The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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35] A Peace to Court

35] A Peace to Court

Eros allows me space when we’re back at the Ezili Castle. Presumably because he’s well fed and well fucked. Not only on mortal blood, but mate’s blood; my blood. He congregates with his Erebos Generals, white eyed Bellus, black eyed Nereus and golden eyed Tethys.

I’m wearing a red dress I’ve picked from a special chest in Eros’ bedroom. I’m left in a rather awkward position, with four female Sirens; Erin, Octaz, Vortem and Emy.

They used to be led by Irsa… now I had taken her place.

The Sirens sit wearing black webbed dresses, drinking blood and wine from goblets in a drawing room, while my Darvs… the Servants of the Water’s Will… are out of their tanks, chained to iron loops in the ground.

Halina the warrior, Zandy the Dolphin Charmer, Darya of the Cursed Song, Roanne of the Sharks and Rivea and Vanora, the Pirate Lovers. All powerful in the Ruin, now held down with chains while I sit in a chair between both groups of girls, starkly in the middle, with my hands clasped on my knees, raising a brow at my friends and whispering, “Shouldn’t have sent me back here with that curse on my hand, huh…? I guess the Water’s Will is dishing out some karma… what do you think?” I try to be humorous about it, attempting to smile, but the six Darvs just glare up at me, “…but…” I continue, hesitantly, “I do have some news. It involves different species. That’s why I asked the Sirens to be here.”

“First off. If you’re a Queen, order us free from these chains!” Zandy whines, “Please, Lily, this is so barbaric. What’s the point?”

“Wait for the male Erebos to calm down,” Erin of the smokey green gaze, sips her blood and wine, smirking, “They’ll grow to like you better if you enjoy their dark side… love the chains, little sweet things, they suit your pale skin...”

“Love? The first chance I get, I’m slitting Bellus’ throat!” Darya yells.

“I’ll kill them all too!” Halina screams.

“You can talk, Erin, you’re not in chains,” Roanne snarls.

“Just wait till we’re back in the water –!” Rivea speaks for Vanora and they hold hands, waiting patiently for their freedom.

All my Darvs turn to me, after having their quick spat, I sigh. They’re also dressed in black webbed dresses generously shared by the Sirens, who chuckle from their love seats, barely fazed by the Darv’s complaints.

“Everyone please just calm down,” I ask, clasping my hands, “I have some interesting news. Halina, Darya, Zandy, Roanne, Rivea, Vanora… a quarter of our blood is Erebos… not only that, but we are all sisters of the same mother, Fantasia, who is a half-breed. We are all of the same age, and our father is a mortal. So, that means we’re half mermaid, one quarter Erebos… and one quarter mortal…” I bite my lip and let the news sink in.

It was important to share, because this was going to shape our destiny.

The Darvs go deathly quiet, suddenly rather interested.

The Sirens also raise their brows, some bite their lips or lick their teeth, looking at me.

“Oh, really?” Vortem of the grey eyes, murmurs, “How did you come to know of this, Queen Lilith?”

“It’s just Lily, please,” I smile awkwardly, “Eros used his Drift Pendants to gather some secret knowledge.”

“What?” Halina whispers at me and I shrug, “How is this going to help us now, Lily? We’re still in chains.”

“Lily, please, when will we be released? Any word?” Darya buds in, “If they want allies –”

“You are allies of Ezili,” I cut her off, “That is why I brought these Sirens here, they need to teach us how to be like Erebos. We need to learn about that side of us. We already have been in a way, in the Ruins, learning of our unique abilities! So, Sirens,” I turn to them, “Please, help us… if we learn how to fit in, maybe I can convince the Merka Erebos to let them free…”

“They’ll have to kill some Corals,” Octaz with the braided hair and navy blue eyes, waves her hand, “Simple.”

“Yes,” Erin agrees, “Show our Generals that you mean true loyalty to their plight.”

“We’re in a period of peace,” I complain, “We cannot cross that boundary and start murdering Coral Mermaids and Merka. It’ll trigger a war with the Aegirs and the Clans.”

“Very true, Lily, but the peace won’t last forever,” Vortem taps her nose, while thinking and licking her blood wine stained lips, “…the Darvs could be initiated into an agreement… Blood Taps… for freedom.”

“Blood Taps?” I ask, worried by this.

“Willingly arc your necks, not a sound, and our males might let you roam,” Vortem blows a kiss to the scowling Darvs, “You’re all so adorably small… perfect slaves for Ezili…”

“They’re not slaves,” I interject.

“Really?” Emy of the amber gaze, questions me, “They look like slaves to us.”

I open my mouth to retort but at that moment, multiple looming shadows, with snarling breaths, befall our meeting.

Everyone in the drawing room falls silent as Bellus, Nereus, Tethys and Eros all appear together in the door way, stepping through, the Generals in particular are eyeing the Darvs with hungry gazes, but no comforting smiles.

The Darvs cower and I wish I could protect them. I wish I was stronger.

“We have news,” Eros blinks slowly over the Sirens and then finally settles his gaze upon me, slowly tilting his head, “War is coming –”

I saw war coming in my vision,” I complain, and Eros smiles widely, but lets out a contrasting hiss at the same time.

“Shut up, Queen Lily, while the King is speaking,” Eros growls the warning, still smiling, and then continues, “The mortals will be here by the end of the week. The plan is simple. We do absolutely nothing.”

“Oh, great, so we can go free?” Darya asks, a little too boldly.

Darya shuts up when a growl omits from Bellus’s throat and Eros focuses his blue orbs on her curled form, shrinking down further when all the male Erebos glare at her attempt to be heard.

“You will be freed,” Eros snarls in a whisper, “When you choose an Erebos to service. Do you understand?”

“What in the Deep?” Halina turns to me, “Lily. Say something.”

“Eros,” I growl, standing up, I see where this is going so I stand between the Darvs and my mate.

The Sirens giggle behind their slight hands, while I stand with hands on hips, chin raised, eyes focused on the King of Ezili.

“Lily, sweetest, these idiot Darvs banished you from your Ruin,” Eros growls at me, “What do you have in protecting them?”

“It was shitty of them, yes, but I understood why… and I’m over it… but… they do have other uses, they don’t need to be blood or sex slaves in the Ezili Clan. They could help out with chores or something, to keep the place clean, and –”

“What are you talking about?” Bellus growls suddenly over the top of me, walking past me, straight for Darya. She hisses but he pats a strong hand through her black hair strands and smiles, “They’ve all been introduced into sex already. This one and I already fucked. She loved every second of my lovers talk… among other things Erebos can do… isn’t that right, little Darya?”

“No, I didn’t! And I’m not little!” Darya blushes bright red.

The other Darvs avoid my gaze and look anywhere else.

“How many of you have been… having sex with them already?” I ask, “Willingly?”

The Darvs still look guilty as charged. I don’t know why they’re so ashamed, I didn’t care if they wanted to fuck the handsome monsters that had been paying them attention –

“I’ve had Zandy,” Nereus half shrugs, “Willingly ride me, didn’t you, sweet…?”

“Roanne and Halina have entertained me and my friends, too,” Tethys chuckles, wiping his stringy hair from his brow, “Quite eagerly.”

“Hey, hey,” Halina sticks up for herself, in the worst way possible, “But Vanora and Rivea fucked like five other Erebos in the Clan,” Halina dobs them in and Vanora and Rivea gasp.

“Shut up!” they both yell at Halina, lunging for her, “Can’t you keep a secret?! Seriously?”

A fight breaks out while Darya and Zandy try to hold Rivea and Vanora back, while Roanne pulls Halina aside.

Idiots!” Eros’ patience snaps, “Generals, break them up and put them back in their tanks, they need a time out,” Eros slices a hand through the air and then suddenly intercepts me. Eros grabs my arm roughly in the moment, pulling me into his front.

The Darvs scream and protest with each other as Bellus, Nereus and Tethys intervene and help to pull each one in separate directions, all while the Sirens laugh their heads off at the whole thing.

Eros drags me from the room into the hall, taking me from the drama.

“What do you want?” I ask, a tad nervous.


I already know what.

“It’s time for some tea,” Eros murmurs, looking up and down the hall, before finally settling on my gaze once more, “No need to worry about your Darvs while they’re being trained for my men. They belong mated. It’ll all calm down soon enough. Do you understand?”

“No –”

“Good, I’ll fetch her then,” Eros ignores my answer completely, pulling me with him.

I feel a nervous touch in his grip.

“Fetch who?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Why, your mother, Lily,” Eros chuckles, “We’ll all have tea, together.”

“Is it an interrogation?” I ask, “We need Fantasia alive for the war, she might help us win.”

“…mmm… maybe so… she does have a soft spot for humans, doesn’t she?” Eros speaks to himself.

I follow him up to his bedroom, where he pushes me in and grabs the doors, slowly pulling them shut.

He watches me as I cross my arms, showing him my worried look.

“…Eros,” I hope he waits, I use a serious, quiet tone.

I’m surprised when he pauses.

Eros tries to read my stance, my voice, my wide eyes.

“…we’ll fuck after we kill your mother… don’t be so silly or impatient, Lily… you know I won’t keep you waiting,” Eros lets his totally irrelevant answer sink in, watching me without blinking.

I drown in his penetrating toxic ocean blue gaze for a bit, and he smirks when he shuts the doors because I forget to object.

“ –W-wait!” I jump forward and try to open them.

“Soon, my sweetest,” Eros snarls joyfully from the other side.

“We’re not killing her! Also, hurry up, eel, we have more to discuss besides war and fucking!” I yell it on impulse.

But I meant it.

We had to talk about everything else. Namely our relationship. Our future. What he expected of me, truly, and what I expected of him, honestly. Beyond the drama, beyond our pasts.

It was time to look to the future.

Eros doesn’t respond to me, he just stalks off to fetch Fantasia.

I finally turn and stand back. I take in an iron table set with three iron framed chairs, a steaming tea pot and three cups waiting.

Oh, just great.

A tea party with Eros and the mother that abandoned me at birth and killed my mate’s entire family.

This tea party was going to be just swell.

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