The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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27] A Sweet Poison

27] A Sweet Poison

“Oh, sweet Rogue Queen of mine, you need to do better if you’re getting banished from your own property… you found the Ruins first… and they send you to me… banished? The Ezili Castle is yours too, half-wit… disrespectful whores will treasure you once you learn… how to lead… unless you need… not just my presence, but a message – I can kill one of them for you, bring the little bitches right back into line,” Eros doesn’t let me get a word in with my head pushed into the covers, while he places his hips to the back of my naked ass, so I can feel his shaft, growing and throbbing in length against the outside of my pussy. I wiggle my butt when one of his hands reaches back and his finger tries to prod at my second hole.

I drop my hips to get away from Eros and he simply falls with me, covering my back, weighing me down into the covers. Eros is not forcing anything into me yet, but he slips his fingers instead under the scarf around my head, wrenching it off me so I can see.

I turn my head while I’m on my stomach and I take a quick peek back at Eros’ face.

My mate looks utterly calm while his long black hair caresses my back, his ocean blue eyes hold onto mine with curious patience and he listens with open ears.

“Two things. Do not. Put your thing. Inside my ass,” I state this, firmly, “Secondly, those orphans are my best friends so do not insult them by calling them whores or bitches. They don’t deserve that kind of name calling.”

Eros slowly tilts his head down towards my open cheek, sniffing his nose across my skin from jawline to temple, “Impress me, little Darv, and I might delight you with a few more minutes of speech time… before I begin to split you down the middle.”

Oh, Eros is indeed enjoying this, with an amused tone to his rough drawl.

“Impress you? Eros, I tried to sing to you before, but you weren’t here to hear it… also, I blindfolded myself… lay here to be ravaged… that’s a lot. So, allow me a moment to gather myself?”

“To do what, Lily?”

As I take in Eros’ rather patient handling, I understand what I need to do.

“Just allow me,” I whisper it, my eyes alight, “Allow me to explore you. Shall I begin this strange adventure?”

“…you do submit to our union?” Eros genuinely looks excited now, leaning up slowly, “…you can have a few fleeting minutes to yourself, but you will pay for the lenience.”

My mate pauses, lets that sink in and then flips onto his back, allowing me room to scramble up to my knees and push my hair behind my shoulders as I witness him laid out, hands resting behind his head, eyes staring at the black ceiling.

“Everything comes with a price, Lily,” Eros closes his eyes and sighs, while his cock bounces back and forward in front of me.

My eyes run over his pale skin, and I see blue veins pulsing fast, muscles clenched all over his body.

I wonder if that’s a bad sign, or just a normal state of angst.

I glance at the blue curse upon my hand and the navy blue colour of his cock; such a long, bumpy, thing. I glance below the violent looking shaft to his balls. I’m glad he is closing his eyes because my cheeks go redder, my pulse thumping.

Eros’ nostrils flare as I feel my own heart beat pulsing in my neck. The anticipation seems to ignite an old memory of what he’s happy hormones in his venom, do to my neck when he bites.

I gain a slither of confidence with my rush of lust and I grab his knees, slowly kneeling between his legs and assessing his reaction all the while.

Those heavy blue balls were weighed down and large. They intrigue me, so I reach out a very nervous hand. I stick out a finger, having no idea what I’m doing. I touch the skin between his balls, along his sac… my finger is as light as a feather as I slowly trail it upwards towards his shaft.

Eros has stopped breathing, but so have I. My eyes glue in on his shaft and I feel each hot bump as I reach the top, trailing a touch over the love heart shaped head, arrow like. I poke the top and watch his face. His eyes flicker behind closed lids, his cheek twitches and I know he’s maintaining control.

I try to ignore the fact Eros was so brutal a week ago. That he cheated on me a week ago. That he betrayed me.

Thinking that makes me angry, and my hand that was opening to grab his shaft, starts curling into a fist.

I glare at his balls and I consider my options.

A raging fury starts to boil my blood at the memory of Irsa on that rock, moaning as my mate fucked her in front of me. I gulp and close my eyes, forcing my palm open – I grab his cock in a rough grip. I feel how iron hard it is, and I squeeze on it, a bit tight.

“…traitor…” I whisper the word and open one eye to see Eros staring at me.

Murderer,” Eros half snarls it, but then he pauses and he gulps before admitting after a long stare, where we both don’t blink, but way up each other’s resolve, “You… damn you… you drive me crazyLily…” it comes out strained with lust and controlled violence.

I slowly let go of Eros’ shaft.

Why did you fuck Irsa? Are you disappointed in me? Do you secretly hate me?”

“It was all pretend,” Eros admits, suddenly, “…I do not hate you, half-wit… I…” Eros shuts his mouth and his eyes, leaning back… his jaw visibly locks, “Continue… if you dare… half-wit.


I shuffle forward hesitantly.

If it was all pretend, what he did with Irsa… then it was a cruel game. Still despicable. But he was also correct. I murdered her. And since it started as a game, it made what I did even worse.

“Eros, you might be cruel by no accident, but accidents are the very thing that seem to show my own cruelty,” I murmur this with barely any air, feeling scared of the statement. I grab his thighs and I boldly stand up. I put one brave foot beside his hip and the other on the opposing side.

I look down to his vertical cock. One squat and I could test out his girth. I glance up to Eros’ face and he’s no longer in control. His hands are slowly positioning themselves on the bed, to launch up any moment. He is very slowly rising. His blue eyes are wide and focusing on my naked body.

“…and what cruel things are you thinking right now, Lily? To hurt me in return?” Eros inquires with a masochistic hint.

I look at the blue mark on my hand, thinking… of my own tendency to cruelty. Like Orcas who played with seals, alive as they were tossed around before shredded apart. Smart. But cruel. Needlessly cruel.

My child hood friend was a victim of that mentality.

Then Irsa.


Eros. My mate.

However, if I just continue to stand here doing nothing but tempting him, this moment would become his. He’d hurt me instead. I could hear the projection in his tone of voice. He wanted to do horrible things to me. Eros… a shark. More mindless. In some sense.

But, I didn’t want a cock up my ass. I wanted my curse gone. I wanted to prove Eros wrong. Still.

“Don’t move,” I speak the order, looking from my palm to Eros’ face, attached to a body three times my size… I was lucky to have gotten this far, “I’m going to change your mind and force you… to fuck me… in the right hole,” I face my blue palm to his face as I step forward, past his torso, to his head. I stand above him and Eros leans back, his eyes greedily gazing between my legs as I stand over him.

“…and how would you… do that?” Eros can barely rough out the words, a husky, groaning, begging question.

I drop to my knees, I hold my blue cursed palm to his forehead and I try to move fast, “…shut up, you stupid shark…” I cover Eros’ eyes with my hands as I close my own, my face contorting in a last moment of fear as I sit on his face.

A face that had lush lips that would open to humongous fangs and a hungry Erebos, one of the most deadliest creatures to my kind. My natural predator. With a jaw and teeth to tear me apart.

I’m still forcing his eyes closed with my palms, my thighs pressed into each side of his head.

For one second, I feel Eros’ tongue… stroking near my entrance, and then sliding to my clit, flicking over it. He does that a couple of times gently and I feel his hands clasp onto my ass, holding me down as he starts pushing me against his mouth. His tongue glides straight into my pussy and tastes my walls, all around inside, while I feel a sharp fang nick my skin by accident. I squeak a bit of pain and try to jerk up, but Eros’ tongue keeps licking faster through my pussy lips, while the blood is warm and trails down. I’m gasping through his ravaging motions, but as the tiny trail of blood finds its way into his mouth… Eros freezes below me.

Oh, please, please don’t bite me down there!

Eros’ tongue slowly edges out and to the side where he flicks his tongue once over the wound.

Sealing it?!

His tongue returns to my pussy and I’m so shocked by his patient decision, I uncover his eyes to stare into his.

The blue orbs of the ocean are wide open, entrancing me down as I lean forward, my face screwed up with pleasure because I wanted to moan and scream out. But I was too embarrassed.

Eros’ eyes keep digging into my soul as his tongue does the same between my lips, tasting everything and drawing out more and more sweetness.

As we drown in one another’s gazes, I feel that something inside, curling open and taking a tight hold of my nerves, coiling them tight and releasing them in one big burst. I let out a sharp exhale right over his face, keeping in my need to scream. Eros’ freezes a second time and his eyes still completely on mine.

One eye brow rises like a slow, biding wave.

Those wide lusty eyes were narrowing, with rage at my reaction.

Before I even know what’s happening, Eros’ hands have left my ass to grasp my thighs, flipping me around so suddenly that I’m winded for a few seconds when I hit the covers.

Eros kneels between my legs and spreads them wide then bends them abruptly backwards. I’m so confused when he keeps going towards my head, my spine curls and he holds my feet either side of my face. Eros then holds my ankles firmly down into the bed while slowly pressing his bulging bursting cock to the very entrance of my wet and drenched pussy.

“No noise… for the kisses to your wet flesh…?” Eros hisses down at me, “You dare stay silent… but you will let your lungs loose…” he positions his hips, gets steady and starts prodding down slowly, “You. Will. Scream.”

I hold my breath.

This time, I want it.

I distracted him long enough to forget about the curse.

Eros’ cock starts to steadily push down to gain entrance inside my sheath.

My whole body responds with a song of its own. My limbs start moving, and I feel my hips trying to move closer, to get him in quicker.

When Eros pauses a third of the way inside me, I purse my lips and he takes it as defiance.

My mate doesn’t wait any longer.

Eros’ slams forward with a blue rage in his horrified eyes, horrified by my silence.

I know I’ve won. I feel my body still trying to curl around him as Eros starts thrusting into me, but I’ve still managed to keep my voice restrained despite the pulsing pleasure waves rocketing through me. He deserved it.

Through the warm bloom in my womb, the non-existent pain that was killed with my first orgasm, Eros is well lubricated to fit and thrust, and my muscles are consistently clenching on him, sucking him in, as fast as he pounds forward, side to side, constantly shifting between deep and shallow.

I glance at my palm and then Eros’ eyes, as he watches me, trying to work out why I’m so smug and how I’m managing to stay so quiet.

I slowly turn to my palm to his face, where the curse is fading from me, and Eros slams to the hilt, making me let out my first whimper... but it’s more a tease.

My mate’s eyes focus back on my smug face and he starts to lean down towards me.

I think he’s going to whisper a threat, or maybe even drown me with a kiss he knows he can master.

I’m wrong on both accounts.

He might have forgotten about my curse, but I forgot about his thirst.

In a split moment, Eros dives straight for my throat, without mercy.

My silence is about to break, so would my body.

The happy hormones finish me. The first experience was in the beach shallows, being held close. But this time it was with a shark cock filling me up, pounding into me, curling every muscle, making my body fuck back in exact tempo to his.

However, it’s no longer a one sided victory, because at the end of our first time – I’ve broken the curse just as Eros decides to break me.

His mouth is on my open neck, his fangs have pierced and plunged into the veins – instantly releasing those hormones, all for me.

I can’t stop screaming as my blood flows into his mouth and he swallows and sucks slowly, while pushing out as much venom as possible to make my body cum, over and over and over.

It’s not a shot, it’s not safe. It’s a steady intoxication of venom.

As orgasms pulse harder and faster through me, my vision goes black and I think I start having a seizure of some kind. It was a pure overdose.

But Eros keeps fucking me. And I keep fucking him back, because my mind is unresponsive, my body too malleable.

Eros only pulls out of my neck, to grind deep into my womb, while feeling every shiver from my pussy.

“It’ll pass, half-wit… it’ll pass…” Eros doesn’t sound concerned about my body reacting so intensely. My eyes abruptly come back into focus, and my ‘seizure’ stops, but warm blood is pooling into the bed because the two open wounds aren’t sealed, and they’re starting to hurt like hell. I glare up at him, terrified, but Eros is in total control, he’s fangs are red with my blood, his lips, his chin, the same. I watch the crimson stain his neck, dripping onto his cock, Eros opens his mouth, simply to snarl down at me, “Bleed for me, half-wit… bleed out…” Eros thrusts slow, waiting… waiting for…

…for me to pass out.

Just so Eros can continue while I’m sleeping, my mind done. Because he knows, even when I’m trapped in a dream, I still won’t be able to escape from his way. He’d be there. He’d be right in the centre.

Warping my thoughts with his venom – turning me into something…

…something evil.

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