The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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20] A Toy

20] A Toy

After ascending up the stairs, shivering from the cold, and standing a few feet from the open door of the castle bedroom, I prick my ears and wonder what Eros is doing. Clearly, he was waiting for me, but had he calmed down after our last argument?

I had mistaken his kill count as being monstrous when it was actually far less. The half-wit I was claimed to be, was being proven but only due to my lack of knowledge. Being raised in the orphanage did me no favours.

I’m sure other Coral Mermaids and Merka had more insight. I had nothing but a brief conversation with Irsa and Erin, two Sirens, including some – most –numerous and dramatically traumatising encounters with Eros.

“Lily…” Eros hisses my name from the room, very quietly.

I cannot see him, but I think he’s by the door, next to the wall, awaiting my approach.

“Eros,” I call out, feeling confident with the hall way and the wall separating us for now, “Listen,” I wait to see if he’ll interrupt or appear. He stays where he is, waiting for me, “Bellus has informed me of my misinformation. I know now why you are really King of the Ezili Clan. You have killed the least. Irsa has also helped with my uninformed mind. We can now share in the comforting fact that I am not the only virgin… so, we share something. Being untouched. That is fine –”

My mouth shuts and my heart beats faster at the noise I hear coming from that room.

It’s the kind of dark, low, drawn out chuckle that makes me think… I am actually about to die.

I try to wait it out, but the chuckling continues for some time and I’m starting to lose my nerve.

I almost take a step back, to retreat, until Eros finally speaks his mind once more, “Kindred flipper…go to the bay below… now,” it is unsettling, not being able to see his face as he speaks with the kind of hysteria only a male Erebos could pull off.

But his words, though simple, cause my feet to move.

I turn and I quickly descend the stairs and leave the castle for the bay.

Privacy, surely, he wanted to speak to me about this kind of matter alone. Although every time I tried to reason away his actions, reactions or words, I always wound up wrong.

My mind races as I skip down the broken steps towards the bay, my heart feels weak as if I’m walking into a trap and I had no way out.

There was something about what he asked. Something strange. Something that wasn’t threatening but rather… final. If I was honest, I think Eros was at his last straw with me.

Damn it. I couldn’t do anything right but I was trying my best.

I get down to the bay, but when I walk through the sand and stand by the shore, I see the open water confronting the cliff and the stairs.

I could leave.

He wasn’t here yet.

I take a small step into the water and I stand there for a while.

Stay and be ravished by that monstrous cock, have fangs sink into my neck and a Clan of cannibalising Erebos ripping heads off from those who strayed too near, all damn day.

Or… open ocean.

I didn’t have to go back to the Clans of Belle Island… I could keep swimming and see what lay beyond in this world.

What if Eros and I never mated well? What if I wasn’t born from the Water’s Will to unite the Erebos with the Clans? What if Eros and I were simply destined to rip each other to pieces?

Well, I knew who’d win that if it came to physical aggression, and it wasn’t me.

He had already belted me in some act of ‘foreplay’.

I am not sure what I wanted, but I wade knee deep, considering leaving.

I stop and do not go any further at waist depth. I stand on two legs, I do not shift into my tail.

I stand for a damn long while in the water but I decide in some insane part of my mind that I will stay. I cannot give up hope yet. Eros would soon arrive and we would sort our next challenge out, privately.


That’s about when it all changes.

I hear a loud splash by boulders that lie to my left, further ahead near the bottom of the black cliffs. I see two hands fly up above a rock, a length of black hair. I hear a feminine noise… a distinct sigh. A third, much larger hand grabs the top of the rock and then a second body is hoisted up, but this one I see from the front.

A male Erebos, with distinct black wild hair, his tail is wound around the boulder. He’s moving up and down and I can hear that female noise increasing and getting louder.

Moaning then screeching.

The Siren, the one that sounds too husky to be anyone but Irsa, is getting fucked… by the very Erebos I shouldn’t be surprised would do such a thing… only he had those ocean blue eyes.

And I had believed he was a virgin.

Eros doesn’t even flinch as he fucks her flat into the rock and watches me the entire time.

Up and down, in and out, he speeds up his pace and his head bobs down the boulder so I can’t see his face… only his eyes as he fucks her deeper and harder.

She screams and squeals.

Eros does not break my gaze.

I’m entranced, this time in slight awe, revulsion and slowly realised fury, mixed with anxiety.

That anxiety gets worse when Eros’ head disappears downward… only to be thrust up a moment later with red crimson blood coating his smile, dripping down his chin and his neck.

The look he gives me is one of pure promise. He can’t stop staring at me like I’m his next meal, like Irsa is just a presentation for what he’s going to do to me.

I take a few steps forward… I could swim… but those two steps, as I hold his manic gaze… he pauses.

Eros has frozen, muscles coiling… he is ready to launch into the ocean and give chase if I dared venture out into the water.

I back up instead… steps… there was steps… the little sand bank.

I look over my shoulder and I see a small bend in the cliff’s sand bank.

The sooner I could break from his gaze the better. I get out of the water and I run across the sand, to see what hides around the edge.

My instincts are correct. Cliff and cave formation, geology and water erosion was one of the things I had actually learnt at the orphanage. There is a crack in the wall and beyond that is a deeper cave.

It heads down and I can hear an echo of water crashing in. An underwater cave would be good enough.

I don’t know whether to sob or cry or scream at this stage, but I run into that crack in the cliff wall with determination. I had to stay numb enough until I could find a safe place to let out all my emotions.

All Erebos were evil.

I had played into the Sirens’ hands, Eros had delighted to play their game with them to taunt me.

One thing was for sure, the more I got to know all Erebos, the more I was learning my place.

I guess Erebos liked to play with their food, right? So far, my body and my mind had been played with like an interesting piece of food that had a mouth and deemed to speak the most uninformed things on my mind.

It was clear that I was considered, not just a mate, but some kind of fun toy.

First for Eros, but now, maybe even for his whole Clan of Ezili to torment.

Not a Queen.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

To them I was nothing but a toy.

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