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La Apariencia

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Chapter One

“Dumb bitch,” Hunter hissed looking down at Hannah. His friends Cole and Axel poured raw milk at her and the whole hall erupted in laughter.

“Come on man! You’re no fun,” Hunter whined as his best friend Landon stopped him from doing anymore damage.

How did Hannah get into this situation? Let’s rewind it for you.


“Good Morning Alpha,” Hannah’s beta Landon greeted her as she walked into the dining room. “Morning Alpha,” Everyone said once she sat down. she replied with a hum.

Confused? let’s clear somethings up.

Hannah woods. 17 year old teenager. But with a little difference. She is a werewolf. Not any were but a powerful female-alpha. She goes to a human-were school. Where some of the students are werewolf.

Why she goes there? After all she gets bullied there. Well that’s a story of another time. Now back to the story.

“How is patrolling going?” She asked Landon after finishing breakfast. “It’s going good alpha. No rouges were spotted,” “Good,”

“Are you going to patrol the border tonight alpha?” He asked his alpha. “Yes. And Landon?” Hannah called him.

“Yes?” He asked scared.

Huh! am I that scary? She thought amused.

“Stop calling me Alpha. It makes me feel old. Plus you’re family,” She smiled at Landon.

He nodded at Hannah. “alp- I mean Hannah?” he asked. “yes?” “we have to go to school,” He informed her as she groaned in response. “Do I have to go?” She said childishly. “Yup,” he replied to her.

“How are you friends with Hunter?” Hannah asked Landon while driving. “He is a good guy,” “yeah right,” Hannah muttered under her breath. “Really! once you get to know him,” Landon said trying to convince her.

“Cole and Alex? They didn’t drive with us today. Do you know why?” Hannah suddenly asked remembering her third in command and pack warrior.

“They are really guilty about yesterday,” One sentence and she understood it all. “I told them it’s not their fault!” She said frustrated.

“Yes. But in their perspective they’re insulting their alpha,” Landon told Hannah. She understood where he was coming from. But they need to suck it up. She not that cruel.

Oops... she is that cruel.

“Okay. see ya,” she said getting out of the car, once they reached school. She walked into the school. welcome to hell. She sighed.

“look it’s Hannah banana,” The queen bee Regina snickered.

Yes her name and mean girls queen bee’s name is same. Shocking? I know.
But her minions names aren’t same.

Anyway back to the story again.

“Are you deaf? Bitch I’m talking to you,” She yelled grabbing Hannah’s arm. “Can you please let go,” bitch. But she decided not to let the last word slip her mouth.

“Oh so-” she was about to speak but the bell rang. thankfully.

The rest of the day went dully. The normal snickers and tripping from the students. Nothing new.

Hunter didn’t do anything to Hannah the whole day. I think either he was planning something big or he had trouble convincing Cole and Alex. She thought to herself.

Yeah last one seems more valid.

Speaking of the devil, Hunter arrived with a smirk with Alex and Cole behind him. They looked normal but Hannah could see that they’re guilty and scared in their eyes.

She looked at him confused. But her confusion was soon cleared as Hunter tripped her.

By that time the students were gathered in the hall. Some of them from her pack. ‘Dark Woods Pack’.

Looking at Hunter with pure hatred. But didn’t show it. As he was a human and didn’t know anything. Some were screaming profanities through mindlink.

“Dumb bitch,” Hunter hissed looking down at her. His friends Cole and Axel poured raw milk at her and the whole hall erupted in laughter.

“Come on man! You’re no fun,” Hunter whined as His best friend Landon stopped him from doing anymore damage.

“Come on man! We are getting late for practice,” Landon said hurriedly to save his alpha. As he knew she needed to let some steam off.

Hunter nodded at his best friend and walked off. He was feeling guilty about doing all that to Hannah but shook his head and went to the football ground for practice.

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