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I Love Him, He Loves Her

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But he doesn't know I like him and he doesn't like me so we'll be stuck like this, innocent flirting and stolen looks why he falls in love next to me. Addyson Woodley has been head-over-heels in love with her neighbor and former best friend, Max Locklyn. But he's always seen her as just a friend. But when Addy's half-sister, Emmy, moves in with her, the fragile relationship Addy and Max have supported for years slowly begins to crumble when Max asks Addy to help set him up with Emmy. Addy has to make up her mind on whether to help her best friend and sister, or whether she trusts her nature, selfish to the bone, and ruin the first good thing her sister might have ever had. Add into the mix Ben Kennedy, a guy that Addy can't seem to get off on her mind, and Addy's senior year just got a lot more complicated.

Romance / Drama
VJ Vaughan
4.6 32 reviews
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Chapter 1

I wouldn’t call it love. Maybe it was just a daydream, maybe just a crush. But, either way, I’ve been head over heels for Max Locklyn since seventh grade. We were both thirteen, and I was the same height as him.

In the years ’til now, he’s gotten taller and I haven’t grown since eighth grade. But that wasn’t the only thing that’s changed since then, not just because we had finally grown into our own skins.

I remember when it hit me. We had been paired for a project (cliche, I know), but we were both glad. I’d grown up with Max, ever since fourth grade, when he moved in on my street. It was always me and my parents in one house and Max and his family right next door.

But it was during that cursed project that it hit my preteen, hormonal self, that I didn’t see him as the little boy I used to play with.

That day, my heart started pounding and a fire started in my lungs, that almost brought me to my knees. Over the next few years, I’d lie and say that I don’t like him, say that I could see him yet again as my childhood friend. That I’d be able to breathe around him again.

It’s been almost five years since that seventh-grade project, but here I still was, not even able to convince myself of my lie, much less the others around me.

But the real kicker is that I’m still head over heels for a boy who was in love with my half-sister.

I wish that he could mean as little to me as I obviously did to him.

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