The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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17] A Black, Grey, Bluish Thing

17] A Black, Grey, Bluish Thing

Eros has gone from hand feeding me breakfast in bed, to blowing my mind with one single kiss and now he couldn’t take one joke seriously. My mate was complex.

My sarcasm had somehow morphed and twisted into his understanding of what a brutal love game was between his kind.

While I knew nothing about female Erebos, those Sirens sure looked confident that they could get away with whatever little game they chose to delight in.

As for me, weak boned and heart racing, my head was pulled right back in Eros’ grip while he snarled under his breath, his knees either side of my ass, his second hand clawing down my butt cheek, digging in… all the while, I’m trying to gather my thoughts and defence when –


I half cry half squeak in complete shock when Eros spanks me, with a firm and entirely flat palm for maximum effort. When his hand lifts, his snarl deepens and then a second – smack, has me squealing out, “Eros, stooop!

“That’s right, squeal for me little flipper… shall I make you squeal another way?” Eros’s palm soothes over my tingling, trembling ass and his fingers slowly glide between my legs, lightly tickling over the outside of my pussy.

I hold my breath and listen to the sound of Eros’ breathing. It’s deep, concentrated and I can almost feel his blue ocean eyes just staring intensely between my legs… as he… he nudges a finger between my lips, stroking lightly without penetrating. I can feel juices, a mix of blood and cream, being collected by his single finger tip.

And the bastard… the… the bastard is so patient as he lightly and slowly strokes through my pussy lips. Again and again and again.

“…sweetest, fragile tea… a sip of thee… a red cup for me… another for me… this time flesh… more and sweeter… rawer and warmer… ” he roughly murmurs his little song of seduction as his finger slowly pushes in a little bit further and he simultaneously releases my hair as if he couldn’t care less about controlling that part of me anymore.

I literally face plant into the pillows and Eros breaks his song to laugh in his husky brutal way while his finger digs all the way in, all at once, just one long finger, wiggling and swirling around… his laugh soon turns into a deep, rumbled sound of pleasure a few moments later, “…fucking my Lily will be so, so sweet when you feel my roughest shaft connect with your sweetest womb. My cock expands to increase your chance of spontaneous orgasm… every single thrust increases your need to squeeze and empty my seed into you… while I take you as mine forever,” Eros slides his finger out and then slips it back in, now thrusting it back and forth while I keep my head buried in the pillow to ignore the fact he was now fingering me, “Oh, no… no… no… no…” Eros is murmuring to himself while I clearly hide from his pleasure but it’s humiliating boldness makes me so shy and – “I need to see your face, half-wit!” Eros passionately speaks as he keeps his finger buried inside as he flips me with one strong hand on my hip.

The cold air of the castle now hits my front, my head bounces back on the pillow and I’m already blushing bright red by the time I dare look at him.

When I do, I almost die on the spot.

I freeze and my spine tenses so much my spine arcs a little. As my legs are spread wide, his finger keeps swirling around, exploring… but Eros isn’t just a magnificent poisonous beauty kneeling in front of me between my legs.

He’s a naked beauty with a full erect cock.

And it’s not a normal cock.

I’m staring at it with total clarity for what awaits me. My fate.

My absolute end awaits if that thing penetrates me.

I gape and my cheeks no longer blush. They drain of colour and even as that happens I’m totally and utterly aware of Eros’ absolute focus, his absolute intense and scrutinising glare of sadistic happiness and internalized, selfish joy.

It’s a black, grey, bluish thing.

It’s totally morphed into something else now that he was fully hard. Long, way too wide, like his fist, and covered in bumps in circle ridges like it’s designed for absolute torture.

The tip of his cock almost seems to be smirking with a perfectly smooth yet angular head, which would guarantee easy and quick entry… but the rest would just have to be rammed in repeatedly.

And me? What would become of me?!

“E- E.. Eh.. E…” I gasp on his name, but nothing clear comes out.

As Eros slowly moves his chin to a peculiar and amused angel, his eyes are dancing with my terror, his lip curling up to show one satisfied fang… also a double promise of even more incredible pain.

I stay still for a total of two more seconds before I completely lunge off the bed, jumping to my feet as adrenaline kicks through me – there was no lingering needed.

I sprint for the door and don’t look over my shoulder.

I don’t have to see him anyway.

Eros has audible shifted from the bed to the floor after turning and jumping down. He laughs low and creepy… it travels straight to my ears as I skid down the hall, “Run… half-wit… run before I find you and fuck you… in front of my whole clan! Yes, Lily… but don’t hide! I will find you and your cowardice will be met with humiliating consequences!”

Damn him! Eros shouldn’t sound so damn pleased with that threat.

Eros was letting me escape and I could already feel my hairs tingling with a warning.

The castle wasn’t empty anymore.

His clan was here, somewhere.

But no, that wasn’t important. I didn’t care. I just needed to run, because that thing I just saw… I knew… I just had to leave.

There was no way I was taking that cock. No way.



Ever! Ever!

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