, but do you know what the ridiculous thing about that was?" He shook his head, "Even though I was having sex with them, there was only ever one face I saw, only one person I made love too – you. I'm not afraid anymore Axel, I know I have a lot to prove to you, I have a lot to make up for, but this..." I motioned between us, "I have spent so long fighting this between us, telling myself that it's wrong, telling myself I shouldn't love you but I just can't fight us anymore..." he laid back down and opened up the sheet exposing my ribs.

"And is this why you tattooed it on you?"

"I never wanted to leave, I never wanted to forget you deep down, you were the best thing to ever happen to me, I had promised never to leave you and I broke that out of fear and guilt, but I also promised to love you forever and in my heart that promise has always stood – against the bullies, against the name calling, against my own stupid mind, I mean forever Axel – that will never change. Having our promise tattooed there was a comfort, every time I felt lonely or insecure, I would wrap my arms around myself and hold onto the promise I made, make myself believe that by leaving you – you had a chance at a better life. A life free from judgement, free from ridicule, an easy life and a love you didn't have to continuously defend. You had always said you wanted a family and because of me, you lost the one thing in life you wanted..."

"I wanted you."

"I'm not scared anymore, I will do anything I have to, to get us back on track."

"And Greta? You know she still lives there right?"

My heart flooded with anger, "Greta will pay for what she's done."

He nodded slowly, with that look of agreeance upon his face. "And us?"

I snuggled into his warm, safe, solid embrace. "I will fight my way through the fiery pits of hell to be with you, Axel McKnight... because I love you."

"Good, because I can't let you go Butterfly, not now, not ever."

"Jesus fucken Christ what did you guys do to my house?"

I cracked open an eye, hearing Axel screeching, sunshine no longer filtered through the curtains in his bedroom. Hmm, must have slept all day. I slipped out from under the warmth and shrugged on Axel's shirt, not bothering with underwear and made my way out to where the noise was echoing from.

"Ballerina," Regan chimed, first to spot me and my dishevelled self, appearing from the hall.

I looked around the room, the furniture had been moved, there were cups and plates everywhere – I guess they had ordered room service, but how? Axel said there was only two cards. "How did room service get here?"

Axel nervously scratched the back of his neck, "turns out, housekeeping has a key card, so there are three, not two," Marshall stated proudly finding out Axel's secret.

"You lying bugger," I scorned, wrapping my arms around him from behind. "How many key cards is there really Axel?"

He held my arms around his waist, "five."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Wait..." Marshall gasped, "are you two... back together?" He questions with a wide smile. "We tried to convince Rachael to knock on the door but Carl wouldn't let her and said we should burn in the depths of Tartarus."

"You, don't pull me into this," Regan warned.

"Minor details – so are you?" Marshall pushed.

"Forever," Axel states as he turns in my arms and places a chaste kiss on my lips.

"Well it's about fucken time," Regan laughs.

Rachael stands up and looks at me with confusion, "does that mean... I don't have to put all the furniture back?"

I snicker, she's so fucken cute. "Well that depends Rach – are you sharing that chicken pizza?"

She beams over at me, "always Stella."

I go to move but Axel holds me still, "no, no Rachael, you and Carl most definitely have to put the fucken furniture back – and pick up all this shit."

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