The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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13] A Rough Wooing

13] A Rough Wooing

I wait for a while surrounded by the tank water, wondering if Eros will come back to taunt me. It’s as I’m being too much of a coward to leave the prison, that a shadow from the window scares me enough into spinning around and looking up… to at first, see nothing.

However, my instincts scream that danger is still present and I back away to the other side of my tank, swimming quickly.

I watch as the shadow comes back and this time feet stop by the slim window. Someone drops to their naked knees and then I see the face of what appears to be another Erebos.

This one has a severely focused stare of one eye, the other lost, and I feel repelled. I don’t feel drawn to him, I can see past the bright yellow eye rimmed with black. The dark stringy hair that resembled the dirtiest sea grass was also off putting.

While watching me for a while without moving, the creature licks their lips and point at me, then at their throat, running their thumb along their neck. Without another moment passing, they jump up and disappear into a run.

They wanted to kill me.

I instantly swim to the surface of the tank and bring my head out of the water as I reach for the sides. I haul myself out and shift as I land in a naked squat on the dungeon mirrored tiles. There was no time to waste.

I skid into the dungeon hall and head for a crumbling stair case. I sprint up, no longer scared that I’m naked. I want to scream out to Eros for help, but I’m not sure if he’s planned this sick encounter just to laugh at me later.

I end up running into an abandoned hall above, with spider webs caressing the walls. I look left and right, trying to find my way back to the main castle. As I run for an open bridge that descends over a cliff, to the other side of the Ezili Castle – I watch the stray Erebos leap onto the stone bridge.

They’re naked and dirty, as if they scaled the black cliffs to get up here. As the Erebos sprints for me, I squeal and turn, running back the way I came.

“Help! Someone!” I call out as I skid into a dark corner and I mistakenly find myself running to a dead end. I’ve stopped at a balcony overlooking the ocean below. Rocks, ragged and Rough water swirl beneath, hundreds of feet below where I stand. I hold the edges of the balcony and I consider jumping, knowing I will probably never survive if a rock splits me in half.

I chicken out at the last minute and I turn to see the monster hunting me, lurching forward into my only feasible path of escape.

As the creature doesn’t hesitate to chat, he lunges for me with a slobbering snarl – and I cover my head with my hands, terrified. I watch through fingers as his head jolts forward, soon it’d end up in my neck… except it doesn’t.

The head snaps downward at an unnatural angle as a metal sword slams through the back of the skull. The stray thing stumbles forward and then lands on the balcony beside me, a dead hand curling in my long hair as he lays on the stones with the sword flung through his head.

Blood drips through the echoing silence as I jerk my hair out of his grip and stumble back into the balcony corner, shivering from the cold as I turn to see Eros standing in the hall after flinging the sword through the air.

He’s scowling at the dead body, “An imposter,” Eros jumps forward with a skip in his step, his blue eyes focused on the dead man as he takes back his sword and shoves the body over the balcony.

I turn my head and watch the dead Erebos hit not the rocks, but the water.

Eros watches too, leaning over and inspecting the fall, “…did you see where he went, Lily…every balcony ends in open water… safe descent…” Eros turns to me now and I hug my breasts as I continue to tremble. He watches me for a while, smirking as he adds, “I heard your beautiful scream and came to help.”

“Eros,” I whisper, “I’m icey cold,” my bottom lip trembles and I wander if he’ll take pity on me.

“There, there, half-wit…” he closes the distance and one of his arms slings around my shoulders and pulls me into his chest, through his open shirt. He holds me into his icey hot skin and I feel his hot breath travelling down my hairline, over my forehead… to my eyes and nose and cheeks… he breathes heavily, a snarl about to rupture every word out of his mouth, “…my blood is mine…” he states, “Mine. Everyone else shall die. You’re awfully quiet now, Lily. Ever since I took your blood and tasted it’s divine flavour, ever so sweeter with your orgasm rippling through every fibre and scale of your being… mmm… please, Lily… speak… anything that’s beheld in your locked mind,” I’m surprised he describes it as such and that he even wants to hear me talk at all, when he clearly liked the sound of his own demands.

I slowly look up as he holds me securely and when my eyes meet his ocean blue ones, I feel the intensity of some kind of possessive emotion. I’d have dreamed it to be love, but I doubted an Erebos could love anything, even a mate. They were too selfish for empathy… they only seemed to have room for self-fulfilment.

“I’m scared of what it means to be bonded to you for life,” I explain, “I’m afraid I’ll drown and disappear in your… nature… I will become nothing by your side. I am nothing, it seems… to you when–”

I can’t continue with him looking at me like that.

Like he truly believes me to be a half-wit.

He’s gorgeous lips hang apart in disgust, one curling above a fang in disgust, “…so I cure your fear of the ocean and this is how you thank me?” Eros asks, raising a brow, letting out a forced chuckle, “…like any other of your kind, you see nothing but darkness inside me, is that it?” he snarls the last part loudly. I jerk away from him when he gets loud like that, as the force and violence of it is terrifying from directly below. I stumble back into my corner and he also takes a large step back away from me, “You think you’re more civil and proper than I am, is that it?” he drawls, a little more quietly, “You think you’re better than me? More… what is the word… ‘normal’… normal emotions, normal reactions, normal thoughts, normal speech… do you hate that every word I touch is laced with the promise of your neck being ripped apart so your life liquid flows into my mouth, past my tongue, down my throat… to be digested deep inside me…” he’s voice is lower than ever before, his eyes focused upon my neck, and then my eyes, “…Lily, I was beginning to like you, now I fear I can’t stand the things you consistently speak.”

“Why?” I ask, confused.

“Who exactly are you besides a moaning little brat?” he asks, in a snarl, “Who do you think you are?”

For some reason, his attitude and words now, cause me to lose a tight hold on my curled spine, my lowered head.

Now, I straighten and I lower my arms, my hands clenching as I fire back, “I don’t understand what I’ve done to deserve you speaking to me like that! How dare you! You don’t know anything about me! All you seem to do is insult me and take a life every third damn breath you take!” Eros’s head tilts side to side, assessing me like I’m very, very stupid.

“…I see now…” Eros whispers.

You see what?” I snap, exasperated.

“Your tits,” Eros raises a hand to show me where they are, just in case I forgot, “So large and lush, they have more brain activity than your hollow head,” he knocks on his for dramatic effect, “Let me taste them and then we should talk about lover’s things,” he smirks and takes a step forward… and then another bold step into my corner.

But his direction of conversation – it was so rude!

I also close the distance, simply to raise my hand.

I slap him hard. My palm connects with his face and Eros simply smiles into my hand, leaning into my raised palm.

“You’re sick,” I hiss.

“I’m love sick, Lily,” Eros woes me with sarcasm, “Shall we make love… in the ocean… or in the castle?” he genuinely thinks deeply on this, “…hmmm… I vote… both… and soon. Women do enjoy a lovely little fuck and I do enjoy their drooling tongues when they try to form words after the many orgasms that ripple through by the time I’m done sucking… and banging… into your tight little womb. Shall we get you pregnant and busy? A mother, perhaps?” he’s just making fun of me now, because I’m triggered by all of this.

“How about you just leave me alone,” I snap as I try to storm past him.

Eros lets me escape for a moment in time, but as I walk away, he closes the distance.

I feel him come closer, when a large hand lands on my butt and he slips into my side.

He liked physical contact, that was for sure, he seemed to walk with me, rather than beside me. Just like when we had been swimming together in the morning. Now, the sun was nearly finished setting and twilight was nearly over.

I continue walking down the dark halls as he clenches my butt, a rumble of pleasure coming out of his throat.

“Shall we?” he asks.

“Get your hand –”

“-off your little ass?” he asks while doing just that, only to bring his arm around my head. He slaps his palm across my mouth, dragging me in front of his chest, holding me as he walks me forward, “Last time I checked, only I make the commands. I am the male,” Eros chuckles when I try to struggle, “…I do command everything about you, Lily… you’re mine… you’re mine…” he snarls it in my ear, humour gone with that last statement.

As I stop struggling, he drags me quietly through the castle. He deposits my naked ass down on the second level, in the door way of a bedroom with a magnificent black framed bed.

“I aired the sheets out,” he says quietly, “…now…” I look up to see him smiling at me as I kneel by his feet, too scared to do anything else, “I’m going to use a belt on your ass,” what? Eros bites his bottom lip, “…and I’m going to bite your tits just to hear you scream… are you excited for foreplay with your dearest Eros, me?”

“I suppose I’ll orgasm when you belt me?” I ask, gasping and shocked, while adding in sarcasm as I raise a brave brow.

“Would you like to find out?” Eros asks, blinking at me, “…if you crawl to the bed I’ll make it easier for you… I’ll sing you to sleep at the start of it… so you don’t feel a thing when I penetrate your wet, silly little pussy… an Erebos’ cock is rough, I do apologise in advance, little Mermaid. I’ll try to take your virginity without too much blood spilling, you are already leaking a slight mess,” I had been so terrified I hadn’t even worried about the blood slowly leaking down my thighs from my period at this point, “…after… I’ll lick it all better, anyway.”

“You haven’t asked once if I consent to this,” I growl as I look at the bed, too afraid to meet his eyes.

“There’s not a realm that exists where you wouldn’t enjoy what I’ll do to my mate… we’re mates…” he emphasises that word and for once he is reassuring, kind of, without a snarl, as he murmurs, “You will be loved regardless of your half-wit mind. I do enjoy your company, Lily, I admit. Even when you’re silly… Lily… a silly little unloved and unwanted Darv… hmm, I am quite horny. I am ready to consummate our bond. How are you feeling about it, Lily?”

He was asking me this, but I felt his nerves pop through his last sentences.

If he was nervous, it just made me even more so.

What could make any Erebos nervous?


Or the fact that he had so many depraved ideas that he wouldn’t be able to try them out all at once.

“…I feel terrified… genuinely…” I whisper, “If this is really about to happen… please try and understand the word gentle if you can, Eros.”

“You’re terrified?” Eros whispers, totally disregarding my hint at being soft, “…well, Lily… isn’t that just, utterly…” Eros couldn’t sound any more satisfied, “…perfect for me.”

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