The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 3] Ample Time for Ruin

[Part2] ⤀ 3] Ample Time for Ruin

Eros’ POV

I lick my lips and taste Lily’s blood, which has been soured by her hatred of me. When I turn to follow her, I spot silver eyes watching me from down the shoreline instead.

“Bellus,” I state, but he comes waltzing up and he too, doesn’t look impressed.

“About time, Eros,” he snarls quietly, but with a distinct respect. He’s wearing his own disguise of well endowed tradesmen, “Lily’s reaction was priceless, if I may say so myself–”

“–and why is that?” I ask, “Because I deserve it?”

“Well, yes, for running away after the fact, you should have faced the end of the war with courage. That’s not very Kingly of you–”

“You think I ran?” I ask lightly, “Is that what Lily thinks?” Bellus smirks, clearly amused because yes – he does think I ran. Enough playing around,You think I ran away?” I wait for Bellus to deny it, but he doesn’t “Then you’re a fool,” I stalk to Bellus and snarl in his ear, while he doesn’t flinch, he waits while looking at the ocean.

How many people were sour with me right now?

I hadn’t been merrily sailing for 6 months. I’d been thinking deeply.

Philosophically, about everything.

“…what were you doing, my King?” Bellus asks, “Care to tell?”

“So after I slaughter an Island of my food, I’m meant to celebrate?” I ask, smirking, “While it was entertaining to send in the payment for our Clan’s demise, I did not find comfort after I watched it burn. I needed to find out why – I was meant to rest easy.”

“Well. It’s good you finished it then, before the little warriors of the sea came after you,” Bellus smirks, “They were meant to protect that island.”

“What are you talking about now -?”

“The Servants of the Water’s Will. Lily. Darya. The other five annoying little flirts,” Bellus finally meets my eyes, “If you waited any longer, your vengeance wouldn’t have mattered. They would have swam a riot. They were too untrained to predict or fight your attack on the Island. But they were training. Each one still lives with an Erebos on the Isle or the Main Land. We are always, at your command, ready to leave these mortal pits back to that Island. To start again.”

“Belle Island?” I try not to laugh, “Bellus… if you like it so much, take the Clan back yourself. See if you can find a place there. I checked to see what happened while sailing back… what we did… it’s worse for us. Fantasia is back in power. The Clans hid from most of the attack so only half were slaughtered. That day of vengeance was already thwarted by their mother… funny how things work out... what was the point of my attack, nothing?”

“So all you’re learning is that the Clans can’t be eradicated and you have to live with the fact they slaughtered our family and move on?” Bellus asks, “I don’t mind going back to wreck havoc next Rough. Anytime.”

“We’re not going back,” I snarl, “To what? Ruins? Again? Hatred? Disrespect? I can survive on the blood of mortals – and my mate.”

Bellus turns into me and he puts a hand on my shoulder, gazing into my eyes.

“What did you find while sailing, Eros? I sense a strange calm in you… and it bothers me.”

I smirk, “What I found is better than treasure.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes. It’s perfect. I found my purpose.”

“And for a second there I thought you’d say you found another Mermaid haven to burn down,” Bellus’ joke doesn’t amuse me, “What is your purpose?”

“Family,” as I state this, Bellus raises a brow, “I want babies. Little Eros’. Little Lilys.”

Eros. You are too insane to raise children,” Bellus jokes but I let out a warning growl.

“I will be a great father,” I believed it.

“Sure and Darya and I will have 7 loving children and be husband and wife, pretend mortals for the rest of our lives.”

“This is our home now, Bell,” I correct him, “And you will impregnate her. All of you will make the Darvs pregnant. So we can expand our populace.”

“Easier said than done, Eros…” Bellus cringes at the thought.

“Somewhat true. I don’t want to force anything. But… I’ll hold a gathering of everyone in the Clan, next week or so, will you go inform the others? A grand party. We’ll convince them with love in our hearts. Drinks, food, music - to encourage mating.”

“I think you should worry about your own love, than worry about ours, Eros,” Bellus nods to the Estate, “I’d say Lily has murder on her mind.”

“If she did, I would be rather turned on,” I snarl out a joyful chuckle and Bellus shakes his head, keeping in a smile.

Our brief meeting comes to an end and we embrace in a quick hug.

“Don’t die, Eros, or Lily will rule the Clan,” Bellus warns me good-naturedly, turning and heading down the shore to his own establishment.

I think of it briefly, Queen Lily, standing over my dead body.

“How morbid a thought,” I snarl to myself, annoyed by it as I then turn back to my Estate.

Time to talk to my mate after her little threatening parade around on the beach.

I won’t lie, I tried not to laugh during it, even with the tiny enchantment she used.

Such a silly star-fish, my sweetest love.

It was only saddening that she thought I ran away. I hadn’t run from the war. Or my responsibilities.

But I would admit one thing.

I had run from Lily.

Not because I did anything wrong. Or she.

Rather, my passion was too great.

My love was too enraging. I needed time to calm myself before I ravaged her again. I knew she’d be angry, too. And I definitely didn’t want her to be this angry… well… I won’t lie.

It’s going to be fun watching her act out.

And lose. Over and over and over.

I loved Lily so much it made my heart ache almost as much as my cock .

As I walk back, I look up to the Estate’s second floor and the window to her room.


But... a candle glows, and it is not in her window.

I see…

…smoke. Coming from my window.

Lily started a fire.

Tut, tut, tut.

Queen of Ezili, such a half-wit as always; oh how I’ve missed our little musings.

I couldn’t wait to start a family!

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