The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 1] A Splendid Silence

[Part2] ⤀ 1] A Splendid Silence

"6 months at sea, how courageous. I wonder what treasure he’s obtained? Lord Edwin will be back any minute! So, dear Lilith, I suggest you sit quite still so I can make your hair absolutely perfect,” Catherine combs through my black hair and I refuse to speak.

For half a year, I’d been mute since my whole life became butchered and nothing made sense anymore. My mate captured me. After all the progress we had made... which wasn’t much... oh, who was I kidding... this was just my luck.

I chose silence because it kept me safe, since I knew nothing of humans. For 6 months I refused to speak to the house servants, the visitors, the merchants, the mailers, the milk man, anyone that dropped by. I might have become known as that beautiful strange occupant of Edwin’s Estate, but at least I was left well alone.

Everyone running the property knew me as a ‘mentally unstable’ woman who was given refuge, Eros made such an unnecessary false statement about who I was, before drilling in to his servants that I was to remain on the Estate or they’d be fired if I was quote on quote ‘lost’.

How caring of him.

“I have a feeling that Lord Edwin will love, love, love, the feast we set for him – he’s favourite dishes. Red wine. Hibiscus tea. Black pudding. Liver Pate –” blood, blood, more blood, “Oh I wish I could feast, Lilith, but I’m too poor. You’re so lucky to be under our Lord’s wing; he’s so generous. But you are so beautiful and even he knew it would be a waste to have you waste away in an asylum, all alone.”

Catherine talked a lot.

Sometimes I wanted to slap her, even though she knew nothing of my past.

I could spiel about who I was to her, but I preferred not to. And one reason I said nothing was because I was always sleeping during the day and venturing out at night along the sea shore. It was the only time I wasn’t constantly watched.

I had no-where to go from Angelton, the bay outside was too dangerous to shift into my tail, as an entire town and city lay off to the port a few hundred meters along the shore.

So, I spent time walking through the sand as a nice distraction, slowly building up my fear of the water once again.

Fear... huh, a wrong word.

More like hatred.

I had loved the ocean when Eros taught me to brave it. Now, it just reminded me of him. Rock pools. Waves. Eels. Sharks. All of it. Sand was good enough for me and it was calming to walk along.

“Catherine!” a second servant; Ingrid, screams up to warn us from down below, “Lord Edwin has arrived! Come quickly! He wishes to see us.”

“Yes!” Catherine jumps to her feet from her stool behind me, blushing brightly.

I had heard many times about her strange feelings for Lord Edwin. That he’s handsome face and large body was such fun to fantasize about. I felt nothing for those talks and I simply stared at her blankly.

Catherine now taps my shoulder and runs to the door, while my hands bunch in my dress and I stare at my makeup in the mirror.

Catherine liked to over-do the white, with a pink blush that didn’t suit my green eyes at all. It was the fashion but I didn’t care what I looked like.

Right now, I can’t move.

“Come on, Lilith,” Catherine begs me from the door. I stare at myself silently and she huffs out a breath of complaint, “Well, fine then, suit yourself.”

She disappears and only once I’m alone, do I stand to turn and take in my bedroom. Everything was pink, chosen by Catherine. Now that 6 months had passed where Eros had evaded me, by pirating and pillaging and pretending to be some kind of Ship’s Captain... well.

I feel nothing at his return.

And by nothing, I mean everything.

There was no storm in existence that matched the ferocity of the storm inside my heart.

I had been calm for 6 months, letting it build.

Every second, breathing slowly. Walking. Thinking. Bottling it all up.

One day, not so very long ago, Eros unleashed all his hatred on me. I was timid and naïve, young and stupid.

I was sweet.

I already had my plan and I couldn’t wait to execute it.

Eros hadn’t seen the depths of sweet Lilith. Eros wouldn’t know sweet until he found me – perfectly waiting, his perfect prize with a perfect smile while perfectly obedient. I had all my gestures planned. My perfect posture. My light lady-cough. My slow steps. My feminine laugh.

I couldn’t wait to confuse him, then slowly, word by word, minute my minute... I’d destroy Lord Edwin’s reputation in Angleton.

One little moment after another. I had practiced patience and listened to the language of the mortals of the Topaz Isle that passed through the Estate. 6 months of training. It was time to act the part.

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