Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 24 ~ Well?

I stood there in shock. Daniella had spoken the words I’d longed to hear since our graduating year in high school, and I was terrified I’d misheard her. “Axe?”

“Butterfly?” I whispered.

“Axel, I’m sorry. I just…”

“Do you mean it?” I croaked in disbelief.

“You… don’t… want to?”

I grasped Daniella’s wrist and pulled her from the room as the others milled around, celebrating Marshall and Regan’s engagement.

“What are you…”

“Shh, Butterfly. Just come with me.”

“But Axe…”

“No, this is a conversation we need to have in private.”

“If you don’t want to, it’s okay.” I began opening door after door, searching for a bathroom, a room to talk in, something. But I knew where nothing was in this damn house. I growled loudly, frustrated by my lack of ability to find a place for our conversation. “Axel, what are you…”

“Hang on, I don’t need any distractions for this talk.”

Finally, I located a bathroom. I swung open the door and pushed Dani inside, locking it behind us. “What the hell, Axe?”

“Did you mean it?” I rushed.

“Mean what?”

“You know what, Daniella,” I growled again. My body was still facing the door, I feared that she was simply caught up in the moment and would rip my dream right out from under me. This is all I wished for, Dani as my wife, a family, love, a fantasy that for seven years of silence while Butterfly hid abroad, I presumed would never come to fruition.

I heard her plonk down on what I assumed was the toilet seat lid with a very audible sigh. “Sorry. I understand there is still a lot you and I need to overcome, trust being the major wall as I have hurt you so much in the past, Axel. But that is the future I want with you.”

I turned, kneeling down in front of my Butterfly. “Did you mean it, though,” I questioned, staring up at her with pleading eyes. “Do you want to marry me?”

Daniella’s soft hands cupped my face, “I do Axel. I realised…” I didn’t give my woman a chance to finish her sentence as I pressed my lips firmly against hers. My tongue slipped past her supple lips and into her mouth, caressing hers with my own as we moved in sync.

“Yes, a thousand times, yes Butterfly,” I whispered, before capturing her lips again.

“We can’t… steal… their engagement…” Dani mumbled between heated kisses.

“I… agree…” I replied.

“So, we… are engaged?” Daniella asked.

I pulled back, my eyes searching hers with admiration. “I was meant to ask you, Daniella, you stole my limelight.”

Dan smiled, “I was thinking, and it came out.”

“I’ve always wanted to be your husband.”

“Sorry, I just realised that you are the only one for me. Despite everything we’ve been through, you Axel, are my Marshall.”

“I’m going to ignore that god awful description because I am nothing like Marshall, and fuck you – right now.”

“God, yes. Fuck me in here?” Dan bit her bottom lip seductively.

“Hands on the basin, I want my cock inside you right now.” Daniella moaned before assuming the position.

“Stella? Where’d you two go?” Rachael’s voice broke our moment, and I growled in frustration. “Stella?”

Daniella chuckled. “We can’t fuck now.”

“Yes, we can. Hands back on that basin.” I was bared up and ready to fuck hard.


“We can wait until we get home.”

“I don’t want to wait, Butterfly.”

Dani’s thumbs caressed my cheeks lovingly, “come on, it’s Marshall and Regan’s night.”

“Fine. But the moment we enter our apartment, we’re doing this properly,” I snapped, making sure Daniella knew my intention.

“Our apartment?”

“Yes – ours.”

“Oh, Axel, I want you even more now.”

“Stella,” Rachael’s tone was drawing nearer.

“Drop your pants, we’ll make this quick.”

“We can’t…”

“Fuck this, I want to have sex with my fiancé, right now.”

“Daniella, where the hell did you go?” Rach bellowed.

“No, not here, and not a word about this to anyone, my future husband.”

“Stella?” Rachael called again.

“Not a word, and, I love that title.”

“I love you, Axe.”

“I love you.”

The handle twisted, thank heavens I had locked the door. “Stella, are you peeing?”

Daniella snickered as I rolled my eyes. “Yes, Rach, give me five seconds.”

“Oh, finally. I was looking everywhere for you. Dance Battle?”

“Rachael? What are you doing?” I groaned recognising the booming voice.

“Carly, I found Stella.”

“Shit, I really hate our friends right now.” I murmured.

Dani smiled as I kissed my secret fiancé one last time, “c’mon, we have our friend’s engagement to celebrate.”

I opened the door, glaring at Rachael while catching the highly amused smirk upon Carl’s face.

“Oh, I see what this is,” Marshall chimed in from behind them both.

“You two snuck away for a quicky – in our new house?” Regan pretended to be offended, he wasn’t. I knew him better than that.

“Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist. We’ll keep our hormones under control from now on,” Daniella smoothly interjected.

Marshall snickered, “that’s okay, it’s not like Reag’s, and I haven’t fucked all over Axel’s apartment.”

My face fell, “what? Where? Where did you two fuck? Did you sanitise?”

Daniella laughed loudly, “oh, Axe, they fucked everywhere you touch.”

“What? That’s not even funny, Butterfly.” I chased Dani back into the living room, our friends following our movements.

The night continued with laughter and love, it was humbling to see just how far our little group had come, and even though I still had trouble understanding Rachael, she appeared to slot into our mixture as if it was always meant to be.

The future may be uncertain, but it was definitely looking brighter for all of us.


On our way home, Daniella spoke quietly, while nervously picking at the loose thread on her jeans. “Um, Axel.”

“Yes, Butterfly.”

“I need you to stop at the twenty-four-hour chemist on the corner of Queen Street and Coventry.”

“You feeling sick.”

“What? God, no. I just need a couple of things.”

My interest was piqued, what did… need a couple of things mean? “You okay, Butterfly?”

“Yes, Axe. I swear. I want to get a pregnancy test…”

“WHAT?” I was so surprised by Daniella’s answer that I accidentally swerved into the oncoming traffic.

“Jesus, calm down, will you. You could have killed us.”

“Fuck that, do you think you are pregnant?”

“No. I just haven’t been paying close attention to my cycle. I’m just being cautious. Relax.”

“Is that why you asked me to marry you?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course, it’s not Axel. I want to marry you because I love you. End of story.” Dani snapped.

“Look, I was out of order. You have no idea how much I want this, all of it. The family, you as my wife…”

“We don’t know if I am, I simply need to rule it out for my own peace of mind.”

“Okay, okay. I won’t get excited; we’ll just get a test and see what it says.”

“Good, thank you.”

But I lied, I was excited. The idea that all of my dreams were coming true was simply too much for me to rationally comprehend, and I couldn’t help the illusions that swirled inside my hopeful mind. I could pretend for just a minute – Ballerina lying in the sun, her belly swelled and growing our child, the diamond ring upon her wedding finger glistening in the afternoon rays. The grin on my face was hard to disguise.

I pulled into the carpark and opened the car door for my fiancé.

“Stop smiling, it unnerving.”

“Hey, even if we aren’t pregnant, I will still be smiling because you are going to be my wife.”

“Who are you, and what have you done with my Axel?”

I glowered at Daniella. “Could we just enjoy this moment?”

“Don’t get excited, I don’t want you to be disappointed if we are not pregnant.”

“I won’t be, I promise.”

I held my woman’s hand as we entered, the security guard gave us a second glance. I guess it was because we were in a chemist at 12.30am on a Tuesday Morning. Shit, I had to be at work by seven-thirty, but I didn’t give a shit. If this test did come up positive, that would only cause me to be on cloud nine – sleep deprived or not – I’d be brimming with elation.

We stood in front of the massive array of pregnancy tests, I had no idea there was so many. We were both reading the back of the packaging with intense scrutiny.

“They have a digital one, did you know?”

“Really? No, who knew this was so complicated,” Daniella commented.

“This one appears to be the easiest. You pee on the end, place the cap back on and wait two minutes. If two red lines show up, you are with child.”

Ballerina snorted at me, “with child? Who says that?”

“Clearly me, did you not just hear it come from my mouth? Now, do you want three tests or one?” I held up two pink and white boxes.

“Just one will do. How much do you think I can wee?”

“You’re right,” I stated, tossing the three-pack back on the shelf. “We need a drink.”

“Oh lord.”

I ignored her cavalier attitude, this was the first time I had experienced anything such as this, and I refused to allow Daniella’s indifference to dampen my happiness.

I grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge and chucked both products in front of the register operator. “How you going?” The lady inquired, though, she appeared to be disinterested in my reply.

“Great thanks.”

“That will be $22.75. Card or cash?”

“Card,” I beamed, while Dan flicked through the gossip magazines.

“Oh my god,” Butterfly squealed, “since when did she marry him? Her dress is hideous.”

“Who cares, it’s all crap,” I groaned, collecting the paper bag from the attendant. “Thank you.”

“Have a good night,” the operator replied in monotone.

I grasped Daniella’s arm, and eagerly pulled her from the trashy mag rack, ushering her as fast as possible into the car.

“What happened to not getting excited, Axe?”

“I’m not,” I lied again. “Drink the bottle of Gatorade.”

“Okay, not excited, ah-huh, and I am the queen of England.”

“Are you? I didn’t know that.” We both chuckled before starting the car, again, heading for home.


Once settled, Daniella and I walked into the bathroom, but she was just standing there staring at me. “What?”

“I can urinate on my own, thanks.”

I rolled my eyes, unimpressed at being shut out of this. Jesus, I ate her pussy, you think weeing on a stick was going to phase me? “But…”

“Axel, can I please pee in peace? I promise I will put the cap back on, leave it on the bench and clean up. Then we can both look at it together.”

I sighed. “Fine, but the moment you finish, I’m opening this door.”


Waiting for Dani to finish her urination was excruciating, I get that I was acting impatiently, but what the hell was taking so long? “Well?” I called.

“I pissed on my hand.”

I chuckled, “don’t forget to catch the midstream.”

“Alright, Axel. Do you have any idea how fucken hard it is to begin a wee then stop just so you can catch the damn midstream? Oh, god, my hand is warm.”

“Well, I’m sure our child will pee on you too.”

“Fucken hell, Axe. You promised to keep yourself under control. We might not be pregnant.”

“Or we might be.”

I heard the toilet flush and rushed to the door handle, opening it upon Daniella scrubbing her right hand. “Lord, can you give me at least a few seconds before you barge in.”

“I lied to you, I am excited.”

Daniella glared at me, incredulously, “I can tell.”

I put down the toilet seat lid and made myself comfortable while setting the timer on my phone.

We only had to wait two minutes – that was it.

Two minutes.

Two… long… torturous… minutes.

Both of us waited in silence.

Staring at one another.

Expecting the alarm to chime at any moment.

One minute… Just one more minute.

But still, there was nothing.

Suddenly, we both jolted in surprise when the timer rang. “You ready, future, Mrs Hutchinson?”

“You know I’m already Ms Hutchinson, right?”

“Butterfly,” I whined, “are you ready?”

“Yes, Mr McKnight. Flip the stick.”

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