The Sentinels' Mother

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Now pregnant, Emira must find a way to keep her newfound family safe from the upcoming war with the government and the Hunters. What is a Breeder? What I mean is, what do I classify as? What kind of species am I? Am I still human? Am I considered a werewolf now? A supernatural being? What? "You're just you, Emira. You are whatever you want to be," came Eros' dubious reply. I pouted. . . . WARNING: Mature content, dark themes, gore, violent situations, and very explicit sexual content. This is the beginning draft, meaning that it is currently unedited. Read at your own discretion.

Romance / Fantasy
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Now that Emira has been ‘marked, mated, and pupped’, Alpha Eros of the Silver Moon pack must find a way to ensure his family’s safety all the while preparing for a long-coming war.

With Hunters stalking in the shadows and other Alphas keeping a close watch, Emira prays that she can deliver her children safely without any more mishaps.

As things become more and more complicated, can Eros and Emira’s mating bond withstand the test of time or will the war separate them?

More importantly, can Eros keep his mate and their pups safe?

A/N: Hello and welcome to the beginning of The Sentinels’ Mother! Please make sure that you have read the first book, The Alpha’s Breeder, before reading this one. Otherwise, this book will make no sense.

Since The Alpha’s Breeder is finishing soon, please add this book to your library to be notified for the beginning chapters.

Thank you for reading and supporting this series! :)

While waiting, you can read Blood Bound or Till Death Do Us Part, Alpha. I think you will like it! :)

If you like this book, please give it a heart and a review! :)

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