The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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11] A Dark New Reality

11] A Dark New Reality

If the pounding current of the water washing me through the whirlpool was enough to knock me out, I don’t feel when or for how long it happens. All I know is that my mind shuts down when my lungs stop breathing. Everything goes dark.

And then, as I’m being pulled apart and battered by Rough water, I suck in a breath through my gills at my neck and I open my eyes – vision clear as I somehow, by instinct, curl my tail and flip it, trying to control such a massive length of muscle.

I start levelling out with the fast and speedy current, panicking as the water bubbles around me… taking away the oxygen, but then I see Eros swimming beside me with a smug smile on his face. He reaches forward and grabs my hand, effortlessly pulling me out of the death trap… to safety… with him.

At least I think it’s safe, as he slowly guides me back, his tail strangely avoids contact with mine quite smoothly to give me a false sense of confidence.

I test swimming towards him to close the gap… but that’s when he lets go of my hand and drops… and disappears into the depth of the dark ocean at dawn.

I can’t see him as I look down, so I take a moment to look over my body, twirling to my back, I see my darkest green scales are perfectly coloured, no damage, no scars, no missing patches. That was a good start. My tail was fairly long but nowhere near as long as an Erebos’ tail.

I reach down and pat my scales, wondering why I’m so calm… and I am calm.

I’m fine. Because I had trusted him. I had trusted Eros to save me.

While I’m inspecting my Mermaid form, Eros’ head pops up on the other end of my tail, where the soft thin edges brush along his cheeks, nose and mouth as he casually grabs the end of my tail, at its most narrow point.

He pulls me toward him like he can’t get enough of me already, his hand sliding along the side of my tail as the water helps push me toward him also. I shiver with sensitised nerves as his hand reaches my waist, and he pulls me into his side, against his torso.

I don’t break from his gaze, which is light and curious as he tilts his head and looks down at me… as if I’m some sort of prize.

His intense ocean blue eyes were also truly curious, pupils dilated… with many ideas. He doesn’t smile and he just seems more magnificent within the sea, with his hair casually floating out perfectly behind him, his ocean eyes were not blinking, but widening.

I watch as those eyes glance to my neck before he boldly and slowly leans in, about to touch his nose to my neck. However, that’s when my senses panic and I bolt right out of his loose hold.

My whole spine crawls with fear as I put a few paces of tail distance between us.

Eros is watching me now, with a new look, he is completely still… a hunter’s instinct… like when he was on the beach.

I swim back slowly, trying not to appear like I’m bolting. But as I go, he drops again to new depths and swims up to me from underneath at a slow enough pace. This time, however, his entire body, the length of his side… and his tail, slip up next to my smaller form and he begins swimming very lazily right next to me. We’re both on our backs, our faces toward the water line. I just felt safer that way.

I watch as he picks up my hand and pats his stomach with his other palm… while slowly turning his head towards mine, gathering my reaction.


He was – oh, no.

Eros isn’t very patient.

Especially when he suddenly turns towards me, swims above and flips me so my face is not towards the water line anymore, but the ocean floor.

Eros lets go of my hand and instead swims above me, wrapping his tail around mine, pressing his chest into my back and popping his chin on my shoulder. I turn my cheek into his with an irate expression in my eyes and he just dances his brows up and down to tease me.

For a while, it seems to be some sort of fun game… until I realise he’s directly me towards the beach. When I try to protest, he unwinds his tail from my own and slams it into mine – like a slap in the water. I glare at him as he grabs my elbows and swims faster.

He takes me to the shore, hauling me in front of him as we reach the shallows… I come up for a fresh breath as my head comes up through a wave and he lands on top of me as he planned too, holding my wrists down into the sand as his tail weighs heavily on my own. A second wave washes over us and he slowly settles into my neck, causing me to jerk my head to the side uselessly.

He slyly chuckles as if he has all the time in the world to play with me.

“Sweet Lily,” Eros hums my name, “Are you going to feed me… or do I have to take it… by force?”

He sounds utterly pleased with that last option.

When I glance back at him, instead of feeling shock, I feel… like pointless liquid below him. I could barely fight back as he watches me, impatiently patient as was his way.

“Why is it necessary?” I ask, gulping, “I –”

“I’m angry, horny and starving,” Eros snakes a hand forward, clasping his palm over my mouth and pulling me back towards him so my neck archs and exposes it’s pulsing beat to his every whim and desire, “…you will enjoy this, Lily, very much so… the more fear you harbour… the more your blood will take my special little hormone I have stored up for my mate… which you do like to insist is you… Lily… so in reality you should be begging for this… not shying away from my touch… my teeth… because your blood is mine and your body will succumb to my pleasure as I take you,” the whole time Erebos was rasping his desires into my ear, I was facing the beach, entranced by his words. Soo entranced, I barely registered his tongue caressing the skin on my neck, his hand pressing on the small of my back and against my mouth… as he casually scrapes his teeth against my skin before finding the right pulse. He plunges his sharp shark teeth into my neck.

The fangs are what get me.

My whole body fails for a moment in excruciating pain – which is almost as quickly wiped out by the surge of heat and ice flooding through my arteries.

My neck is paralysed as Eros tests sinking his fangs in a bit deeper… before he starts sucking, quickly and in large volumes – my blood, right out of my neck.

I feel my heart jump in protest, my mind nearly blacks out as a dark heat in my womb opens up and causes all my limbs to go numb… and then the sensations are simply wicked.

I can feel every inch of his tail scrapping against mine, holding me down, keeping me down. I can feel his teeth ripping out an orgasm from inside my soul.

I mentally shudder as my body responds next, I arch below him and he jerks his teeth out, laughing maniacally as he leans forward and I see slithers of blood running down his lips and chin, totally barbaric and plainly violent.

He was grinning, pleased with himself as I collapse in the waves, my head lolling in the water as he leans back down and I whimper, only for him to hum in his throat, pleased by the sound I make as he licks my wound and then wraps an arm around my waist.

He rolls me with him and pulls me onto his front, the water carries us back into the ocean instead of towards the shore.

Eros holds me close to his body, silent in the water as he swims us back to the Ezili Territory of water.

I pass between consciousness and blank space during the fast travel and only blink awake when he’s hauling me onto the sand at the little calm bay at the bottom of the black cliffs.

“Transform back,” he whispers it over my lips as his hand rests on my tail. My body shifts on the soft sand caressing my skin and his hand ends up falling and cupping me between my legs. He doesn’t prod, but he feels my blood and other juices rush out over his palm and he presses his hand into feel it. Eros simply groans in pleasure as he kisses my cheek and my nose, laughing over me, “Lily, Lily… mine until death… you’ll feed me forever, won’t you? Three times a day?” when I whimper a complaint and close my eyes, he murmurs, “Twice then. Silly half-wit – you really did cum hard while I ripped into your neck, didn’t you? Now… you poor thing… sweet thing…” he whispers in my ear, “I’m going to carry you up to the Castle… and then you can sleep.”

“…mmm….mm…” it’s all I can manage while in my exhausted, yet elevated state of mind since he forced his poison of love into my neck.

He picks me up as he continues to ramble “…you’ll be clasped in heavy unbreakable chains… in a nice and snug tank, safe, but…” Eros sighs as he hauls me up roughly into his chest, cradling me to him as he murmurs, as if to himself, uncaring if I hear or not, “…I should really find a way to have you collared outside the tank if I allow you to roam, Lily, I wouldn’t want you disappearing. Betraying me,” he snarls that word, insecurely, “…hmmm… perhaps we can come to an agreement…” he chuckles to himself as my head flops against his chest and I start to fall asleep as my breaths deepen. I hear him murmur against my hair, while ascending the steps, “…I’m going to play with you, littlest Darv… all… the… time… I love your sweet little river green tail, Lily… it’s so small and pathetic and cute… just like you, my little half-wit Mermaid… my blood,” he snarls and scrapes his teeth against my forehead as he kisses me there, softly in some strange mating gesture.

I forget everything else from that moment and I dream of defilement almost immediately.

He fills up my blood and it consumes my brain with dark, dreadfully submissive thoughts.

While I sleep, I am lost in it and a part of me doesn’t want to wake up.

Because dreams were fluid, but what happened in life was set in stone.

Which was far more terrifying.

Eros was now the truth and centre of my dark, new reality.

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