La Apariencia

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It all started when the golden boy of Rosewood High found himself in the middle of the woods surrounded by some wolves. Hunter, Rosewood's golden boy. He is popular, a bully and most of all every girls dream boy. Hannah, a nerd. She is unpopular, bullied and different than others. Both go to the same school. Both are opposite. Both are like a magnet's North Pole and South Pole. One is soft as feather and other is hard as stone. But if science has proven anything- opposites attract. Did I mention Hunter bullies Hannah?

Romance / Drama
Farhana Sadia
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La Apariencia

(The Appearance)

A story about how your appearance doesn't define who you are. People sometimes appear weak but that doesn't mean that their mind is weak. Maybe it's only their appearance? Appearance often give you wrong idea about the person. Your enemy could be right infront of you. Sitting by you appearing your friend.

Never judge a person with his or her appearance. You never know who is your friend and who is your enemy. Who is weak and who is strong.

She is the best. Best of the best. Undefeatable. She isn’t familiar with losing. When she loves, she loves unconditionally. And when she hates, she hates passionately. She is someone not to mess with. She always gets what she wants. She is cherished. She is idolised. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t hear rejection. She is rejected. Hated. Bullied. But is that all? She has secrets to keep. Responsibilities to fulfil. She’s determined. Hard-working. Independent. But will it be enough? Some secrets are dark. Unknown by her very own self. Betrayed by the people she looked up to broke her. A childhood she never wants to remember. A memory she never wants to relive. A truth she never got to hear. So much on her plate. Above all she has to choose. Soulmate chosen by the goddess or the one who stood by her in anything and everything.

Love. Betrayal. Lies. Truths. Secrets. Forgiveness. All will come. And she has to decide what she really wants.

But for now, she is a 17 year old teen going to highschool. Who has loving parents and a brother. Who is bullied. Who is unnoticed.

She is Hannah Woods.

He is the son of Angela Knight. A bad boy with a good heart. He is known as a player. But he never slept with anyone. It’s just the aura he gave which compelled people to think of him as a player. He has manners. He looks tough. But he isn’t. He is scared. Scared of losing people he loves. He lost too much in his childhood. He has secrets he doesn’t want to share. He has scars that are still open. He is unknown to the truth that can change his life. He has a soft heart. Which loves easily, trusts blindly. He is generous with a heart of gold. But acts like a douche only to keep his heart safe from getting broken.

Secrets, scars, truth, lies and love. All together. But he has to follow his heart.

But now, he is a 18 year old jock going to highschool. Who has amazing parents and a twin brother. Who is popular. Who bullies student.

He is Hunter Knight.

Both go to the same school. Both are opposite. Both are like a magnet’s North Pole and South Pole. One is soft as feather, other is hard as stone. But if science has proven anything- opposites attract.

Oh! And did I mention Hunter bullies Hannah?

What happens when Hunter finds himself in the middle of the woods surrounded by wild animals? Oh and Hannah happens to be there at the very same time.

Secrets unfold. Sparks fly. With a little bit twist I bring you my first series of Knights book ‘La Apariencia’.

With a perfect combination of twists and turns, mystery and thrills, romance and action, drama and sadness, this is ‘La Apariencia.’

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