The War of Love

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"Vaelyra why can't you accept that you don't have to do this fight alone anymore." Zayde told me. The look in his eye suggested that he was right. Vaelyra Maine. She is extremely her enemies. To her friends Vaelyra is the kindest person they have ever met. Although she is stubborn. Always believing she can do things on her own. She has her friends and training, and will do anything she needs to protect her country. Zayde Whitblue. A Scary and Dangerous man. People call Zayde the King of Demons. His reputation is the thing that keeps people away. But will he allow Vaelyra to leave? But When Zayde's Parents take Vaelyra in at her time of need. What will he do when Vaelyra sparks his interest? Will She accept his help and start to love him, or push him away and get hurt in the process?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1 Leaving

Vaelyra’s P.O.V

Coming Home. Isn’t it what everyone dreads when they are on Vacation. Well, Not me. But I don’t go on vacation. I go on missions. Collecting Info, Assassinating People that do ‘bad things’. It’s what I was trained for. Do the Job and get away with it.

Let me explain what I truly am, I am the goddess of Space, The next Queen. Which surprises me because I am one of the young in my family. My father is King Zeus and my mother is Queen Hera. My best friend Winter is the greatest person I have ever met.

Before I met Winter, I was a quite serious and Stubborn person. Then the bright and cheerful Winter came into my life and Made me who I am today. She is just like me, Someone who goes on missions, her boyfriend Raenox also goes on missions. When missions are too big for one person, the three of us do the job. But we aren’t just a team, were best friends. We know everything about each other. But enough about introductions. Back to the story.

Arriving home, I felt at peace. I loved my home. Great family, support system, awesome trainers. But something was missing. Love. Not that I didn’t love my family and friends. Romantic love. And I admit I’m Super happy for my friends but wish I had my own love. But I don’t allow myself to think about that. I love my life, and I wouldn’t change it.

“Vaelyra, how did the mission go? I missed you.” Winter says. “We need to have a girls day, Rae has been annoying me all week.”

” The mission was great, completed it as usual. And defiantly on the girl’s day. I need a go message. My shoulder’s are killing me.” I giggle at Winter’s excitement

Laughing at something Winter said, I see my sister Athena waiting for me. Excusing myself from Winter and I’s conversation, I make my way to Athena.

“Vaelyra, Father wants to see you in his office. It’s important. So change and make your way to him.” Athena explains Nodding my head at her I start to make my way to my room, only to be stopped when she grabs my arm. I Look back at her with a confused face.

“I have a very bad feeling about the meeting with him, so be careful. Something is coming, I just don’t know what. Be careful little sister.” She warns. Nodding my head with a confused face.

I release my arm from her grip and make my way to my room. Taking off my armor, I start the shower. Stretching out my muscles, I enter the shower and let the hot water cascade down my back releasing all my muscles. After washing my white hair I step out of the shower and put on my undergarments. Walking towards my closet. I pick out a light pink dress with long sleeves and a V-neck that reaches below my feet. Taking my white hair, I put it is a long braid, with smaller braids entangled within it. My nerves dancing in my stomach as I put my makeup on in a natural look.

Exiting my bedroom, I make my way to my father’s office. Knocking once, I hear a quiet ‘come in’ and enter the large room. Entering my father office, I see an older man with brown hair and navy blue eyes.

“Vaelyra, I’m glad you came. I assume your mission went as planned?” My father asks.

“Yes father, it went well. I did as you asked.” I respond, Not quite understanding why this random man is here.

“Wonderful, This is Velso. He is to be the next Ruler.” My father explains excitedly. While I turn pale when he says he is the next ruler.

“It’s an honor to meet you Lady Vaelyra. I hope we can come close, in the coming years.” Velso introduces as I sit there dumb folded.

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! My Birthrate is being taken from right under my hands. WHAT THE FRICKEN HELL. I look at back and forth from my father and Velso. I can’t fucking believe it.

“You and Velso, will be married within the week to strengthen his right to rule. Once you give him an heir, his bond to the throne will be unquestionable.” My father explains.

” You will still become queen, just not as strong. He will be the ruler of our great country.” My father says proudly of Velso.

Trying to remain calm, I question my father’s decision. ” Father, The right to rule can only be someone from the royal family. No disrespect to you Lord Velso, but you are not from the royal family. And pardon me if I am offending you Lord Velso, but I will not marry you. I am far too young to get married. Not to mention having children.”

“You will marry him and give him an heir. Don’t question Me Vaelyra.” My father says sternly. Giving me a look that says don’t question me.

“Excuse me,” I say as I exit my father’s office. Turning to make my way to my room, I’m stopped by Lord Velso.

“Lady Vaelyra, you will marry me and give me an heir. I don’t care what you think. That damn throne is mine. You are mine. I don’t care what you think, you are mine.” Velso threatens Me.

Trying to keep my pride, I slap Velso. Hard. A Smirking Velso takes my throat in his hand.

“Never touch me you filthy bitch. I will always own you.” He says through gritted teeth.

Letting go of my neck, he walks away with a victory smirk on his face. Bring my hands to my throat, I walk away to my room, holding in my tears.

Walking into the room, I sit on the bed thinking about what just happened.

“Vaelyra how about we g- What the hell happened to you.” She says walking over to sit next to me.

“Hey Win-Holy shit, what the hell happened,” Raenox says walking in. “Vaelyra.What.Happened?”

“My father. He’s making me marry Lord Velso. Then Velso threatened me, saying he owned me. He wants me to give him an heir so he can take the throne” I explain, “What do I do. I can’t talk to my father, he’s on Velso’s side.”

Suddenly, Athena, Hermes, and my uncle Poseidon enter my room. “Pack your things Vaelyra, you have to get out of the kingdom,” Hermes says. “You have to leave. We heard what is happening. Velso can’t truly have a strong rule without you by his side.” He explains

“If Vaelyra’s leaving, We’re going with her. She doesn’t have anywhere to go. What if she gets in trouble. She will need help.” Winter explains with pleading eye.

“We can’t just let her live on her own,” Raenox says taking Winter’s side. “I know some people who aren’t part of the kingdom, they’ll help us. Their son is one of my best friends.” Raenox says.

“Very well. They will escort you to a safer place.” Poseidon responds. “Be safe my little niece, you will need your strength for what is to come.” Looking around at my friends and family, I nod my head and start getting ready.

Winter and Raenox rush to their room to get ready as well. Hermes goes and gets Sage my spirit wolf, Winter’s Snow Spirit Leopard named Alaska and Raenox’s Spirit Tiger named Kai ready for us to leave. My Uncle goes and ready’s my dragons, so they can leave with us. Athena stays with me and helps me prepare.

Putting on my Blue and White vertical striped armor, with armored boots that reach mid-thigh, my sliver bracers. I grab my blue cloak, sword, and round shield. Strapping the sword and shield in the holster on my back.

Finishing with my armor, I look around, seeing if I want to grab anything else before I leave.

“Goodbye Sister, stay safe. Be care careful. I love you.” Athena says to me. Walking over to give her a hug.” Promise me you will stay strong, do not let fear guild you.”

“I promise.”

Walking out of my room, I make my way to the stables. Finding Sage, Kai, an Alaska ready to go. Winter and Raenox taking about where we will be going. My uncle with my 6 little dragons. Using my bond with my dragons they transform into little spirits and become tattoos on my arms.

Looking at Raenox and Winter, I nod my head, giving them a ‘Let’s go’ Look. Mounting Sage, I look over my Shoulder to find my Uncle and Brother with a worried look.

“Be careful Vaelyra. We love you.” Poseidon says.

“Be safe, little sister. We don’t know how long you will be away, but know we are with you if a fight comes.” Hermes says.

Nodding my head, I take off into the forest with Winter and Raenox by my side. Before exiting the kingdom, I look back at my home, my family, the place I spend my entire life, training and being loved, my friends and family. Leaving my view. Riding into the forest, I can’t help my feel the pain of what might happen when Velso finds that I left.

I must be Strong. I must have strength. I can’t let fear guild me. For my safety and My friends. Goodbye, My Home.



Hi. Welcome to my first book. I hope you enjoy it. =)

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