Forbidden To Love

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Chapter 9 ~ Mistakes

“Ohhh Axel,” I rolled my eyes, all I could think was – just shut the fuck up.

“Yes, yes, yes,” it was like fucking an annoying plastic drone, her shrill nasally wail ground against my ears.

“I’m going to cum… I’m going to… oh, I’m going too… ooohhhh, Axel.”

I didn’t even fuck them face on, in fact, I couldn’t stand looking at them and this bitch was driving me insane, nothing about her turned me on, even my cock was protesting, he was only semi-hard and that took a lot of persuasion to get him there. Seriously, how can she cum so much when I’m putting in no effort at all?

“Oh, god, you’re so good, so big and hard.” I rolled my eyes again, I had been at this for almost thirty minutes now and I was becoming infuriated by the fact I had no release, I was not even close to release.

Laura – Lenna – Lylah? Fuck, what is her name? Nope, this was no good for me. I glanced at my watch… again, I needed this to end. The guys were on their way to my place this weekend and in order for me not to fall into Danny’s trap, I had sought a hole – but my grand plan was not working.

“I can feel you filling my tight hole…” Tight? Lady, it’s like throwing a sausage down a hallway.

I dug my fingers into her hips and closed my eyes. Pulling the memory of her to the forefront of my mind as I slipped my poor cock in and out of this bitches centre, I pictured her long, luscious legs, soft muscular thighs, the perfect shape of her lower lips, the way they puffed and turned a slight shade of pink when aroused. I could taste their sweet nectar, recalling how it felt to run my tongue along her engorged flaps and then suckled gently on her clit as she mewled and writhed below me.

“Fuck yes,” I groaned, spurring on the actual whore that I was ploughing into. She began to amp up her strangled moaning, “shh,” I hushed her, pushing her face into the bed, muffling her whiny howl, hoping some sheet will get caught in her throat and she chokes on the damn thing.

I drifted away, back to my memory of her, struggling to grasp my back as I buried my cock deep inside her warm, velvety centre. Yes, she could always make my dick spring to life.

~*~*~ Flashback ~*~*~


“God Danny, don’t cry my name like that.” She arched her back, pressing her hard nipples into my chest. The blanket had slipped off us and now pooled on the floor, her legs wrapped firmly around my hips as I pushed into her, extracting whimpers of pleasure from the back of her throat.

“Axel…” She held the side of my face as her lips met mine and our tongues glided against each other’s, passionately caressing with so much unspoken love.

“Danny, I love you,” I whispered along the curve of her neck.

“I… love you… to Axel,” she moaned, pulling back to lose myself in her soft brown eyes. “Forever,” she vowed.

“Say it again Butterfly, tell me again?”

She smiled up at me as her breathing quickened, I could feel her tight walls start to contract as her cheeks reddened, “I will… always… l-l love you… oh Axel,” she groaned, cumming hard, setting off my own orgasm.

“Butterfly,” I cried out as I released inside her.

We both slumped, sweating and panting heavily as she ran her palm over my forehead. “Tell me again Axe, tell me you love me.”

“Forever Butterfly – you and me – forever, Daniella.”

“Daniella…” I groaned, spirting into the rubber. I felt my body flood with relief as my mind shattered into euphoric ecstasy.

“Daniella?” The screech that assaulted my eardrums had come from the hole I was actually sunk in, ripping me straight from my wonderful oblivion and crashing back to earth. “Who the fuck is Daniella?”

I paled for the slightest moment, then I realised – I didn’t give a fuck. “Yeah, you’re a lousy lay and you sound like a squealing pig, so I fantasised about someone decent just so I could get off.”

Her hand hit my face so hard it snapped my head sideways. “Fuck you, Axel,” she spat, picking up my clothes and throwing them at me. “Get the fuck out.” Meh, the slap was worth it, she should know the truth, she’s a useless fuck.

I pulled the rubber off my flaccid cock, tying off the end and depositing it into my pocket. I know how these bitches work, I was a loaded and eligible, semi-famous businessman, no way was I stupid enough to give them any chance to trap me, taking my jiz with me was sensible. “Calm down Leuren, your voice is…”

“Leuren?” God, I didn’t even realise that high pitch was reachable. “My name is Ladonna,” oh, right, yeah… I would never have guessed that. “Get out.”

I thrust my legs into my pants and shrugged on my shirt and shoes. “Tip for the future, Laraine – shut the fuck up when you’re being fucked, you sound horrible.” I snickered, closing the door behind me and strode away from her shitty place, I could hear her bellow in a fit of rage, things smashing on the floor, she was throwing one hell of a tantrum.

She screams from the window when I made it out of the apartment block and to my car. “It’s Ladonna, asshole.”

“Yeah, I don’t care.” I threw back before sliding in behind the wheel. I didn’t care, I got what I wanted. Now I’m good, my balls are empty and I can think clearly, most importantly, I can now face Dan and have a decent night with my friends.


Finally, they had made it. I had been rife with giddy excitement about seeing her all afternoon – the whore I released in did nothing to tamper down the anxiousness I had – especially after retrieving a haunting memory of my sexy Butterfly, just so I could cum. I was chilling out in the lobby with Marshall and Regan, tapping my foot against the imported porcelain tiles, when the air rippled around my ears with the distinct sound of her beautiful laughter.

“Oh c’mon? Safe Ballerina, I have precious cargo,” Carl lifted his hand that was holding Rachael’s and kissed the back of it.

“I don’t know, but I swear to god, as the old lady that was driving the Volvo passed us, she was definitely giving us the evil eye because you were driving so slowly,” Danny teased.

“Jeepers Ballerina, anyone would think you were excited to get here?” He poked back.

“I am and you know why?”

“Why?” I interrupted as the halted in front of us.

Danny beamed up at me, blinding me with her radiance. God, she always emitted such beauty, even if she was a mere stick these days, I must get to the bottom of why she is so thin. “Because… Dad ate today.” Her words pulled me back to the present.

“Dad ate?” I gasped.

“Yes,” she nodded excitedly, “and we had an actual conversation. It felt so good to talk to him Axe, you have no idea how amazing it was just to actually talk to him – to watch him smile – to know that he hadn’t completely given up us, he’s still trying to crawl out of the darkness but at least he’s trying, right?”

“Danny, that’s amazing.” I wrapped my solid arms around her lithe frame as she giggled away. Her zestfulness was infectious, I cupped her face, staring down at her as she effortlessly shone with bright happiness – and without thinking, I dipped my head and gently pressed my lips against hers.

I felt her melt into me as her neck relaxed, pulling her incredibly close while our mouths moved passionately against each other’s, our tongues entwining with ardent fervour. Fiery, raw, unadulterated venereal heat as my cock twitched in the hope to revisit the only home, he’d ever truly enjoyed. Slowly and sorrowfully, I pulled back to gaze upon the adoring eyes of my Butterfly, who was also lost in our intoxicating moment. I didn’t want to stop our kiss. She whimpered, “Axel.”

I suddenly realised what I had done, dread washed through me at an alarming rate, but just as I had awakened to my natural reflexes… so did she. I couldn’t look at her, all I could feel was my heart beating wildly in my ears. It was as if we had rewound the clock seven full years and the panic of my mistake was hitting me at full force.

I moved my head to the side and glanced at Mars and Reag’s, who were staring at us with wide eyes and slack jaws. My eye also caught Carl’s reaction that mimicked the other two – thank god Rachael had no idea what the hell just happened. I couldn’t believe I had done that, I wasn’t thinking, I just reacted off familiarity, the way I used to when… well… before. How could I be so careless?

Thankfully, Mars came to my rescue and pulled Dan by the arm towards the elevators. “C’mon you lot, let’s just enjoy our night out,” he clipped, forcing everyone to break from their own stunned position and move, well, all except Rachael who skipped along happily.

I could see Marshall’s fingers digging into her arm, I knew the moment we were alone he was going to hit me with a barrage of questions but I prayed he would just leave me be.

The short ride to my apartment was suffocating. Marshall kept Danny hidden in the back corner and I remained near the doors. So many emotions were slamming into me all at once and I had started to perspire from the sheer weight of my thoughtless slip-up.

The doors opened and she was yanked inside, “I’ll just show ballerina where to put her stuff down, shotgun the room with the en-suite. Honey…” he tilted his head in my direction and Regan caught on quickly.

“Axel and I will get the drinks started,” Regan affirmed.

The moment Mars and Dan shut the door, Regan honed in on me, “what the hell was that?”

“I-I I don’t…”

“Did you mean to do that?” I shook my head, “do you still have feelings for her? You’ve already stated once before you didn’t and yet chased her around our home town – then sat there brooding over what she heard you say.”

I couldn’t give him an answer, she had hurt me – I trusted her and she ripped my heart straight out. I had already made the mistake of kissing her when she was vulnerable and that turned into a mess. No matter what direction we went in, we were cosmically not meant to be, forbidden to fall in love – she was brutally bullied because of our perceived incestuous relationship – despite not being related at all. No, she had run away, because she couldn’t keep her promise and Danny simply wasn’t strong enough to fight for me, for our love, it was not going to work – ever.

“I can see those cogs turning Axe, you’re wrong, you know that… right? – I know she hurt you, I saw how much you suffered and I also know that a love like yours and Daniella’s doesn’t just disappear over time. You think we don’t see how you treat other women – how you objectify them in a condescending and demeaning way? It’s never been my place to say a goddamn thing because it’s your life but Jesus Axel, this supercilious and superiority shit has to stop somewhere. So what, she hurt you… Did you even ask why?”

“She betrayed me,” I sneered, “I fucken trusted her, she promised…” I swallowed the lump in my throat, all fight stripped from me as the feelings of hurt slithered back in. “She promised she’d never leave me, Regan… she didn’t even say goodbye… I was standing there with an engagement ring, ready to start our future together and she never showed up. I waited all goddamn day and she never came. Do you really know how much I suffered? She was my everything – and she left.”

“And you deserve to find out why… so do it, because the more you deny your feelings, the more you hurt yourself.”

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