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La Apariencia

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Chapter Two

“Alright boys that’s all for today,” The coach yelled before dismissing football practice.

“Today was exhausting,” Landon said to his best friend Hunter. Hunter nodded agreeing with Landon. “Hey. Cole Alex you two are awfully quite today,” Hunter said noticing his two friends quite.

Landon gave them a pointed look before saying ‘act normal,’ Through their mindlink. Hunter noticed their eyes glowing for a brief moment but shook his head dismissing his unnatural thoughts.

“Nah. Just tired,” Alex said half lying. They were indeed tired but they were really upset about the incident that happened a while ago. They had done a grave mistake. They knew their alpha wasn’t angry but that didn’t stop them from feeling guilty.

Hunter believed them since they were indeed tired. Josh one of the football players came to them. “Hey are you all coming to the party tonight?” Josh asked Hunter. Hunter looked at his friends.

“Nah I can’t. I have some errands to run,” Landon said. “We can’t too. Duty calls,” That came from Cole. Hunter looked at them with his eyebrows furrowed. They never say no to a party. “But you should go,” Alex ushered him. “Nah. If you aren’t going then I am not too,” Hunter told them smiling. Cole, Alex and Landon felt happy with his reply. Other than bullying Hannah he indeed has a golden heart. “Nope. You should go,” Cole told him. Hunter was about to protest but Landon beat him to it. “Please. For us. Have fun,” Landon spoke. “You sure?” Hunter asked unsure. “Positive,” Came their reply.

Hannah came out of the bathroom after taking a long hot bath. Hmm I don’t smell like raw milk anymore. She thought sniffing herself. ′Indeed′ her wolf Anna said.

She got ready as she went to her office. On her way their many wolf greeted her. After all she was the alpha. She started sorting the files. When it turned night she didn’t even realize.

A knock came to her door. “Come in,” She said. “Alpha are you ready to come?” Landon asked poking his head through the door. She nodded at home as took a piece of her clothing and tied it on her leg. “Alex and Cole?” She asked her beta. “They’re already at the north border Alpha,” Hannah nodded at him.

Landon knew no matter what Hannah said. On working time they had to be formal with each other. For Landon Hannah was his inspiration. He grew up with her. He saw her how bravely she took over the pack making it the Best of the best. He admired her. Hannah was officially the alpha now as the previous Alpha Xavier and Luna Belle went to Australia on a vocation to relax with their son Zac.

Landon was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard his alpha calling him. “Yes alpha?” He asked scared as he didn’t listen what she had said. “I was just saying we’re here,” “Oh.”

Alex and Cole were scared what might their alpha say to them. Hence they were standing with their heads bowed down. “Alpha,” Both greeted as she came in front of them. “Alex. Cole,” She said. “Listen I know you both are guilty but it’s not your fault,” She told them sternly. “But-” Alex began but shut his mouth as he looked in his alpha’s eyes. Which were daring him to say anything more. “Good,” She nodded. “Now let’s talk about work. Landon and I will patrol here while you and Cole will patrol on the south border,” She told them. “Yes alpha,” All of them replied before going to their positions.

Hunter was sitting in the bar of Josh’s house swirling a cup of punch in front of him. He wasn’t having fun as his best friends weren’t with him today. Also as so many thing happened today. He thought about Hannah. The girl he bullies. He doesn’t know why though.

He always gets this strong pull whenever he’s near her. Which makes him go crazy. But he is a player. He isn’t supposed to be attracted to one girl. Hence the bullying. To keep her out of his mind and heart. But today something snapped in him. He felt guilty. A lot. But he didn’t even do much damage today. Anyway he had decided. Decided to let her in. A small smile played in his lips as he thought about being one woman’s man. Certainly it was different. A lot. But Hannah had ruined him for other women. After all he was in love with her. Since the first day he had met her under a tree on a rainy day. Which was six years ago. As cliche as it sounds it was love at first sight. For him.

Suddenly he didn’t want to be in the party anymore. Getting out of Josh’s house he started walking along the road and after a while he found himself in front of the forest. It was like the forest was calling him.

He walked mindlessly in the forest. Closing his eyes he started feeling the peaceful aura of the trees and the sky. Crunch a sound reached his ears. He opened his eyes startled. His eyes looking hastily everywhere. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw nothing. Must be a squirrel or something. Hunter thought to himself.

He started walking again. But this time he felt movements behind him. He turned to see what was behind him but a small scream escaped his mouth witnessing the scenario.

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