The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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33] A Sad Monster

33] A Sad Monster

“I am not my mother,” I tell Eros, he’s hauling me with him towards the Rough sea from the Ruin rock pool, after he’s poked my supposed fangs – I didn’t have fangs, yet my sharp tooth cut his finger. So many questions were burning through my brain.

“Better keep saying it, because until I believe it…” Eros whispers, under his breath, as we head towards a drop to the ocean swell together, “…I will not stop tormenting you, Lily, until you prove it.”

Of course that’s his answer.

Eros drags me to the edge then halts with me. We now stand above the swell, upon a rock ledge, and Eros stares into the raging water below us. He’s summoning the sea to meet us, or he will, any moment. Eros slowly glances up and to the side, towards me, his towering form in the last veil of night is both represented of perfect malice, full of dark twisted thoughts and mixed with amusement…. I find it strangely… attractive.

Because it is strange. Because I am a Mermaid. It’s the only reason.

Argh. Definitely not because I knew he fucked well and put me through all kinds of euphoric highs back in his Castle bed. Mmmm… probably not the time for these kind of thoughts.

Or maybe it was? Isn’t that what mates did, even in hard times? Fuck away their problems?

My blood warms and Eros’ hand slowly slips from my elbow to my hand, his eyes stilling upon mine, watching my expression. I blush, because I think he knows… what I’m thinking.

Seconds ago, I had been terrified by Eros and his anger when I awoke with him standing above me. Then witnessing his tears… a moment of clarity in his eyes. It wasn’t something I was expecting to see. Eros’ explanation about Fantasia killing his Clan – the mother I never knew, a murderer… like me… was not very helpful to my sense of anxiety.

For a moment, I thought he might even kill me in retribution. But no, he didn’t rip my throat out.

To top it off, my Orca Necklace was gone and I didn’t understand past the point of Eros being unhinged from the talk with his dead mother, after clearly harnessing his newly acquired Drift Pendants while I napped… so he must have thrown my necklace into the sea. No big deal, little Merka and Mermaids did shit like that in a fit of rage to betray their friends. A child’s game. Whatever. I’d find it eventually. Stupid shark. I’d have a reason to laugh at that, but Eros was watching me with the kind of passion, I liked to believe, perhaps foolishly, that you know comes from a good place, overall, a place of soul.

By this stage, I already knew all Erebos were violently aggressive, predatory and cruelly inclined. However, it all stemmed from their selfish feelings. Some warped sense of expression ensued.

I put on a brave face now, because the last thing on my mind? Was one more important detail. Eros described my mother as a half-breed and I couldn’t ignore it.

Half Mermaid. Half Erebos? Hmm. Strange. Although not entirely impossible. And that would explain him playing with my ‘puny little fang’.

Eros rises the Rough sea, and a rather gentle wave, out of the unlikely current, washes us in and precisely pulls us past the boulders and past the shallows.

I keep my head above water while Eros’ hand slips from mine as he shifts into his tail, going wherever he goes.

I drift by the surface, looking up at the horizon. It was slowly turning from night black to a faded dawn orange.

I wait for Eros to pull me down.

Instead, he doesn’t show.

Eventually, I look down myself.

And I see him just below the waterline.

It’s certainly terrifying, Eros’ form, shifting by the water’s movement, undulating… his eyes are wide open, staring up at me… daring me to come down.

A more nervous Lily would have refused, but I accept the challenge.

I lean forward and slowly swim towards Eros’ still form, upright and patient.

A more inexperienced Lily would have looked into his eyes and fallen for the ocean blue gaze, looking inviting and kind.

Instead, I skim past his head, after planting a kiss to his hair line, I continue forward in slow movements, enchanting him… until he is still enough… and I kick my tail fin into his face.

I feel him drop.

I swim fast, forward, waiting for Eros to grab me. He would, eventually.



I swim half way down to the bottom of the ocean floor before I look over my shoulder to see where he is.

Eros is right behind me, but straying. His face is inches from my tail, letting me get in front. I can’t see much, but his tail helps light the way as it glitters in the dark beautifully.

I smirk and turn around, enjoying our dance – I dive deeper, aiming to skim the bottom of the sand. I speed up, getting faster and faster, only to divert at the last second when I’m metres from the bottom of the Deep.

I start swimming upwards, trying to make it look casual.

My diversion is simply because I remember Eros speaking, too many times, of wanting to fuck me in the Deep. I’m not ready for such a rough fuck to ensue straight away… I wanted to dance first!

I look over my shoulder, coyly, as I rise and Eros is still hanging back, even a little further now, as if to tease me… his head tilts to the side, tilting forever, his black locks flowing back…

I turn to swim with my front facing him, so I can watch him… slowly… and slowing… drifting… and disappearing into the darkness.

I only realise when I can’t see Eros, that he turned off his iridescent scales. Oh, fine then, I’ll just swim up to more light! I start to ascend… but I quickly stop.

He wanted me to swim away... do the opposite, I tell myself. Keep doing the opposite. Be brave.

Don’t fall into his trap.

So, I swim down into the darkness once more. I can barely see, but I don’t go fast. I look carefully all around me, searching for Eros.


Just a curling sensation around my tail, tickling my scales. I look back and I see his long tail winding secretly around the end of mine, slowly constricting and then unwinding… disappearing into the ocean shadows of dawn.

Oh, we’re still playing… okay… I turn around and I relax, smiling... this was actually kind of fun!

However, I haven’t looked up, so I don’t see Eros above me, I don’t feel his movements through the water… I only feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. A little scrape. I jerk to the side, no happy-hormones in that little bite.

I wince as I take a quick peep at the fine cut on my shoulder from one of Eros’ fangs.

I remember his words, from the Ruins, …I’ll show you how to bite, little fish… by starting on you as practice… At the time, I thought it was just words, an empty threat. All the more foolish of me.

But, I can’t give up. I look around for Eros, his tail sliding past my cheek… tempting me.

A huh! I turn my head and open my mouth, preparing to take a bite – slap.

I miss and end up getting thwacked playfully with Eros’ tail fin in return. I can’t lose him… or I wouldn’t get another shot! I reach up and I grab the end of his tail, tightening my grip. As he curls it and pulls me upwards, preparing to shake me off, I launch from his tail and swim directly into his torso. I see a smirk on Eros’ face as he swims upwards and I slip to his waist.

Ooo… I bite his scales here as he swims upward, while my hand softly slides over his middle, towards his crotch. I tease him, tickling over, feeling a bumpy hard cock underneath, jerking in response.

I let him go and pull away.

As I swim from Eros, my tongue runs over my canines, my puny little fangs, and I taste his blood – oh, wow.


What the in the Deep?

My eyes roll up, I want… I want more

My vision is encased by Eros swimming downward, his face upside down, passing mine, he grabs my waist and pulls me in to his form.

Eros kisses my tail and bites mine, a lot harder, this time releasing those happy-hormones.

My body contorts with a half-way orgasm and I feel a bumpy cock slide across my cheek, across my lips… no... don’t let it slip by.

I open my mouth and I put the head of his blue cock past my lips, suckling on the end, using my tongue to curl around the arrow head. I try to fit more in my mouth, but it’s difficult with it being so large. I have to stop. I free his cock and Eros slips below and behind me, swimming up, grabbing me around the waist from behind this time.

I arc my neck back and Eros leans in, his tail lights up and his fangs brush my neck… they pause, about to plunge… and then he jerks back… he lets me go… and he disappears in front of me.


I watch Eros swim frantically forward. Scooping something up from the sand. He turns back, grinning, his hand… is holding my Orca teeth necklace.

Eros swims forward and he holds either end of the string, gesturing that he’ll tie it on for me.

I swim forward towards his offering and I know, the kind Lily, would turn and let him do so.

So, I do the opposite.

I pretend to swim towards him, only to swim around him instead, past his offering. I swim right past his spine, up towards his neck, my chin popping over his shoulder… my own teeth getting closer to his neck.

Once Eros understands what I’m attempting to do, he jolts away, leans back and grabs a bunch of my hair roughly, I can hear his snarl reverberate through the water as he drags me upwards.


When we reach the surface in a dramatic end to our dance, I can’t help bursting out into laughter at his hurt pride.

Eros is right before me and I grab his shoulders, unable to stop laughing.

“You think you can make me your toy?” Eros snarls at me, “Little flipper?!

“E-Eros!” I keep giggling, ignoring his tough stance, pulling him to me, I hug him tight. Eros falls silent, even his rough, uneven breaths.

I hold him so tight, unsure why… after all that… now I’m… I’m crying!

No! Stupid feelings!

I gasp out breaths and I bury my head down into his torso. A few seconds later, Eros’ arms snap around my body and hold me just as tightly. It doesn’t help that the caring move has my tears flowing even more steadfast.

“What?” Eros’ asks, genuinely concerned, “What is it… Lily?”

“I’m sorry I tried to kill you… I’m sorry… I probably am just like Fantasia…” I gasp in a breath and Eros doesn’t let me go. My sobs are high pitched and then even his tail winds forward and curls around mine, holding my whole body even closer.

I can’t stop crying.

“Stop, Lily,” Eros leans down to whisper in my ear.

“No –” I keep sobbing, I’m still angry at all the pain we’ve put each other through, even though Eros has been the most difficult one. But, I had my own issues too and I needed to cry as well –

Stop Lily,” Eros hisses in my ear, a warning.

I hiccup on another high pitched whiney complaint, then I hold my breath.

I seem to have the sound echoed back at me.


“Listen,” Eros whispers, deathly quiet.

And then again, another similar sound. High frequency.

“Orca?” I whisper – I had never seen them up close.

“…they can hear you cry…” Eros brings up the Orca necklace and ties it around my neck for me, swiftly, “Your spirit sea animal. Mine is Brutus. I wonder who yours is?”

“What do I do?” I ask.

“Orca eat shark…” Eros chuckles dryly, “So I should leave you to meet him… or her. Alone,” Eros unhands me and swims back, “…I’ll wait for you… just bleed and I’ll find you,” Eros’ rough tone is sure of himself. He waits a moment, then nods at me.


“What?” Eros asks, tightly.

“Stupid shark,” I speak, monotone.

“Stupid fish,” Eros repeats it, raising a brow.

He drops down into the water – and he swims away.

Eros was respectful of this moment, which was so sweet.

I loved this new side of him –! However, I let out a squeal when Eros bursts from the water, right behind me, snarling in my ear, catching me off guard, “Don’t delay, as I’m thirsty... and horny… and we have lover’s things to do,” Eros snarls it all in my ear. He feels my spine tremble from the shock.

I spin to slap him but he pulls back, swimming below the surface and away, too fast for me.

“Argh!” I yell and hit the water with my fist. “Idiot! I know!” I yell to the ocean, “You always are! You’re never anything else, you blood sucking, pussy fucking, leech!”

I inhale and exhale on a shaky breath.

Then – I squeak. Again. This time when I hear a loud blow, of air spurting with water, at the surface.

I spin back around – and I see a large black bodied animal, with white patches.

My Orca friend… with a whole pod behind them.

“Hi,” I whisper, exasperated, “Please don’t eat me, you’re huge.”

The Orca laughs in their language and I sigh, looking over my shoulder one last time for my mate.

I expect to face an empty ocean.

I don’t expect to see Eros in the far distance, his bright blue eyes just above the waterline, spying on me.

When he catches me staring, he drops, hoping I miss him. But it’s too late.

The stupid eel cared for me!

And I’d say he was also, just a little, just a tad…


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