Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 25 ~ The Result

I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that flurried through me, I think I actually wanted to be a mum. Both Axel and I knew intimately what it felt to be neglected, rejected, and disowned by those who were meant to love us, and both of us understood how unbelievable it was to receive parents that genuinely cared – that loved us unconditionally.

“Butterfly, I’m going to support you, you know that… right?” Axel confirmed.

“Yes, Axe. You’re my fiancé now. You’re stuck with me.”

“Until the day we die.”

My heart swelled at Axel’s confession. This was the man I’d fallen in love with from the very start, the man that was hopeful and crazy, that completed me in ways I could never have perceived.

“Well, what does it say?” I inquired apprehensively.

“Um, umm…”

Dread washed through me, this was not the reaction I was hoping for. “What does it say, Axel?”

“Uh… hand me the instructions again.” I did as Axel requested, but his silence and furrowed brow confirmed all I needed to know.

We were not pregnant.

That silent blow was far more detrimental then I had anticipated.

“We aren’t pregnant.”

“Fuck,” Axel breathed.

“I’m sorry Axe, I know you were excited, I should have waited – I should have got the test alone, I’m so sorry.” I began to toss the packaging in the bin, feeling distinctly as if I were a failure, I knew this was a bad idea.

“It’s okay, Butterfly. Everything is okay.”

“Ha,” I snorted, “you sound as if you’re reassuring yourself, not me.”

“Perhaps I am,” Axel commented, following me into the bedroom. He leaned up against the wall, watching me disrobe. In reality, I just wanted to distract myself, and taking off my jacket and jewellery seemed like the best idea in the current situation.

Act as if everything is normal, Dan.

“I actually was excited, deep down.”

“Were you?”

“Of course, I was.” I snapped.

“Are you sure? Are you one hundred percent certain that this is what you want? That I am what you want? You’ve seemed to have changed.”

“Axel, what the fuck is wrong? I’m sorry, I’m sorry I am not pregnant, but you coming at me like this, out of nowhere… you just promised me we’d be together forever… what the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m just making sure…”

“You’re making sure that in the last 2.5 seconds I hadn’t changed my mind about us, or that YOU hadn’t changed YOUR mind about us?”

I was mad, I had every right to be. Yes, I was disappointed too that we weren’t ‘with child’, but honestly, I was pissed about Axel’s sudden and ludicrous waver in our relationship. Did he not understand that this was sudden or that we had not talked, even contemplated the idea of a family? Maybe we’d made throwaway comments, but nothing this serious, especially after I’d lost our first child.

“You’re being irrational.”

Fuck you. “You’re being irrational, Axel McKnight, don’t tell me I’m…”


“Don’t Daniella me.”


“Don’t fucking Butterfly me either…”

“Dan, you need to book a doctor’s appointment.”

“Why? Because now you think I’m certifiably insane? Because you’ve pissed me off with your attitude? If you want out of us Axel, now is your chance.”

“Now I do think you’re insane, but before, I stated you were behaving irrationally.”

“So, you want me to book a doctor’s appointment over ‘irrational’ behaviour? I’m disappointed too, I think we would have made great parents.”

“I don’t disagree, but no. You need to book a doctor’s appointment because the stick is indicating you’re pregnant.”

“Fuck you, I knew that this was too good to be true.” I threw my bag onto the bed and began to fill it with my clothes. “Why would you do this? Now… of all the times, just when we’d gotten engaged.”

“Did just hear what I said?”

“Yep, I heard…” I snapped as I thrust some shoes inside my bag, “you think I’m irrational…” Axel grabbed my wrist, halting my temper-tantrum, “What?”

“Butterfly, you’re pregnant.”

The words slithered slowly in through my ear cannel and around my mind, repeating again and again. “I’m-I’m… I’m… what?”

Axel held up the little white and pink stick. “You’re pregnant. I’m going to be a father.”

I stared blankly at the results window. What the hell?

There, on the face of the stick was one solid pink line and one very light, but very obvious, other pink line. I blinked furiously, just in case, I was foolish and not actually seeing those lines.

Two lines meant I was one very knocked up woman.

“I’m… pregnant?” I gasped.

“I needed to double-check what I was seeing was true. You’re carrying my baby. We’re going to be parents.”

I paled, “what the fuck?”

Suddenly, Axels face lit up with joy. “We’re having a baby, Butterfly.”

I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I slowly glanced up to meet Axe’s eyes, those eyes I adored more than sunrise, “we’re pregnant?”

Axel nodded enthusiastically, “I believe so, well, that’s the test says.” I flopped down onto the bed, overcome with emotion. “Why are you crying?”

I lifted my shaky hand and wiped my eye, the remanence of tears were collected on my fingertips. “I-I don’t know,” I rasped honestly. “W-We’re going to have a baby?”

“Uh-huh,” Axel smiled, leaning down in front of me.

“Oh my god, Axel.”

“I know, Daniella. I know.”

“Oh god, Axel…” I panicked, realising what I’d done earlier.

“I know, I know Dan.”

“No… no, no. No, you don’t know. I drank alcohol tonight. I’m not a physician, but I’m pretty sure that’s not okay.”

“Oh, god, you’re right. Shit. Let’s book an appointment with my doc tomorrow, and we’ll ask him about it. I’m sure everything will be fine, you didn’t know you were pregnant, and you’re not drunk. Just no more until we get the confirmation.”



I sighed heavily, shaking, because, well, actually, I had no idea why I was shaking. “Yes?”

“I’m going to kiss you now, but you’re halfway through packing, are you still planning on leaving me?”

My head snapped to my bag. “Oh, I-I… I’m sorry, I was wrong…”

“We can put that stuff back tomorrow,” Axel smiled reassuringly. “Dani, you’re pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant,” I affirmed with disbelief. My chin trembled as a new wave of unbridled emotion washed through me.

Axel launched forward, wrapping me in his strong embrace, pressing his lips firmly against mine. “You’re pregnant, Butterfly.”

“I can’t believe it,” I stated, “I-I just can’t believe it.”

“You and I began something important a few hours ago… wife.”

I licked my lips and shrugged my shoulders innocently, feeling the aroused shift between us. I knew exactly what Mr McKnight was referring too. “And what would that be?”

Axel snickered as he crawled forward, his hands slipping off my heels and then trailing slowly up my legs. “I believe we were interrupted when you asked me to marry you.”

“Oh, that…” I smirked, lifting my butt so that Axel could peel away my pants, taking my thong with them. “Yes, we were interrupted so rudely... husband.”

I watched avidly as his lips met my skin. Axe caressed my flesh, worshipped it with tenderness as he made his way over my knee and up my thigh, nipping softly, stroking my skin with his tongue.

“Ooh, Axel,” I breathed.

My eyes closed as I was taken away with the throes of passion, lying across our bed just as his head made it’s to my now burning and saturated centre. “Butterfly,” he murmured.

“Yes, Axel…”

His warm wet tongue lavishly stroked the length of my flaps, causing me to groan with pleasure. “You’re mine, forever.”

“Y-Your’s… forever,” I whispered.

His mouth against my intimate area felt too good, too amazing that it melted away all of my worries, fears, confusion, and happiness. I was lost in the swirl of tingling ecstasy Axels tongue was unleashing against my clit.

His fingers slipped into my hole, rubbing deliciously against my G-spot while his tongue tip flicked away fervently.

“My wife…” Axel reiterated.

“Your wife…” I mewled as he worked my pussy.

“My baby’s mumma…” I chuckled as Axel nipped my clit.

“Your baby’s mumma, Axel…”

I could feel myself getting close, he was always a magician when it came to foreplay. The way Axel knew every inch of my heated cunt made me quiver, his long strokes, the special attention he paid to my clit, and of course, the way Axe rubbed my spot deep inside.

“Ooh, Axel,” I cried, climbing to the peak of an explosion.

“Cum for me, Butterfly,” my future husband ordered, “cum all over my fingers.”

My breathing became laboured, my inner walls clenched, the words Axel spoke drove me insane – he knew how to excite.

Axel’s finger roughly drove inside as his other hand began to circle the rim of my ass – I shivered with pleasure. The tip of Axel’s tongue slapping against me raised nub as I ground against his face, pushed me further up that mountain. I lifted my shirt and slid my hand under my bra, tweaking my nipple, rolling it around as I climbed higher and higher.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my face!”

That was it, the last resistance broke, “Oooooohhhhh, Aaaaxxxxeeellll,” I groaned, flooding with intense relief.

“That’s it, baby.”

My eyelids fluttered open to see my soon-to-be husband, naked, in all his hard rock and defined glory, climbing on top of me. Axel lifted my leg, gliding his raging cock against the fluid of my fresh orgasm before thrusting in.

“Fuck,” he cried.

My back arched upon intrusion, “oh god, you feel so good.”

“I’m going to fuck you, hard wife, fuck you forever.”

I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect setting if I tried, Axel’s divine cock buried deep inside me, as we mewled and moaned into the early hours of the morning.


“Doc, this is my fiancé, Daniella. Butterfly, this is Doctor Steven Jackson.”

We’d come to Axel’s physician seeking conformation for the night before. I was nervous, what if we’d read the instructions wrong? What if we weren’t carrying? What if we really wanted that indicated result that it had appeared as an illusion, a mirage of some sort?

The doctor himself was a middle-aged man, shorter than Axel, but only by an inch or two. He was slender, appeared to keep physically fit, probably playing squash. I had no idea why I thought all wealthy people played squash or tennis, but never the less, I did – it was always my assumption I made about them.

“Your fiancé?” The doctor gapped.

“That’s right, I know you thought it would never happen.”

“Axel, you’ve been my patient for years, even played squash tournaments together…” Yep, called it. “I thought you enjoyed your lifestyle the way it was?”

“Well, there’s a cheery thought,” I interjected.

Axel collected my hand and stroked it with his thumb, “Doc, I’ve been in love with woman since I was a kid, now that I finally have her back in my life, we’re giving us a real shot.”

“My apologies Daniella, I am both shocked and thrilled by this revelation. Axel needed some direction, I’m absolutely ecstatic you were able to provide that. Now, what is it I can do for you both today?”

“Last night, Dani and I took a pregnancy test – the result was positive.”

“Wow, the news train keeps coming, doesn’t it?” The doc commented, “Daniella, we will need to do a urine test, the verdict is pretty conclusive. If you could just urinate into this cup for me please, the bathroom is through this door.”

The doctor ushered me into his private quarters, his chirpy disposition had me unnerved, in fact, both of them were far too chipper about this entire event.

I closed the door and was immediately taken aback. It was incredible to see how the other half of society lived; a simple bathroom had been turned into a showroom of extravagance wrapped in gold trimming.

I’d heard Axel on the phone this morning booking our appointment, even offered extra money to get in at the time we wanted. I had only ever attended a bulk billing physician, the kind that you wait forever to see as you sit in a waiting room surrounded by people that coughed in your direction. Some had weird bites over their bodies, acting suspiciously like they would lose a finger at any moment. Now, as I stared at myself in the mirror of the pristine lavatory, with a clear cup in my hand, I realised something – I liked the way people with money lived, everything just seemed so much cleaner and shiny.

“Don’t pee on your hand this time,” I heard Axel shout from the other side of the door.

My face burned with embarrassment, thank god I was alone. “Yes, thank you, dick,” I growled.

Two muffled chuckles returned. “Doc wants to meet up for dinner, so he can introduce you to his wife, Natalia.”

“Do you think we could discuss this afterwards?” I called back, gritting my teeth.

I stepped up to the toilet; the porcelain seemed to glow, reflecting the light that bounced around the enclosure. I placed the yellow lidded cup upon the basin and slowly lifted my skirt. It was a surreal feeling, one I just simply thought would never happen to me, and as I got into position, I realised the churning inside my belly was excitement. I wanted this – motherhood.

After gathering my wee and cleaning myself up, I opened the door, but, I was greeted by two huge smiles and a room electrified with anticipation. They were praying for a positive outcome.

Jesus, no pressure or anything.

“Now…” I began, striding forward. “If it turns out I am carrying, I want you to know right now that I had about three drinks last night, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know. Will it affect the baby?”

I was not mucking about, man, did I feel guilty about not knowing and placing my child in danger.

The doctor chuckled. “No, your child will be fine, but I suggest no more alcohol from here on out.”

“Phew,” I breathed a sigh of relief as the doctor adorned gloves and extracted the cup from my hand. He will never need to know I’d pissed all over it attempting to get the wee inside the opening. I cleaned it, it should be good – that’s what gloves are for.

“Well?” Axel pushed.

“Hang on, just give me a second, Axel.”

Doctor Jackson unscrewed the yellow lid and dipped a tiny, thin, stick of paper inside, lifting it back out and placing it to the side as he tipped my urine down the sink in his office.

“Well?” Axel impatiently probed again. “Do we have a kid?”

The doc checked the stick before turning around to face us. “Congratulations you two, we have a baby on board.”

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