Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 13 ~ Everyone Knew

“Hurry up you two, we have reservations.” Marshall’s voice echoed down the hall of Axel’s penthouse apartment.

“Don’t make a sound Butterfly,” Axel growled.

“You’re going to get us into so much trouble.” He slowly stalked towards me as I backed up further, pressing as close to the wall as possible. His glorious, herculean, nude, aesthetically pleasing body caused my apex to clench tightly. “W-we have t-to get re…”

“I said, no sound.”

“Please Axel,” I begged, “they’ll burst in here if we don’t hurry up.”

The heat from his muscular form radiated from him as he reached me. We had just showered together, was that not enough? We were expected for dinner with our friends, why did he have to do this now?

“You’re not listening Butterfly…” his left hand reached out, cupping my pulsing core and gently gliding his fingers over my puffy aroused lower lips. He placed his right hand over my mouth as I grasped his wrist. “I said, don’t make a sound.”

A muffled moan released from the back of my throat as his deft ministrations on my centre had me reeling in pleasurable euphoria – I so fucken want him.

His nose grazed lightly against the curve of my neck, “I have waited and waited for years…” he whispered, “I will fuck you as much as I can, as often as I can Danny and nothing will stop me.”

I could only send out muffled moans as his hand held firm, over my mouth. Axel’s searing hot kiss trailing up my neck as I pressed my hips forward into the palm of his hand – he was fondling me in the most erotic and divine way.

“You’re so wet, so ready. You want this too – nod your head if you want my cock Butterfly.”

“Mmmhhmm,” I cried, nodding fervently.

“For years your pussy has haunted me, the way it grips my fat cock, the way you moan when you cum, it’s all I ever dream of.”

“Mmmmm,” I whimpered. His dominant words of seduction were clouding my mind and I was under his complete control.

“Your silky soft thighs, your sexy booty, the feel of your hard nipples as my tongue swirls them around in my mouth – all of you is my sexual weakness.”

“Mmmmm,” I moaned again.

I could feel his middle finger as it circled the rim of my dripping hole, taunting and teasing me as my temperature rose higher and higher. “I missed your sexy cunt so much.”

Pushing his finger up inside as I panted heavily, grunting as he slipped it in and out – I had to close my eyes, I was quivering as he continued to pump up into me, his cock dripping pre-cum against my lower abdomen.

“Hurry the fuck up,” we heard again from the other side of the door.

“Not a sound,” Axel ordered as he increased his pressure. “Hang on!...” He hollered back, “Butterfly slipped over, we’re just checking her ankle isn’t broken.”

“Yeah right ya dirty bastard, slipped and either fell onto your fingers or your cock – pull out Axe, we have reservations.” I could honestly fucken kill Marshall right now.

“Fuck off,” Axel called back, attempting to sound pissed but he totally wasn’t, you could tell by the amused sparkle in his eye. We heard Marshall roar with laughter just as the pads of his fingers manipulated my G-spot and my knees buckled.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I groaned out as I came, jutting into his hand while my body flooded with euphoria, my form slumping as the waves of ecstasy crashed over me.

“Turn around,” Axel grunted, “hands on the wall, curved back, ass presented.”

I moved without even opening my eyes, I had just been finger fucked into a million pieces during a conversation, forced into silence when all I wanted to do was scream out in satisfaction but couldn’t – I didn’t even realise he still had his hand covering my mouth as I turned.

With his much larger frame covering my body, his chest flush with my back, he whispered, “I’m going to pull my hand away and fuck you hard and fast Butterfly, no making a sound.” A sliver of pleasure ran down my spine and I slowly nodded. “Good girl.”

Axel’s lips began to nip and lick at my shoulder, working his way down my curved spine before he lifted off me, rubbing his hands around my taut behind and squeezing the supple flesh below his fingers. I wanted to moan, groan, cry out and let it be known that his hands on me were driving me wild… but I couldn’t. I didn’t know this side of him, his dominant and sexually controlling side, this side of his personality was all new to me. He had mentioned it once before, though I never even thought about it – until now.

“Fuck Danny,” he sucked back a sharp hiss of appreciation, sliding his thick mushroom head up and down my saturated folds. “So fucking beautiful.”

“Stop teasing Axel,” I growled, “we have to…”

I never got to finish my sneer as his mammoth sized cock was slammed into my centre at brutal force, my hair pulled back, his firm hold forced my head to crane skyward. The positioning of my neck limited my air supply and garbled whimpers slowly escaped, barely audible and completely incomprehensible.

Axel’s fuck stick was pounding into me at an unfathomable rate, my hands struggling to keep balance as they pushed back, impelling my bent over body, to accept every thrust forward, even if my head banged against the wall.

My arms were no match for his pounding strength, I literally could do nothing other than place my hand in front of my head to stop the brutal motions from driving my head into the wall.

I was being fucked, possessed, owned… and I loved every single second of it.

“R-Rub my c-clit,” I stuttered.

“No… sound…” he grunted with each hip thrust.

“R-Rub m-m m…” his hand reached around and under, finally putting pressure on where I need it most. “Oooohhh yyyeesss,” I cried.

“Fuck… you… feel… D-Daannnyyy,” clearly he was having as much trouble as me.

“I’m going… oh… oh…” with one final slam, he ploughed deeper than ever as a strangled wail tore from my throat. “Ooooohhhhh ggggoooddd.”

He swelled, stilling, then bathing my entire tunnel in his climatic goo. It was fast, primal, insatiable and I would never get my fill of him. We had made love before, sensual, tender and intimate – this was hot, dirty, raw, salacious sex and it had me pining for more. Well, up until we heard Marshall… again.

He was clapping outside the door, “yay, you’ve finished, now throw on some goddam clothes.”

As I rather difficultly righted myself, Axel’s arms were around me as my eyes tried to focus. “You okay, did I hurt you? I got a bit carried away.”

He was always so beautiful, even more vulnerable. I shook my head slowly gazing up into his weakening aquamarines. “I love you… and we are so doing that again.”

He grinned before capturing my lips in a searing hot, toe-curling kiss. “I love you Butterfly.”

“I can’t believe we’re late because of you two,” Marshall teased.

“I can’t believe I’m still friends with you after interrupting us,” Axel bit back.

Marshall and Regan chuckled, while Carl paid only attention to Rachael whose eyes flittered about the room curiously, she was always in deep observation mode when in crowds.

I leaned into Axel’s bulky arm as our fingers entwined under the table. “I want you to stay, I don’t want to have to wait five days to see you again,” he admitted in a whispered tone meant for my ears only.

I sighed, loving the feel of this connection. “I don’t either, but we have too. Dad needs at least one of us right now.”

“Then, I’ll just have to drive back and forth.”

I tilted my head up to meet his eyes, “as much as I would love that, I can’t allow you to do that Axe. It’s four hours – that’s pure insanity.”

“But I love you, I’ve been without you for so long.”

Swivelling around to face him more directly and throwing my legs over his lap, I pressed my lips firmly against his. My eyes shifted rapidly between his, demanding his full attention, “so we video call, every night. We fill our days with as much as possible to make the time go faster and then Friday afternoon, you race out past those pompous vases you decorate your office with and come home Axel, come home to me.”

“Home?” He questioned.

“Damn right home, it’s always been our home.”

“You are my home Butterfly, wherever you are, that is my home.”

After making love until the sun rose, we said our goodbyes and made our way back to Mum and Dad’s, I was sulking massively – I may have even cried – just a little, the thought of being away from him now was too much.

“Hey, how’d you go?” I asked Aunt Judies as we entered, Carl had to duck off to meet up with his family and couldn’t stay. She was slumped against the table with an untouched tea beside her.

“He’s better Daniella, that’s the important thing.” She looked exhausted, a pang of guilt stabbed me in the heart, how could I be so selfish? Dad was hurting and we left him – thank god Axe was coming here this weekend.

“He’s in pain, maybe things will get better with time?” I offered.

“Time won’t heal this kind of love, look how well that turned out for you and Axel. You two were like magnets from the moment you met. It was the exact same for Pam and Trav.”

The words were like a slap to the face, we had hidden everything from Mum and Dad, what the fuck did she mean by that flippant remark? They couldn’t have known, they never said anything… no, no, I obviously had heard her wrong… right? “Excuse me?”

“Oh come on Daniella, you’re an adult now, surely we can talk openly about this?”

My mouth hung agape, Rachael’s head ping-ponged between us, “whoa, what exactly are you talking about here?”

Aunty Judies scoffed, “you seriously think they didn’t know? Girl, you must have been blind.”

“Let’s pretend for argument’s sake I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, so why don’t you explain everything to me?”

“All of us knew, like I said, right from the moment Travis and Pam adopted Axel, you two had a special connection, unbreakable, fated. For a couple of years there everything was fine, but your draw to each other, like moths to a flame, it was intense and the moment your ‘friendship’ was no longer a friendship – it was damn obvious. Always hugging, spending every minute together, neither of you could do anything without the other. When you two were about fifteen, that’s about when everything changed, Trav and Pam tried to ignore it, they actually didn’t know what to do – so the pair of them looked into the laws, wanted to at least figure out where you both stood in this situation. When your secret was exposed and you disappeared, the whole town was in a panic, your parents began to receive death threats, the church set the front yard on fire and friends shunned them. When you left, a town meeting was called, did you know?” I shook my head left and right with tears in my eyes, I wasn’t even quite processing this revelation.

“Well, there was. Your parents stood up against those accusing bastards, stating that their son was thirteen when he was adopted and now you were both adults, the town had no right. Had to argue that he or in fact you, possessed no lineal heritage or connection of any kind, they even proved it with legally obtained documents from the adoption agencies. Some town’s folk were furious about being proven wrong. So, you both being adopted into the same family, in the eyes of the law – and you know how our town worships the law – you both were seen as though you are simply flatmates and not actual brother and sister. The judgement still continued, there was not a damn thing anyone could say about it though, because Pam and Travis could press charges, which, might I add, Deputy Grazier warned the entire town about and was only too happy to follow through with if his town wasn’t restored to order.

“They were not blind Daniella, they understood why you left, but they loved both of you no matter what the stupid criticisers said. If he were next door, no one would have batted an eyelid, it was only a scandal because you both lived in the same house. Your love and the reason your parents fought for your love, was because it was the same damn love both Pam and Travis had for each other. That endless, all-consuming, irrevocable love ingrained into your soul, the same love… that had Axel in the exact position your father is in now, the day you walk out of everyone’s lives.”

I slumped to the floor, bomb shelled by Aunt Judies reveal. I never knew they fought for us – I never knew any of this happened and I fucken never knew they were outcast for it. Fuck, and I left them all to suffer. This whole situation was unfair and cruel. Our love for each other had ruined everyone’s lives and all four of us had paid the price.

No wonder Dad was so bad – he was being buried alive by love – the same love, Axel and I have, that same goddam emotion that tears hearts apart again and again. The exact love that had caused so much turmoil – and all of this… was heavy.

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