The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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19] A Siren's Game

I approach the two Sirens on the bridge after their snack is up… more like over, after the headless body was promptly disposed of over the edge. Both females are now lightly chatting and wiping away each other’s blood stains on their necks.

“…all higher born Coral Mermaids and Merka are set to die by my head, Erin… that is my right…”

“I would love to execute the pretty boys in front of their families… just to see their faces.”

“Oh no, keep the pretty boys and kill their entire families just to hear them scream like little girls.”

“I… I do agree, Irsa… but… oh…” Erin is the one speaking and she is watching me approach, she goes quiet and her smoky green eyes watch me with sudden intense fascination.

The second one turns to face me with a quick grin.

“About time!” Irsa’s teeth are too white after the meal they just ate; she has the purple pearly eyes, “We were wondering if we’d have to sing you to us, Lily!”

“You’re too kind, I don’t mean to interrupt, I mean, wait - you’re happy to see me?” I cross my arms over my naked chest. These two have beautiful silky black dresses on. They look like queens… I just felt like the castle idiot slave.

“Oh, I smell it…” Erin’s smoky eyes flash with a vivid thought as she ducks closer to me and sniffs my breath, “…oh, no.”

“What, is she nervous?” Irsa pushes Erin aside and grabs my shoulders boldly, locking her violet gaze with mine, she reads my eyes, or seems to.

“…oh, dear… it’s quite empty in there, isn’t it?” Irsa raises a brow, “No, no, not… stupid. You’re quite young. Immature. You haven’t experienced much.”

“I was raised in an orphanage –”

“Oh yes, we know that Darv place,” Irsa’s eyes twinkle, “We pity your kind. Darvs. We do not eat you.”

“Um, thank you…” I just say it and I almost regret it as soon as the words spill forth. I sound like such an idiot. I’m nervous and I start to blush.

Irsa’s eyes swing to Erin and the two of them focus back on me.

“You’ve come to us for knowledge,” Erin guesses, “Speak your truth.”

“Um, I …I know nothing of Eros… but I think we keep arguing because we don’t understand one another,” I explain, “Can you help me understand him better?”

“You talk?” Irsa unhands my shoulders and looks rather amused, “As in, you both speak… often?”

“Wow,” Erin licks her lips, eager for my answer even though I haven’t said it yet.

“Well, yes… but –”

Irsa lets out a giggle but keeps most of it in, holding her hand to her heart shaped lips, she lets out a feminine sigh of complacency at the end and tries to reaffirm, “After your chats, I’m curious as to what interests does our precious Eros speak of?”

“Um, I think he’s been trying to teach me your way,” I nod to Irsa and Erin, “Female Erebos… the nature of you. I… I’m not sure how you go about handling the males of your species. I’m totally lost on how to reach a middle ground.”

“What middle ground?” Irsa asks.

“You seem to speak a foreign language, full of corners and unnecessary tunnel vision on many matters you know nothing about,” Erin guesses.

“Honesty, sweet Lily,” Irsa reaches up and brushes my hair off my cheek, “…and put on some clothes or the whole male clan will be sniffing your ass…” Irsa leans towards me to whisper, “They’re simple yet complex. Brooding and anxious yet masterful. Honest yet… horny… well, do not speak with Eros until you’ve fucked him,” Irsa speaks as if about the weather, small talk, this seemed to be.

“I’m a virgin and his cock is…” I shut my mouth, don’t make me say it.

I way for Irsa or Erin to catch onto my meaning.

That it was different to the normal dick.

They both seem a bit lost on my confusion.

“You’re a virgin…” Irsa plays those words against her tongue, “Oh… here’s an idea…” Irsa grabs my shoulders again, turning me swiftly and holding me back, she lifts up a hand under my chin and she makes me look upward towards a tiny balcony jutting out of a window.

The bedroom.

Eros is leaning against the railing, watching us from the next level, no smirk on his face as his hair is whipped back with the wind of the ocean.

Irsa brings her lips forward to whisper into my ear, so Eros cannot hear.

“Go to him now and be honest, youngling. Tell him you know he is also, a virgin. Get to the root cause of his fury and rut him silly, Lily!” Irsa kisses my temple for good luck and pushes me onward, “To bed with you!”

I stumble forward and turn to glance at Irsa and Erin, who both have very wide smiles on their faces.

“Thanks for your help!” I wave at them and turn back towards the main castle.

Their help was so… odd.

But Ero’s state… I thought he was… and he spoke… like an experienced man of sexual encounters.

But he did have a nervousness about him that he expressed through needless aggression.

Perhaps… perhaps he was a virgin?

Perhaps that was something I had to consider as fact.

But the Siren’s advice was so simple and I didn’t understand how that was going to solve the differences and the misunderstandings between Eros and I.

Apparently, I had to confront him and blurt out that I knew he was a virgin too. Perhaps to make him feel comfortable if he truly was one?

I guess so.

But that was about as much as I had gathered off two female Erebos.

So, I’d take it and put my trust in them and then I’d give it my best shot.

I had nothing to lose!

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