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"I know men like you Royce Larson,” she lied. He made her feel too much and she knew from experience that feeling numb was a hell of a lot easier. Presca Obera is the ideal prostitute for Madame Zhara. The infamous Madame owns and runs the Paradise Hotel with an iron fist. From rags to riches is the epitome of her story. But how she got there will have you at the edge of your seat. She knows more about Presca's past then she lets on. Presca's unrelenting obsession to discover the secrets of her parent's mysterious deaths has madame graveling to hide her own secrets. And in every story, there is a villain. No, her name's not Madame Zhara. Her name is Avril Obera. Presca wants out of the business but bigger forces at play say otherwise. When she meets Royce Larson everything changes overnight. He comes with a lot of baggage and arrogance to match. Find out what happens to Presca Obera in Paradise Hotel. Viewer discretion is advised. This story is not for everyone and the ideas at play will be distasteful to some. South of Paradise. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved® WARNING: South of Paradise is intended for mature audiences!

Romance / Erotica
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Important: South of Paradise contains some violence, sexual exploitation, and other distasteful content. Viewer discretion is advised. For mature audiences only. Uncensored!

Disclaimer: The characters, setting, place, and theme remain fictional.

Peace and love.

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