Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 22 ~ Office Shenanigans

“Well, well, well. When Mr Hutchinson informed me he had found my replacement, the last person I was expecting was you, Daniella.” Gail, my assistant, greeted us warmly as we entered the floor to my office, giving Dani a hug as if they were close friends. “Mr Hutchinson, your coffee is waiting for you on your desk.”

“Thank you, Gail.”

Butterfly just couldn’t help herself, “I hope you don’t expect me to do that, Axel McKnight. I’m here to answer the phones and type contracts, remember?” She quirked her brow at me cheekily.

“McKnight?” Gail questioned.

“It’s my birth name,” I answered, waving off the look of surprise on my receptionists face.

“Your birth name?”

I collected the stack of contracts from Gail’s hands, “yes. I was adopted.”

“You’re adopted?”

“Yes, Gail. I was adopted when I was thirteen into the Hutchinson family, Daniella was adopted by them when she was seven. It really ’isn’t headlining news.”

“Huh, you think you know someone…”

“It’s not common knowledge, Gail. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t share that information around the office,” I bit. The truth was, no one needed to know my background, it wasn’t anyone’s concern, and it didn’t impede my job or position within the company. I was a little frustrated Daniella had so carelessly slipped.

“Sorry, Axel. I had no idea you kept that information private,” Dani apologised.

“It’s alright Butterfly, I just…”

“Don’t share your personal life with your employees?” Dan offered.

“Yes. I am the CEO and prefer to keep my past buried where it belongs.”

“Understood Axe, my mouth is zipped shut.”

“Right, well. Gail here will teach you everything you need to know. Learn as much as you can, because I expect excellence, Butterfly.”

Daniella chuckled at my authoritative nature, “oh, Axe, we are at the office. Please address me as, Ms Hutchinson.”

I smirked wickedly, “Ms Hutchinson, we are at the office, please address me as, Mr Hutchinson,” I teased.

She snorted loudly, “no worries, boss.”

I wanted to kiss my woman, slide my tongue between her lips and caress her gently – lovingly. But were indeed at work, and I hadn’t mentioned the nature of our relationship to anyone, not even Gail.

“Good,” I nodded, turning on my heels and striding into my sanctum, feeling titillated by the prospect of violating my sexy new assistant when Gail disappeared on leave. I had never entertained the idea of sexual relations at work, choosing to keep business and after-hours consorts separate, but suddenly having the love of my life within grasping reach conjured the most inappropriate illusions.

The two of them were attached at the hip the entire day, I had attempted to gather some alone time with Daniella, but she thwarted my seductive plans every opportunity I created. I had been aroused from the very start, when Dani sashayed in, lifting her skirt and rubbing her clit, as she stood just inside the doorway reading me my daily schedule first thing in the morning. When Gail read me my appointments, I usually found it a mundane task, but Butterfly made it a momentous affair.

It was a tease – foreplay – and she was playing a game she couldn’t possibly win. A good, old fashioned divertissement of cat and mouse, only Daniella had forgotten one crucial element in her taunting behaviour – I was not a mere cat, but a predatory tiger.

Around lunchtime, Gail and Daniella sat in on my meeting with the latest Bridgewater proposal. Gail sat in her usual seat, taking down the minutes of our discussion, while Butterfly situated herself at the back, directly in my line of sight, but out of the view of others.

She remained quiet, appearing genuinely interested in what I actually did for a living, until I stood, and focused the room’s attention upon the screen against the wall behind my chair. It was its usual boring powerpoint presentation, graphs, outlooks, safety requirements, that’s when I noticed Daniella’s hands slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Again she was teasing me, stirring up the animal inside.

Her seductive eyes locked on mine as she began circling her nipples with the tips of her fingers. My jaw clenched hard as I watched her tempt me, surrounded by a room filled with people. I was furious but captivated. Dani knew how to play me like a violin. I had never wanted a meeting to finish so quickly.

Five o’clock was drawing nearer when I emerged from my office, barred up and excited, I wanted to sexually punish her for the day’s indiscretions. “Thank you for your guidance today, Gail, I think Daniella…”

“Ms Hutchinson,” Butterfly interjected with a wink.

“Forgive me,” I clenched my jaw, my teeth were sure to crack soon from the amount of biting I was enduring. “Ms Hutchinson can take it from here. Go home to your husband and enjoy your evening together, no need to come in tomorrow, you have to get prepared for your ’partner’s surgery.”

“But sir, I haven’t shown Dani how too…”

I growled lowly, my cock twitching impatiently within my pants. “Will you be available via phone to answer any queries should they arise?”

“Of course, Mr Hutchinson.”

“Then, go home, Gail. You will be fully compensated for tomorrow.”

Gail leaned closer to Daniella, “I don’t know what you’ve done to the boss, but, thank you.”

Butterfly snickered, “you mean because I changed him from a cold bastard to a human?”

My fist’s tightened to balls, and I thrust them into my pockets. “Yes, and I will never forget it. Good luck Daniella, he may be a little stiff, but he’s a good man at heart.”

Stiff was right, hard, weeping, and raring to fuck my woman.

The second the elevator doors closed, finally leaving Daniella and I alone, I stalked forward. “You naughty girl,” I tsked in disapproval. “You think you’re so clever, don’t you?”

“Oh, Mr Hutchinson, I have no idea what you are referring too?”

Daniella rose from her chair and casually sauntered over to the photocopier. “Really Butterfly, no idea, huh?”

She placed the papers into the scanner and clicked the buttons, sending the scanned documents to her email address as she shrugged her shoulders with her back to me. “No, none. I have been a model receptionist the entire day. After all, I represent your company and everything reflects on the employer, Axel.”

I chuckled, “you could have created a major problem for me today. If one of those bastards had seen you, I would have had a lawsuit on my hands, after I beat the shit out of them.”

“I simply scratched my breast area, sir. No need to read anything into it.”

I growled, when did my woman become so adventurous? “You know you did more than that, Daniella.”

“I really am swamped and important, is there something I can do for you… sir?” Dani purred, the vixen was spurring on my beast, she knew exactly how to turn me on.

I came to a standstill right behind her, my chest flush with her back as Butterfly’s perky backside tickled my rock hard member. My lips grazed the shell of Daniella’s ear, and a small whimper escaped her mouth. “Ms Hutchinson, you are a cock tease.”

“Cock tease… me? No. An Axel McKnight tease, maybe.”

My tongue swiped along the skin of her neck, tasting the succulent flesh that drove me wild with desire. “I’m going to make you pay for today’s wind up.” I could tell my dominance was affecting Butterfly significantly.

“There… seems… to be… something… wrong… with this… damn… machine…” she moaned between stuttered pants of breath, pushing her ass into my crotch as Dan leaned forward, pretending there was a paper jam.

“Perhaps, I should investigate,” I whispered.

“I-I think… that’s best… sir.”

Her answer pleased me.

I shifted Daniella’s leg and rested her knee against the paper catchment, lifting the back of her skirt as my other hand unzipped my front, releasing my monstrous beast.

To my absolute delight, I discovered a very panty-less woman with a soaking wet pussy. I began to glide my rigid dick along her engorged flaps.

“You appear to be missing a vital piece of clothing, Butterfly. What did you do with your underwear?”

She chuckled, holding out her hand as the lace garment hung from Daniella’s index finger. “What, these? They were far too constricting, Mr Hutchinson, I had to remove them.” Dani turned her head, peering back at me with feigned innocence etched on her face. I plucked the material dangling from her finger and pocketed the evidence.

“Mine,” I growled.

“Axel, what if someone comes up here?”

“Impossible. I don’t pay overtime my sexy assistant, so unless they plan on working for free, they ’won’t dare set foot on this level.”

“Well, you being a slave driver seems to have worked in our favour, Mr Hutchinson.”

Daniella reached behind and grasped a firm hold of my thick girth, guiding it into her warm, welcoming centre. “Ooh, Butterfly,” I moaned, driving my cock in deeper.

“Fuck, Axel,” she groaned, grasping the edge of the photocopier.

I began to move my hips, slowly withdrawing and then driving back inside, coating my junior in her delectable honey. I had been fantasising all day about this delicious moment, impaling Daniella to orgasmic release.

I could have been patient, made our coupling more than just an urgent fuck against the photocopier, but I was at my limit. Daniella had purposely driven me wild, taunting me every opportunity she could.

“You are… going to be… such a fucken… distraction… the whole… time you’re… here…” I growled between deft thrusts into my woman.

“Ooh, Axe, fuck me harder.”

Daniella’s tight walls pulsed around my cock as I drove in deeper. “Take off your shirt,” I ordered.

She did not hesitate, Dani hastily removed her blouse and bra, my right hand cupping her bosom as my fingertips tweaked her nipples. I was thrusting my dick into her at a rapid rate, the build-up to our final act had been so intense that I found it difficult to hold back my need for release. “Ooh… g-god… A-Axe…” Daniella groaned, “s-so g-good.”

“Shut up, don’t say my name,” I growled. I was trying to stop myself from exploding, Dani’s mewls were making it near on impossible for me.

Every push into her centre caused Dan’s vaginal walls to constrict and grip my rod tightly, the pleasure it induced was magnificent, no one had ever felt a great as my woman did. “Ooh, go… rub my clit, Axel.”

I could detect the urgency to cum within Daniella’s plea. My left hand released her hip, and made the reach around, pressing firmly against Dan’s clit as I thrust with brutal force. “Fuck you’re sexy, Dani.”

“Ooh, Axel, I’m s-so… so… right…”

“Ooh Dani,” I grunted, my orgasm coming at me like a freight train.

“Right…” I felt Butterfly begin to shake, suddenly, her centre bared down with crushing constriction, “FUCK!”

“Holy, shit,” I cried, spirting my semen deep inside her. My body washed with euphoria as I pulled Daniella’s back against my chest, holding her steady as she trembled through her own release of ecstasy.

“I love you,” Daniella murmured.

“I love you, too.”

Neither of us moved, just basked in the ambience of our post-orgasmic haze. I adored the emotion, blissfully in love, and completely on top of the world.

The elevator’s arrival chimed, and our heads snapped to the side. “Oh, my, god,” Daniella panicked as the body exited the elevator.

“Hello. Well, this is something I didn’t expect to see.”

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