The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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34] A Warning to Heed

34] A Warning to Heed

It’s now early morning and I can see perfectly fine on my own. I spent a whole hour meeting the Orca pod, I had simply been swimming with all the members and playing with them. My Orca spirit friend is a female called Dora. Our bond is obvious over the fact she’s the most obsessed with me. She’s quite playful, pulling me with her fins through the water. It’s all fun and games, however, until she slows in the water ahead of me then turns to face me, a sombre look in her eyes.

Instead of swimming around or past her, I stop before her nose, laying my nose against hers. I want to ask Dora what’s wrong, sensing her worry, but then I hear her call to me, singing in her language.

As I listen closely, I feel my mind warp into a lucid state, where I can’t see my current, relative surroundings, but I start to see something else.

Huge, dark shapes, dragging through the water. Hundreds of them.

That’s all it is, at least that’s what I think, until I open my eyes and then – flash.

I see an image of my mother; Fantasia.

It’s just a moment, of her in her tail, in the water, swimming up. That’s all.

Then I open my eyes.

I look around.

Dora and the pod of Orca are swimming away from me, calling out their farewells.

As if they’re busy, they swim quickly away.

I’m sad, but at least it’s well into morning, so I’m able to navigate well on my own back to Eros.

I swim for a while, searching for my mate. I guess he’ll be waiting for me close by, and eventually I follow what seems to be his… smell. I think it’s actually blood, but it’s still familiar, so maybe Eros is bleeding.

I follow the scent, swimming until I see the pool of crimson liquid… and the body parts being thrown into the water. It’s a small boat that rocks, harbouring this activity. I quickly swim to the surface and I watch Eros drinking blood from a squirming mortal body.

Which stops squirming, when Eros’ raging blue eyes, find mine and his jaw snaps shut, crushing the windpipe of the mortal he’s drinking from.

The body stills and Eros sucks deep, pushing the victim aside. Blood is dripping down Eros’ chin and he wipes it away with a completely bloody hand, which makes the hygienic move, pointless.

“What in the Deep?” I ask, “Are you doing?”

Feeding. What does it look like, half-wit? I was starving!” Eros stands tall, snarling, his voice dipping low as he watches me with a new glint in his eye, “What is this… I have just realised...”

“Are you speaking about yourself in third person again?” I ask, annoyed.

Lily,” Eros pretends to gasp, “We have not fucked yet in the Deep! Hmm… do you want to fuck on this boat, or through the water? Where Brutus can watch.”

Oh my…

This idiot of mine...

I really don’t get him.

I sigh and I narrow my eyes, before promptly changing the subject “I actually have something important to tell you about the Orcas, Eros, I saw a vision and –”

My mate ignores me by jumping into the water.

Um, Okay. Rude, much?

I bob down under the water line and witness Eros swimming straight for me, blood staining the water red around him as he approaches. I swim backwards, attempting to put some distance between us.

However, Eros is no longer playing. In seconds he’s swam around me and against my back, constricting me in his clenching, tight tail. We swim back up to the surface and Eros bunches up my hair, tugging my head right back against his throat, so I’m looking up into his face as he looks down upon my struggling form.

We’re at the surface now, breathing in the morning air again as he gazes at me… this time in the water… he is slightly more patient and thoughtful.

I try to keep Eros on track with what is most important, especially considering he started a war with the mortals and the vision I saw, corresponded with such, “Shouldn’t we return to the Ezili Castle? Eros –”

“So impatient to see your mother die?” Eros cuts me off in a low growl, and now I know his first priority.

I think about my vision, of Fantasia, coupled with Eros’ need for revenge.

“No, Eros, wait –”

Shut up,” Eros snaps his head down, hovering his lips just over mine, “I’m sick… of you… whining –” each word, he presses his lips deeper onto mine, stealing my breath and mastering a kiss to die for.

I close my eyes and gasp in his own air, which tastes of blood and power. Eros’ tongue dances slowly into my mouth and I delight myself by relaxing in his arms.

Even though I’m trapped and Eros has me tight and iron still in front of him, I enjoy every moment of the deep, arousing kiss.

“I told you we have lover’s things to do,” Eros explains in a deep, frustrated growl as he leans up, gazing into my star struck eyes, “…sweet flipper,” as he speaks, his tail coils and moves, shifting me around into his torso. I’m breathing deeply, anticipating to continue our interlocking of lips, biting my bottom one, I blink slow, ready for more when –

Eros smiles, showing a cheeky fang, as his tail rubs into mine, and his cock pushes out, plunging right into my tail’s pussy.


Eros’ tail constricts me down so his cock fills me full, to the absolute brim and I feel his shaft… moving out and moving in… all on its own.

Some sort of Erebos cock trait.

“Are you okay, Lily sweetest? You’re looking a little flushed,” Eros whispers, pretending the fucking isn’t happening when it was.

I purse my lips and try not to gyrate against him, or scream for him to rip into my neck.

Instead, I bury my head into his shoulder, to hide my face… only for Eros to wrap my hair around his fist and jerk my head right back.

“I asked you a question, half-wit,” Eros drawls over my forehead, his lips trailing down the middle of my face, and finally hovering over my lips. He refuses to kiss me and he successfully draws out a moan from my lips.

“Fuck,” Is the only word I can think of right now.

Eros smirks and his cock grinds inside me, pushing even deeper, growing even longer.

Oh… what the hell was happening…

“Relax into it, half-wit. I’m just exploring your womb,” Eros murmurs, proud of himself.

Oh, yes. Uh. Fuck, yes… the feelings inside me right now… they were… oh my… I needed – argh!

“Eros, fucking bite my neck, right now,” I lose my mind with his cock buried inside my body like that.

I arc my neck for my mate, closing my eyes, my pulse bulging for him to bite into.

Eros tortures me by teasing my neck with his slow descent, his hot breath kissing my skin before his lips caress my pulse.

He doesn’t plunge right in, and I scream out, “Please!

“That’s… better,” Eros murmurs in his rough way, finally opening his mouth, scraping his fangs against my neck, finding the perfect spot… scraping against my neck… finding the spot again… scraping once more…

“Bite me!” I command Eros with a snarl, pulling back.

That’s when Eros takes the bait, diving forward with his mouth ready, he crushes my neck with his thick fangs and releases the hormones through his saliva.

While his bumpy large cock practically gets butchered in my spasming womb, I feel his hot seed spill out repeatedly, filling me. I can feel my body sucking up the hot juices, my limbs going numb and dumb.

I forget how to talk, how to move, how to breath.

I’m struggling to whimper in small pants, while Eros sucks my blood from my neck, his fangs lodged in deep, just like his cock.

I’ve cum so hard, Eros’ has emptied his entire load into my body already.

His fangs leave my body the same time as his cock, his tongue running over the wound, sealing it for me.

With Eros’ fangs out of my neck, my speech slowly comes back to my tongue.

I try to think of a compliment, “…g-great…” It’s the only word I can think of.

Eros bursts out laughing and I slowly raise my head to see him looking over the top of mine.

“Brutus enjoyed that,” Eros chuckles through a snarl, “Very much. Good boy. Go away, Brutus! Eat your breakfast!” he calls out. What?! I’m disgusted and shocked, but when Eros glances down to witness my confusion, he narrows his eyes, “Brutus didn’t believe I could settle for one woman. He believes me now.”

“Well your spirit shark is stupid,” I whisper up at him, “Like you, apparently.”

Eros doesn’t take kindly to the joke.

“Oh, little flipper, your loose tongue is going to get you tied up soon,” Eros nuzzles his nose into mine while I cringe back, “You’re so temping to bind… all the things I could do, with you still.”

“What are you doing?” I ask, gasping as Eros abruptly unhands me but grabs my tits, squeezing them both in his large hands, holding them for a time while looking into my wide green eyes, “…seriously…” I repeat, “What… are you…?”

I have to ask twice because Eros is squeezing my breasts repeatedly while looking silently into my eyes.

Thinking very and far too deeply.

“Do you want tea?” Eros asks.


“When we get back,” Eros tilts his head one way, “While I execute your mother. Would you like to hydrate yourself on some exotic and imported tea? I have quite the collection for you to enjoy.”

“Why are you squeezing my tits while thinking that?” I ask.

They’re warm, half-wit,” Eros snarls, as if it’s obvious, but he doesn’t let them go.

I blink.

Change the subject, Lily. Just ignore the stupid eel.

“You can’t kill Fantasia – yet,” I add in that last word, before Eros bites my head off.

“Why?” Eros snarls, unhanding one tit to slap it. Ow!

“Argh!” I slap his hand and punch his abs, hurting my damn wrist, “…ow… fuck you…”

Language, sweet idiot,” Eros tut tuts me, simply annoying me because he can.

“Shut up,” I swim into my mates’ overly wide chest and grab his neck, pretending to choke him, “Listen to me, Eros. Dora, my Orca, gave me a prophecy. Fantasia is involved. We can’t kill her yet!”

Eros finally unhands my tits and rests his hands along my hips… trailing them to the back of my tail.

He ignores the fact I’m trying to choke him, by clenching my rounded scales while he listens… rather intently for once.

“…strange,” Eros raises a brow, “Fine. I heard you. Not yet.”

Oh, my gosh…

“Not yet,” I repeat, needlessly, “Can we go back to the island now?”

“You scared I’ll play with you all day out in the Deep?” Eros asks, tilting his head, amusing himself by my reactions. I open my mouth into an ‘o’, thinking of the best way to respond.

“N… yes,” I shake my head, and Eros chuckles, “We have a Clan to run,” I quickly add, “King and Q –”



“Enslaved mate!” Eros has said ‘slave’ first as a joke, but when I try to push my point, he snarls, rough and deep, “To me, you’re a toy, Lily,” Eros raises a brow, “Understand?”

I slowly pull my head right back, arching my back, looking up at him, properly.

I suck in a deep breath and I respond, “Oh, shit. I forgot. I’m a half-wit! I have no brain, no opinion, no soul and no thoughts worth listening to. I’ll go back to being your mindless fish. My apologies, Eros. I’m so sorry.”

Eros pauses, his entrancingly toxic and beautiful eyes widening even more so. Then, my Erebos mate unhands me and I swim backwards, while he slowly sinks towards the water line, hiding his smirk in a lapping wave.

I wonder if Eros enjoyed my sarcasm.

“That was… funny, Lily,” Eros growls at me, over the water, “Time to go home.”

Eros sounds rather… polite.

“Yes,” I respond, turning and swimming off.

Eros follows, snatching up my wrist and pulling me with him at his much quicker speed.

Eros is rather… impatient, all of a sudden.

I don’t know why and I’m not sure I want to find out.

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