Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 18 ~ Destroyed

I was furious, done with this hate-filled junction of wayward small minds, they had ruined my baby’s hard work for their own ludicrous self-satisfaction. How dare they? This town was the epitome of everything wrong with the world.

The police had been called and were on their way, I was not handing them a lick of wasted energy, quite frankly dealing with a bunch of misinformed bigot’s was the last thing I wanted to do today, and the entire rally was a pathetic joke.

Watching my adoptive father Travis, fiercely defending his children as though we were born of his blood, swelled my heart with pride. I adored this man who had sacrificed so much to make me feel as though we, both Daniella and I, were really his kids. Children, he would move heaven and earth for – why? Because he loved us.

Entering inside and witnessing the panicked fluster outside the bathroom door spiked my alarm. Tessalee, the local nurse from the hospital was speaking a million miles an hour, frantically waving her arms about as she ushered her girls into the corner and away from the climatic mayhem. Rachael’s head snapping left and right, observing the chaotic affair with only one sentence falling from her lips – ‘I don’t know what happened’.

I caught the words cascading from Tessalee and understood immediately why she was concerned – a person can only be pushed so far before they collapse. Truthfully, Daniella had always been the easier target, even in school, just before she left, now that she was back – all of it on top of Pam, our adoptive mother’s death, her confession of the miscarried baby, what happened to her abroad and the loss of her placement within the dance company – that would be enough for any person to tip over the edge. It wasn’t that she was a weaker person inside, it was that she is kind, selfless, and that purity is what they tried to destroy.

No tangible answer came when I knocked, and now, I was starting to fret. “Open the fucken door, Daniella.” My fists collided with the wooden fixture in my way – I could hear her heaving, coughing and sobbing on the other side of it, and my heart pounded in rapid succession against my chest.

“Good lord baby, open the door,” our father pleaded, but still, we were met with nothing. “Break it down son,” Travis growled.

I looked over at Carl with an apologetic face. Shit, yes I would pay to replace it, but I had to get to my Butterfly, ripping it open was a necessity. “Break it, for god sake Axel,” Carl thankfully encouraged.

That’s when I took a step back and raised my foot, bringing it down with every shred of strength I could muster, colliding violently with its intended target. The flimsy lock gave way and entry was gained.

My eyes grew wide as the air escaped my lungs, the sight of my greatest love shaking, whimpering, and the distant vacancy was detrimental enough, but what she had done to herself made me wild beyond belief.

There, in a quivering balled pile, with blood gushing from the open wound upon her tiny wrist and a small silver blade in between her fingertips, was my Daniella – my Butterfly. Her face marred by tears as she sobbed, but her eyes were trained on the wall, lost in a haze of the lethal poison that had been spewed out by the pack of fuckwits that waved their falsified hatred in my girls face.

My Butterfly had broken.

There was sudden pandemonium as Tessalee launched forward, ordering Marshall to find a first aid kit as I collected Danny in my arms. The whole world seemed to slow to an almost standstill as my sight blurred, and the voices surrounding me faded to silence. Their mouths moved, but no words were heard as my eyes trailed the destruction of ruthless dismay.

Daniella’s body lay limp within my hold as I pulled her to my chest, her jaw shook violently, the continuous hurt poured from her eyes, but her vision remained unfocused, and she failed to acknowledge I was even there – that any of us were.

I felt my own wetness splash against my cheeks as my heart constricted painfully in my chest – she had tried to kill herself. The words filtering through from those nasty bitches had burned her like acid – to the point where she had actually tried to take her own life. My soul bled.

Everything I had ever felt, every ounce of enduring pain, every single moment of unwanted emotion – none of it severed me the way, seeing my Butterfly like this, did.

“N-no Dan-n, w-what h-have-e you d-done?” The lament wailing protruded from my pierced heart, exploding out into the tumultuous havoc going on around us as I howled into her neck. Anger, unlike level of ferocity experienced in all of my years alive, rose up from the depths of my wounded being, it set my soul aflame, calling for savagery of the worst kind – I would personally see to it that those god-loving propaganda chastiser’s burned in hell for their damnation of my innocent and pure love – my Daniella.

I released a feral roar from my breastplate and rocked her back and forth, still feeling her shake uncontrollably in my grasp. She had disappeared into her mind, a place in the eye of the beholder, a darkened wormhole I could not reach. She had granted them their wish, the bastards brandishing her ‘a sinful mistake’ had finally won and pushed her too far.

A hand stung my face, whipping it to the side, beckoning me back from my ravishing torment that remained despondent, situated in my protective arms. I focused as the haze cleared to see Rachael bent in front and Regan crouched beside me, staring in shock.

“Who hit me?” I growled. Regan lifted his finger and pointed at Rachael.

“What?” Rach surveyed everyone in bewilderment, “you all said hit him – so I did.”

“Axel,” Tessalee gained my attention, “her wound is not so bad, but I fear Daniella’s mental stability has taken the brutal impact. We need to get her to the hospital.”

Everyone eyed me warily, as though I would attack them if they dared to touch her. “No!”

“Son, please, look at her…” Dad interjected, but I wasn’t having a bar of it.

“I said, NO!”

“Axel, look at the state she is in…” Tessalee began, but just as I had with my father, I cut her off too.

“No! Have you stitched her cut?”

“Yes, Axel, but I…”

“Then we are going home…”

“Axel…” Tessalee attempted to argue.

“We are going home – to my home – in the city. Far away from this shithole of a town, Dad…” I pleaded towards my father for understanding.

He sighed, feeling my need to shelter and comfort Danny, “what do you want me to do?”

“Get my car and bring it as close to the doors as possible, we are slipping in the back, and you will be driving us home.”

“Son…” Travis hesitated.

“I’m going…” Rachael launched in. “If Stella goes – I go.”

“Angel…” Carl collected her hand, “baby, I think you should stay with me.”

Rach ripped her hand away, “no, Carly, Stella goes, I go, and that’s the end of it.” Her finality on the matter had been solidified and stamped in gold – where Daniella went, so did she. I didn’t care who the fuck came, I had to get her out of here – I had to fix this.

“Here…” Dad handed my car keys to Carl. “I’ll drive up in my truck later, I need to see the sheriff about laying charges against this congregation.” Travis thrust his thumb backwards as though the pack of crucifying bitches stood behind him, but we all knew what he meant.

I nodded, “Carl, get the car.”

“But they are blocking the entrance,” he challenged.

“So fucken run them over,” I spat ferociously.

“We’ll stay with your Dad Axe, Mars and I will drive up later. Do what you have to, Ballerina needs you,” Regan offered.

I forced a smile of thanks as Daniella remained in a motionless trance, I can only imagine how far she has fallen down the depressing and despair-ridden rabbit hole.

I just hope she is still reachable.


The drive back to my house had been the longest yet. Butterfly had fallen asleep, thankfully, but I fear it has more to do with physical exhaustion then gaining her awareness. I never thought anything could splinter her – she was the strongest woman I knew.

Carl held the doors as I carried Danny inside and deposited her onto the bed, careful not to knock her bandaged wrist. Rachael removed her points and skirt, bound and tangled around her waist before they both disappeared from sight. I guess Rachael needed to be close to her as much as I did.

Once I was confident they were not listening, I carefully lifted the blanket and disrobed Daniella, replacing her tight Ballet attire with my loose shirt, it swam on her lithe and fragile form, I winced knowing she was still as skinny as a rake, before undressing myself and sliding in, cuddling close to her. I wanted to say a million things, but instead, I voiced nothing aloud, she needed rest, recuperation and comfort – all three I could provide.

Briar Charles will be buried alive for this.

All of this time, we had spent repairing our shattered pieces and fixing our relationship, our lives, our hearts, it had now been mercilessly murdered. Will she still want to be with me? Will she be able to love me? Will she disappear on me again?

The fear I had soothed was now back at full force, and as the angst rose within my churning stomach, I wondered what the outcome would bring when Dan finally woke. I couldn’t live without her, she was my everything, it was her and I forever, only now, that seemed to be teetering unbalance upon a rocky cliff’s edge.

As my mind was inundated with ‘what if’ scenarios, as the bile of dread crawled up my oesophagus, I closed my eyes, praying she would not dispose of our love. “Please don’t let me go Butterfly…” I whispered into the dark emptiness of my bedroom, “don’t leave me, I need you.”

The tears, crawled unchecked, down the sides of my face as I wished for a way out of this puzzle. This was by far the biggest hurdle we would have to face, and I hoped we were strong enough to weather the impending storm – together.

She had tried to kill herself.

The truth of everything bore down, this situation was unfathomable. My precious, incredible, loving Butterfly had ruptured from the inside out.

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