Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 19 ~ Inadequate

I watched on from my seat in the bleachers, as she elegantly and gracefully, glides across the floor. Daniella always practised, at home, school, under our elm tree, trawling the halls of the supermarket – there was no place left in our town that she had not performed in or on. Butterfly was born to float, effortlessly, and with such celestial beauty, she danced with fluid conviction, focused passion for the dream she knew would come to fruition.

I couldn’t stop my heart from wanting her, even if I tried, and as she smiled while climbing the stairs towards me, I knew we would be together forever – it was our destiny.

“Whoa, I need to sneak my points in, this basketball court is perfect for pirouettes. You okay?” Daniella knocked my shoulder, playfully, “sad about your arm?”

I could tell from her reddened cheeks and vibrant radiance, she was still in her post-dancing buzz. I had been banished to the bleachers due to my broken arm, damn football, but at least I had a spectacular view to admire – I contemplated her thoughtfully, always drawn in by her weakening addiction.

“You looked incredible out there, spinning and twirling. You fly, like an angel.”

She flushed a deeper shade of red, “Axe…” Danny bit her lip, shyly, “I wish we weren’t at school right now.”

“Why?” I questioned, leaning closer.

“Because… I would throw myself on top of you for being the best boyfriend in the world. Kiss you and hold you, making love all night.”

The heat that passed between us was undeniable, I was ready to take her, wanted to take her, but unfortunately for us – we were in gym class. “I can’t wait to get you home.”

“Axel…” Daniella’s breathing laboured as she moaned my name.

“I’m going to kiss you not just on your lips, but between your thighs Dan.”

I smirked, satisfied by Danny’s response. Her lids lowered, and she squeezed her legs together – Daniella was turned on. “Stop, I can’t take much more.”

“I’m going to wrap my tongue around those perfect pointed nipples of yours, while you cry out in ecstasy.”

“Oh, Axel…”

“Do you want that?” I growled, close enough so that only she could hear.

“Yes, oh god… yes,” she panted, Daniella’s eyes were now fully closed.

“God, I want to fuck you so bad.” With my nose against her shoulder, I opened my mouth, biting the fabric that concealed her flesh in some sudden, possessive, horny, dominant beast mode.

“Oh…” Daniella groaned.

“Are you wet Dan, wet for me?”

“Undo your fly, Axel,” I heard her whisper, thickly laced with arousal.


“Undo your zipper, Mr McKnight…” Daniella reached between her legs, I didn’t know what she was doing, but the next minute – her panties were being slipped off her ankles. I moved quickly, realising with consuming titillation, that we were actually about to make my fantasy come true – the very vision I had masturbated over countless times. “Hold your cock, I’m going to lower myself and make it appear as though, I am simply seated on your lap, I can’t wait until home Axel, I need you now.”

“Okay,” I choked. “Come here, Butterfly.”

Daniella climbed on top, slipping down my rigid and throbbing pole with ease, her warm inner walls and unbelievably saturated pussy, sent a slew of curse words from my mouth as a pleasurable thrill ricocheting up my spine. Fuck, she felt amazing. Daniella faced me, one arm slung over my shoulders, her legs sprawled out on the wooden chairs beside me and her left hand, waving about dramatically as though she was talking about something with enthusiasm.

Her hips began to move, and her eyes rolled back, the fact that we were flirting with danger, only intensified the erotic connection that much more – would we be discovered? Would we be expelled? What would everyone say or think if they found out about our relationship? We had kept it hidden for so long out of fear and now, we were in gym class, having sex in the bleachers, with the entire class ten rows away from us, and unbridled excitement propelled our push forward.

“God, you’re sexy Butterfly,” I wanted to kiss her – yearned to – but couldn’t.

“Axe, you feel so good,” she moaned, her hand still flailing about.

“I’m going to make you my wife one day.” Her lips turned upwards, digging my declaration with a smile only I could see.

“Oh, rub my clit future husband,” she purred.

I slipped my hand under her skirt. “Ms Hutchinson, gym class is not over,” the teacher bellowed from below, but my divine goddess was lost in the throes of passion. “Ms Hutchinson, now please.”

“Right there, Axel… right…” I felt her contract around my cock, she was close, her breathing hitched, she could no longer keep her eyes open, not even a glance, as she ground against me.

“Ms Hutchinson!”

“What?” Daniella spat furiously, the sound resonated through the air, seemingly bouncing from every surface and echoing around the hall, causing deadly silence among the collection of students – Danny never spoke to anyone like that.

“How dare you?” Our teacher screamed, “detention, with me this afternoon. Mr McKnight may have a broken arm, but you do not. Get down here now, or you’ll have detention for the rest of the week.”

“Shit,” Dan cursed.

I grabbed her face, “just a few more months and then we’re out of here Butterfly, high school will be done, and you and I will be free and open – forever.”

She groaned before getting up as I casually tucked my now limp dick back into my pants, collecting her discarded knickers and slotting them into my pocket. I prayed she wasn’t made to climb rope or something, I’d have to knock fuckers out with my cast.

The sound of Travis’ voice perforated my lacklustre respite; clearly, I had drifted off at some point because my dream was of Butterfly and one of our naughty erotic adventures. Next came the incredulous screeching of Marshall – they’d all arrived.

I glanced down to see I still held a sleeping girlfriend, she appeared so delicate, vulnerable, angelic almost. Guess I could attribute that to the harrowing events that forced her to retreat inwardly.

Once again, my chest rose and filled with blind hatred.

I carefully slithered out from under her, kissing Daniella upon her forehead before exiting the room. “Shh,” I scolded as I quietly closed the door, striding down my hall. “Shh, I said, she’s still sleeping.”

“Son, how are you doing?” Travis rushed, rife with concern.

“I’m okay, Dad,” I soothed as we hugged tightly. “What did the sheriff say?”

“Huh,” he exclaimed before sighing. “All he could do was give them a warning about their inappropriate behaviour…”

“I demanded their heads,” Marshall cut in fiercely, “but he said that his hands were tied – they didn’t physically force Ballerina to harm herself.”

“That’s bullshit,” I growled animalistically, “they persecuted her, filling Danny’s head with their vile poison.”

“What about trespassing?” Carl asked, standing up from the couch.

“Nothing,” Regan confirmed, “your property borderline ends just after the studio’s entranceway, technically, they were on public property.”

“Fuck sake,” I howled.

“She’s clearly not in a good head space son, Dan needs time to heal from this monstrosity.”

“I know, I know…” I gestured exasperatedly with my hands, “I’ve already got a solution for that.”

“What is it?” Rachael’s voice sliced through the tension, I hadn’t even noticed she was standing there.

My head snapped back to my father, “Dad, I know you are slowly crawling out of the darkness, and having the girls there helped, but I have to protect her, now more than ever. You’re welcome to stay here too…”

“I won’t leave your mum.”

“I figured as much,” I sighed. “My assistant is taking a couple of months off for her husband’s surgery, I’m going to ask Danny to fill in – if she agrees, that keeps her away from those bastards and her mind occupied. But it also means you’re on your own.”

“I’m all for that idea, anything to protect my daughter from further harm. The only problem is – will she?” Dad questioned.

“I won’t know until I bring it up.”

“Son, I know she ran from you in the past – but that’s not who Danny is on the inside. She will fight when she has too, she’s strong and courageous, the only strength and weakness our girl has – is her emotion. If her heart is hurt – there’s no telling what she’s capable of.”

“She will fight,” Rachael interjected again. “Stella will fight this – I’ve seen it before when she left Axel behind, and she lost the baby…”

“Baby?” Dad gasped. Shit, I’d completely forgotten to tell him.

“I may have Asperger’s, but I am not immune to the ravenous effects of bullies. Stella will get up, she will smile, and she will face this crap head-on. If she doesn’t, then she has all of us to show her the way.”

My eyes bulged, taken aback by the power radiating from Rachael – someone I’d previously overlooked as a mindless twit, that fluffed about, made inappropriate comments and couldn’t decipher emotion, was literally blowing my mind – I suddenly, had a profound respect for Ms Kraussman, collecting her in my arms and holding her. The hug was brief – awkward – and stiff.

My judgement of her had been wrong, very wrong, she held genuine affection for my woman.

The reason I reacted the way I did, was because out of all of the years I’d known her, Daniella never had a female in her corner – apart from mum. She had acquaintances, but never deep seeded friendships – yes she had us, Marshall, Regan, Carl and me – but, we are dudes, Danny lacked that female companionship, and I never understood why. To be fair, she only ever had us four after I was adopted by Pam and Travis Hutchinson at thirteen, Dan had always been alone.

I needed to get to the bottom of this – find out why they targeted her – discover what it was, that made the town crucify her this badly, I couldn’t have been left alone simply because I was popular, no, there was something buried here.

As I stood back from a very red-faced Rachael, I realised something. We were all the ‘rejected’, societies idea of what ‘normal’ wasn’t, Carl, with his free-loving hippie parents – a drain on the taxpayers, Marshall and Regan – being gay, Rachael – with her form of autism, Dad – for standing by his children, and finally me – my past now constituted me an ‘unwanted’.

“Son, let’s get some food while we wait for Danny to wake up.”

“That’s a great idea, I’ll call room service,” Carl happily volunteered.

“In the meantime…” Travis spoke, squaring in on me, “I think you better fill me in on what’s really been going on and why there was a baby mentioned.”

Dammit. Okay, Axel, you got this.


I lifted the duvet, praying I would not wake my sleeping beauty as I adjusted myself around her skeletal frame, and cuddled in, pressing my chest against her back.

“Why haven’t you woken up yet Butterfly?” I murmured into her ear, holding onto her for dear life. “I feel as though you’re slipping away from me – lost somewhere I won’t be able to find you and bring you back, I promise Danny, I won’t ever let them hurt you again, I want to you to stay here, stay with me. In all the years we were separated, as my heart froze over and shrivelled, there was one thing I could never stop, and that was my love for you. It burned to love you when I’d thought you’d abandoned me, the pain, the emptiness, god, the darkness was the worst – the unanswered why? Seeing you like that, with blood gushing from your wrist – I’ve never been so terrified in my life. I’m going to keep you safe, Daniella, but first, I need you to wake up.”

Without warning, Daniella’s tiny body turned in my arms, I had presumed she was still asleep, and that she wouldn’t hear my heartfelt plea, but as her lids fluttered open, I was finally blessed with those big brown, breathtaking but saddened eyes. Her soft palms covered my scruffy face, feeling every inch of it as though in disbelief I was there.

I gazed deeply into her, silently begging for her to stay, for her not to leave me and carelessly discard our beautiful love. Butterfly’s scrutiny blazed a trail of anxious intensity the more she investigated my face, searching for something within the lines of my now worried features.

The silence was riddled with feelings of betrayal, anger, hurt, confusion, but the emotion that poured from her soul; the more she stared at my face, was inadequacy. Her eyes glistened in fear as her heart bled insufficiency – she believed herself to be simply, not good enough.

Finally, she broke. A sob tore from her throat, “why, Axel?” Daniella whimpered, “why do they hate me so much?”

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