The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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Part 1 Summary/Glossary

Part 1 Summary/Glossary

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[pretend there is a pic of an Island]

Welcome to Belle Island, a sanctuary and home of the supernatural creatures; Mermaids. We have Main Beach, the Orphanage, the Clan Village, each Clan has a Castle and territory on the Island as well. Below the Ezili Castle, which is nestled between curling cliffs, lies the Ruins that Fantasia created for her daughters. A sanctuary for them. The inland has rivers which the Mermaids can swim through. Rock pools on the Island help heal wounds for the Mermaids. Not far off from Belle Island, lies the Topaz Isle, a town called Angleton and the Main Land. This is where mortals reside.

Coral Mermaids [females] & Merka [general term for male Mermaids]. These are the usual Mermaids. The usual breed. What we generally know as Mermaids.

[pretend there is a pic of mermaids]

Clans of Belle Island

Crest [Waves]

Pavati [Clear water/ Shallows]

Pelagic [Open Sea/Deep]

Firth [Estuary / River]

Ezili [exiled clan]

These words are related to the sea. If if you google the name Ezili it’s connected to some kind of freshwater spirit story, I don’t know the whole thing but I chose these names for their relation to water. The Coral Clan names’ literal definitions are top of wave/clear water/open sea/estuary.

The Clans are led by Overseers, but Eros killed them in a fit of rage with the swords found plunged through the skeletons of his parents on the thrones of Ezili.

The Island also has one indistinct [aka not very official] King or Queen. Fantasia used to be the Queen of the Clans for being the most powerful Mermaid on the Island. Once she was disgraced and dethroned, Aegir took over as the King of the Clans. After the Overseers were murdered, someone had to lead and make decisions so Aegir took over as an Overseer of Overseers [if that makes sense] and became power hungry for more, so he disbanded the practice of Seperate Overseers for each Clan. Now Aegir is like a dictator on the Island - the Clans aren’t necessarily happy about this.

[pretend there is a pic of Mermaids with dark tails]


The Practice of Darvs. A treaty between the mortals and the Coral Clans which ensued Belle Island was never disturbed by mortal ships, as long as they agreed to hand over a handful of Mermaids as prizes/gifts/slaves/property to the mortals every few years, sometimes just each generation. To counter the adversity of handing over pure Mermaids, the Clan Overseers decided to create mortal-mermaid babies, called Darvs, specifically chosen for their dark tails, to be the ones sacrificed to the mortals for the Island’s safety at the time of their maturity. The reason for dark tails, was also in relation to the Ezili Clan being banished, and Erebos [which always have dark tails] being abhorred. The Clans/populace in general do not know about the peace-treaty and they truly believe Darvs are cursed and bring bad luck, a lie enforced by the Overseers. This helps reinforce the hate for Erebos creatures, which have dark tails and a likeness to the Darvs because of this. It is purely discrimination, to cover from the fact that Darvs are actually sacrifices when they are older [only the King or Queen and the Overseers know about the treaty, it’s confidential information so panic or upset isn’t spread].

The Servants of the Water’s Will are different to the usual half mortal/ half mermaid Darv. They are half mortal, quarter Erebos and quarter Mermaid. This was a secret up until recently, when Eros used his Drift Pendants to communicate to the dead, specifically his dead mother, Diana. She explained the story of Fantasia, and the Darv’s real connections to power because of their blood from their mother who used to be Queen of the Clans.

Lily has power over the Rough [Gift over the Rough is very powerful/ a royal quality][Spirit connection to Orca [named; Dora]]

Halina the warrior [Strong/Fastest Swimmer]

Zandy the Dolphin Charmer [Spirit connection to Dolphins]

Darya of the Cursed Song [Siren song/charm]

Roanne of the Sharks [Spirit connection to Sharks]

Rivea and Vanora, the Pirate Lovers [Siren seduction qualities]

[pretend there is a pic of Sirens/Erebos-like creatures]

Erebos are Mermaid/Vampire creatures. Love to sing. Love blood. Selfishly inclined. Top-Tier Predators [like Lions/Leopards/Orca]

King of Ezili Clan – Eros, most sensical, killed less but far more cunning/calculating even though he’s just as violent as the rest of his Clan when he kills.

Erebos or Merka Erebos [both terms can be used to refer to males]

Generals [highest ranking in Ezili Clan, below King]

Bellus [silver/white eyes]

Nereus [black eyes]

Tethys [gold eyes]

Erebos or Sirens [both terms can be used to refer to female Erebos]

Erin [green smokey eyes]

Octaz [navy eyes]

Vortem [ braided hair / grey eyes]

Emy [amber eyes]

This is 8 of the Ezili Clan, at the end of Part 1, after the death of Irsa and one other Erebos in the small battle/war between Ezili and the other Clans, only 18 Erebos now remain. So 10 Erebos aren’t named/they’re just a part of his Clan but haven’t been mentioned or discussed, they’re just there as populace.

Fun fact: the top Apex predator on Earth is the Orca/Killer Whale.

I will add information as I go if I’ve missed any. Comment suggestions or questions on this chapter and I’ll answer or update the info accordingly. If you can think of any plot-holes, let me know.

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