The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 5] A Lord’s Kiss

[Part2] ⤀ 5] A Lord’s Kiss

Later that night

A ball. How sweet. For me? I was about to make this ball my own event, my way, without anyone’s helping hand. Quite ironically, this Mermaid only needed her own two feet to succeed in outwitting an arrogant Erebos posing as a mortal Lord.

Eros thought he could get whatever he wanted.

Shocking words still echo through my mind, the very words which have caused this plan to evolve quite rapidly in the first place.

“I will impregnate Lily. Tonight. First, I will woo her gently in front of the others. I will dance with her. Then, once alone, I will pound into her tail in the bed, as rough as I desire, shoving her scowling face into a feather down pillow as I rip apart her womb with my sword of love, buried deep into her sheath of moistest hate. I love her fury. Oh, how I love it. The half-wit has no idea how much I adore the pink rosey blush of her heated blood, ripened with slow rage mixed with forbidden desire, like aged wine. I will drink her whole as I take my fill. My. Sweetest. Lilith.”

Pfft. Eros had turned into an artist and a poet apparently. This was Eros’ snarled promise to his Generals later that afternoon in the men’s drawing room, which I overheard when walking by to the kitchen for some fruit.

Yes. I was avoiding all the Darvs as well. My sisters by blood and fate.

Dareena was keeping the others company. I simply could not cope with their ridiculous name changes. Halina was now Harlequin. Zandy was now Daphne. Roanne was Rune. Vanora was Vanessa and Rivea was Olivia.

Mortal shame, upon Servants of the Water’s Will. Warriors. Debased.

I was not the one who was debased, as Dareena had tried to warn me. I was simply expressing myself in creative mysteries. I had it all planned out perfectly.

I walk upon a road now, by the quiet town with quiet alleys off main roads. Angleton was so... pleasant.

Yes. I escaped as the ball began.

Now, I am searching for stragglers.

Ah. There is one up ahead.

I walk petite and slow as I follow a drunken husband into a shadowed rat infested alley.

He leans over to throw up his dinner, groaning with a hand on the bricks.

I simply control the water dribbling down the blue stone, to pool at his feet. One step forward and – slip, bang.

He collapses and I lunge upon the felled mortal, plunging my puny little fangs into his neck.

I pull away before the blood cascades past my neck and I leave him to bleed out, using a small shark tooth fossil to dig the gaping wounds deeper.

I control the water off the ground to wash any blood from my chin, neck and mouth.

Then I wait for the mortal to properly bleed out.

Now that the mortal is dead, I turn to head back to the party.

Shame. That I wandered so far while lost in an episode of mania. I was quite insane and mute after all.

I’m sure Lord Edwin would be having such a pleasant ball and feast while silently and perhaps loudly panicking about my possible whereabouts.

The kind of company that was already attending the ball was massive and all encompassing. At the end of the day, it was not just a small crowd of Darvs and Erebos meeting. It was the finest folk of Angleton. It was lavish and large to cover any mystery surrounding it.

As I take my time returning, I see some men and women with torches running down one adjacent road, yelling for Lilith.

I continue down the side cobble stone by the ocean road, heading to the side of the estate.

I pick up my pace and I see a familiar shadow up ahead.

“Where the hell have you been, Lily?!” Eros jumps out into my path and grabs my shoulders, snarling and shaking me while I let a tear or two escape.

“Oh, Lord Edwin, it’s utterly terrible!” I scream loudly to bring more attention to us.

Eros goes quiet and for one moment, he is truly worried.

He would soon realise his mistake.

“I’m... I’ve been traumatised!” I scream louder and Eros’s hands suddenly slacken enough for me to pull through and run the rest of the way to the estate, “Everyone, listen to me! We are not safe! A monster lives amongst us!” my hysterical screams grab the attention of the ball goers out in the garden, which draws in yet more of a crowd.

“It’s Lilith!” they yell back.

Before Eros can intercept me, I drop to the ground and fake my tears – as loud as I can.

I need attention for this to spread the panic.

“She can speak now?”

“What the hell happened?”

“Lilith, what did you see?”

“Lily... what’s wrong?” even Eros tries to intercept me again, his tone deep and burly, trying to hide his natural snarl as he reaches down a hand for my kneeling, collapsed form in the grass.

I slap his palm away.

“No! Do not touch me! You must all listen to me!” I cover my face in my hands, now that the crowd is large enough – I continue my story, “I went for a walk... and I... well... it was terrible. Blood. Everywhere. A monster ripped into a man’s neck. The giant, it killed an innocent man!”

“A giant monster?” the questions are echoed around while Eros stays quiet beside me, “Lilith, what does this monster look like?”

“I, I am not sure. Long dark hair, very tall, broad shoulders... perhaps... even blue eyes?” I can not get any further.

“This is pure dribble!” poor Lord Edwin finally understands my motive too late, “Lilith has lost her mind yet again to nonsense and shadows in the dark – come here, woman. You must be put to bed to calm down.”

“Oh, thank you,” I whisper and allow Eros to haul me up. I swoon into his chest, my palm on my forehead as he takes me away.

Through squinting eyes, I see Dareena leading the Darvs off to the side, her eyes wide with understanding.

The crowd gossips while Eros drags me further from the crowd, into a hall with a few servants running about and then to the stair case.

With each second, Eros quickens his step, until we’re at the top and he’s shoved me forward into his bedroom. He slams the door and unleashes on me while I back up and face him, smiling ruthlessly through his questions, “What the hell are you trying to do, half-wit?” Eros snarls, “Get us all killed? Ruin our safety... our homes?”

“I saw what I saw,” I explain, “Blood. A dead body.”

“...tell me right now that you did not actually kill a mortal, to prove a point to me...!” Eros warns me quietly, his eyes enraged and focused upon my smug little smile that keeps growing. I do not answer with words. Eros finds the answer in my eyes, “You wish to slowly ruin me?” Eros snarls, “Is that it? Revenge?"

“I have nothing left for you, Lord Edwin, but my never ending gratitude for your leadership, faithfulness, transparency and riches – I do enjoy a new dress,” I spin in the new attire he looted, a fine light cream lace hugs my curves.

“You’re crazy,” Eros adds.

“I am -”

“And I love you for it. Lily. Did you think that I did something to punish you?” Eros drops his tone, “We seem to have a misunderstanding,” he even whispers... coy, even.

“I agree. If you want babies, perhaps you can impregnate another fish, because my legs are closed. Fuck Catherine for all I care. Create your own Darvs. Create your own chaos. I’ll create mine, with my words in the mean time.”

“What do you want, Lily? Tell me.”

"I want your mortal reputation to burn –” I snarl it as low as he can, and Eros responds by a large bulge suddenly poking from his suit breeches.

Before I know it, I’m being pounced upon.

Eros lunges towards me and grabs my cheeks, pulling me in to kiss me in that dastardly way only he can orchestrate.

My mouth is ravished.

My tongue is caught up in a slow dance with his, as his breath steals mine and a rough growl escapes the back of his throat.

Eros only stops kissing me to pull back, smiling broadly before explaining away his heart, “I love you more than any Deep, than any Rough – I love you more than you’ll ever know. Lily. I want nothing but you, exactly... like this. Rip. Into. Me. Sweetest darling,” he speaks through his teeth because my nails are clawing into his arms slowly and sadistically, “...because I will only do worse things to you, Lily... and we should try to balance our natures... shouldn’t we?”

Eros’s predatory and toxic blue ocean eyes focus on the pulse in my neck.

“Stupid shark,” I hiss.

“Stupid fish,” Eros hisses back, louder and far more overpowering.

I know he’s about to feast.

The night is about to turn both loud and bloody.

At least that’s what Eros thinks will happen.

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