The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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16] A Delicious Breakfast

16] A Delicious Breakfast

I drool back to consciousness with a strange sense of delirium… sickness. A rough and large palm on my cheek is patting me awake while I lean into it. My legs are covered in the softest duvets and my back is pressed against a wall of muscle.

I groan awake, blinking, my eyes foggy as I feel a piece of raw fish being shoved between my open lips. I chew on it and swallow while salty finger tips on my lips tempt me to stick out a tongue and lick them clean.

My stomach does a little flip as the fish hits low, it gurgles and I let out a burp of swallowed air.

I hear a rumbling chuckle through my back, a husky whisper in my ear, “…eat!”

I open my mouth, smelling the crunchy apple before I even taste it. I take a large bite, I chew and raise a weak hand, wiping at my eyes. My vision is clearer but dizzy and my head spins when I try to focus so I keep my eyes closed.

“I think I’m going to throw up,” I groan and try to stay still while Eros presses the apple to my lips again.

“More,” his throaty reassurance is enough to help me ignore the nausea and take another bite.

I snuggle back against his naked body, one of his arms is tight around my waist, holding me up while he lies back on some pillows.

This was definitely an upgrade from getting a belt to my backside.

I chew each smaller bite slowly, waiting for my energy to kick into gear.

It’s a long process and Eros is patient the entire time that I lie up against his chest, waiting for each bite of food.

The next portion is a yummy sea lettuce, and I happily gulp that down a bit quicker.

“…a fan of tasteless salad… really…?” Eros murmurs into my ear and he sounds intrigued by my enjoyment of the green vegetable as well as disgusted at the same time.

I moan out a whiny complaint and open my eyes… and finally… the dizziness has subsided enough, but I remain still just to see what else he has in store.

I’m surprised to find a silver platter on my lap, lined with all kinds of food he has gathered for me.

Island fruits, sea born veggies, sardines and even some boiled eggs, caviar, mussels... he really went to a huge effort to have a large selection. Eros breaks off a piece of coconut and continues to feed me.

I guess he was feeding what he considered his food supply, so no wonder he was enjoying this.

I take a bite of the coconut and murmur my approval.

“Where did you get all this?” I ask with my mouth full.

“Feeling better now, are we, Lily?” Eros keeps murmuring into my ear even though he didn’t have to be so quiet, “I told my Clan to each choose a food item so I could present you with whatever you wish.”

“Oh, wow! I didn’t expect you to be so… generous…” I whisper, “I thought… you kind of despised me, despite the fact I’m your m –” Eros picks up a shell with the mussel in it and shoves it in my mouth, upturning it so I have to focus on swallowing it.

I gobble it down whole and elbow him in the ribs.

Stop judging me, Lily, you’re breaking my black heart,” Eros roughly growls into my ear… but it’s somewhat… kind of… real?

“I was just telling you my feelings,” I whisper and reach up for the food myself.

Eros slaps my hands away from the platter almost immediately.

“Stop!” he snarls and carefully picks up a little sardine, “I’ll do it. Eat!”

“Don’t shove it in my mouth then!” I growl and he slowly brings it up to my lips, “Thank y –”

He pushes it roughly past my lips when I dare speak again.

“Don’t displease your King,” he drawls in true irritation, “Be quiet and do as you’re told. You need to regain strength. Let me help.”

“So you can drink more of my blood sooner – ?”

“Because a war is coming,” he says this seductively and I guess violence was like chocolate to an Erebos, in other words, irresistible.

“Do the Clans know we’re here?” I ask, compliantly eating more of the food offered as he feeds me.

“Yes, Lily, but they’ll wage war in the sea,” Eros calmly explains this.

“How will you fight against a few thousand Clan Coral Mermaids and Merka?” I whisper the question with fear.

Eros doesn’t answer me and he avoids the question.

“…so… my Clan of Ezili did not impress my Queen… my little half-wit Darv?” he chuckles, but it’s a dry attempt to laugh off his insecurity about my opinion.

“…you let them taste my blood… afterwards I passed out and you brought me back here?” I ask, needlessly.

“Answer it,” Pah! Eros avoids my question and then I avoid his, but he gets angry at me? Pssh.

“Um. They were fearsome,” I admit, “But few.”

“One Erebos can rival a hundred Coral Merka,” Erebos replies in a defensive hiss.

“So, twenty in total can match two thousand Coral Merka. Between the five Clans, you’ll be facing at least ten thousand. How will you win? And even if you did, you’d be killing all your food supply…”

Eros genuinely laughs loudly at this, wrapping both his arms around my waist and squeezing me in a breath destroying hug.

So soft, so cute, my flippy little dolphin with her puny human legs,” rambling as he likes to do, Eros kicks the platter off the bed violently and the food goes flying as he rolls me around spontaneously, pressing me down into the bed and large pillows.

My breasts squish against the sheets, my cheek falls into a warm frilly pillow and Ero’s entire naked physique crushes down on me while his nose is moving through my hair as he laughs with his arms still around my waist.

“Can’t. Breathe. Won’t… live,” I growl out as Eros seems to hold me close and tight for a few long seconds so that every breath is harder than the last and I wheeze.

When my idiot Erebos mate does lean up a little and he hears me gasp in a breath, Eros leans down as if to catch that gasp with his ear.

“…ooo… do that again, my sweet,” he teases, “What terror I ignite in you, Lily… my pet,” Eros turns towards my nose and my narrowed eyes.

I take in his gorgeous face, his ocean blue orbs, his sharp thick fangs which are strikingly obvious when he smiles like that… and his hair wisps across my cheeks, teasing me like a soft feather.

“Why are you being so cuddly? What do you want?” I ask, raising a brow, “Don’t tell me you’re going to belt me as soon as I let my guard down.”

Eros shakes his head, slowly losing his smile.

“Oh no, why would I repeat a lesson twice? How boring,” Eros leans in and touches just the tip of his nose to mine, “…are you feeling better, Lily?”

“Uh… yes,” I nod, cautiously.

Would he ravage my neck now?

I watch, feeling like I’m getting cross eyed with him so close… but then Eros glances down at my lips.

Just as I’m savouring that hungry stare, Eros dives down in slow motion and catches my mouth in the most stunningly executed kiss that could possibly bloom between two individuals. It’s super soft, way too tasty… his lips brush across mine so sweetly before pressing in… and he sucks out my breath as if starving for it and then exhales so I can get a taste of his. His own is strangely sweeter than I expect and I open my mouth to breathe in more of it.

Oh, I could get used to these kind of kisses, for sure!

As I relax and move my mouth, even as he pulls back, I pout my lips and move forward, opening my eyes to see Eros leaning right back, totally teasing me and not allowing me to reach his face.

“It’s well known, half-wit,” Eros winks, “I am the King of kissing… and yes… I’m going to use that against your vulnerable and open instincts… forever.”

I try to fire back.

“Whatever. Shouldn’t you be busy killing people or something?” I ask, raising a brow, “Instead of crushing me down with your hugs and kisses in this bed? What are you, desperate?”

Eros slowly loses his smirk as if he can’t pick up on my sarcasm.

I watch in slight fear when Eros outright snarls and it ends up being a deep admission, “I thought some gentle foreplay would convince you to allow me entry, Lily!

I have to blink a couple of times.

Did he mean…


“Um. Allow. You. Uh. Entry?” I purse my lips, trying not to laugh after he just snarled that.

“…what is so funny…?” he loses the snarl and the simple deep monotone is even scarier.

I try to stop laughing but I can’t, so I press my head into the pillow to hide my smile.

He was so cute!

Even though he was so fierce… he had a strange, mellow and gentlemanly side.

It was really, really strange.

Which meant I was attracted to it!

I feel Eros slowly move back into my ear as I chuckle non-stop into the pillow.

For a moment, I think I kind of love him.

Just a little bit.

At least this side of him.

But then he finally reaches my ear and his lips press right against my skin, just like those sirens lips on my neck, I bet the females of his species did everything seductively… and now it’s just another dangerous and perfect kiss, just on my ear, and then Eros speaks with utter clarity, “Lily?” he murmurs, undiluted poison dripping from each word, “You have upset me a great deal… and I’m going to have to punish you… until you squeal… I want every Clan to hear you squeal…” I hear Eros gulp down his excitement, his words flowing into a little song, until he outright drawls, “…I love your games…”

His hand simultaneously rises, slips across my skull and curls in my hair, tightening it in a cruel and messy bunch he can control me with.

I stop laughing immediately.

I have the instant realisation and strong impression that he thinks… I’m acting like them.

His kind.


Mischievous sirens.

Me… laughing?

I was tempting Eros to do unspeakable things and I was somehow portraying this as a game to him.

Oh, no.

What have I done… and what the hell was he going to do to me now?!

How sorrowful!

How could the sweetest kiss I had ever received, end in such utter misery for me.

And he was just going to enjoy it if I cried or worse!

Maybe I really was just cursed to be mated to such a sexy monster!

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