The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 7] An Awkward Morning

[Part2] 7] An Awkward Morning

No wandering eyes lay back at the estate this early morning, but there is a big fish in my room. Eros reclines in a claw foot bath tub, quite delirious. He’s black striking Erebos tail has wound around the room to fit, fins drying out…

…while Catherine is huddling in a corner on a stool, wide eyed and unmoving.

I’ve just opened the door to find this mess.

Water is leaking from the running bath tap and Eros is quite relaxed while Catherine acts as typical frozen prey in the corner.

I don’t want to kill her, but –

Lilith?” Catherine squeaks from the corner, unable to move in her morning dress. She looks beautiful, as usual, but dressed to impress Lord Edwin I bet, “Am I, um, am I dreaming?”

“I told her if she screams, I’ll tear out her ribs, one by one, with my fangs,” Eros sinks down into the water, blowing bubbles with his nose while his ocean deep, blue amused eyes dance with mischief.

He awaits my reaction.

“Eros, are you still delirious from the sleeping poison? Catherine is a mortal,” I hiss.

“Yes, yes, I am – I am a m-mortal,” Catherine hiccups on a breath, still unable to move from her stool, “I didn’t know you could ever speak, Lilith. Oh, Lilith, what is happening? I think I’m going crazy.”

Eros,” I growl while he continues to blow bubbles, looking like an awfully bored predator.

A bath tub wasn’t exactly a space to swim like the sea. He considered this a rock pool… I guess.

I turn and lock the door so no one can barge in and see this situation.

By the time I turn around, Eros’ tail has slithered across the floor and flips across my knees.

I step on it and he pulls it back, almost tripping me up.

I pretend not to react.

However, when I glance into the tub, I see his blue bumpy cock growing as he’s staring at my flushed cheeks.

“…oh… oh,” Catherine covers her eyes, breathing in tightly, “Oh my!”

“That is equivalent to my reaction the first time I ever saw that thing,” I mutter, wearily stepping around the room’s walls, avoiding Eros’ lazy stare as I try to make my way to Catherine, “I’m sorry you have to deal with this side of Lord Edwin. Why did you have to scare her like this?” I put myself between Catherine and Eros – aiming to protect her from any of his crazy schemes.

“Why?” Eros repeats my question like it’s the one line he wanted me to follow from the start, “Why, Lily, but she is another gift. We shall feast on her together. A sacrifice for the beginning of our baby-making adventure.”

“No!” I yell it, the same time Catherine squeaks and flies off her seat.

She tries to run around me, and I try to grab her elbow, but she turns and launches violently in a fight for her life. I guess the adrenaline hit, because her nails claw into the side of my face and I jerk backwards away from her, gasping from the pain of her attack.

As I hold my face, Catherine sprints for the door.

“…what a bad toy,” Eros winds his tail around her legs and pulls her back across the room. I expect he’ll simply restrain her until she calms now, except… not – um…?

He uses his tail to wind her back and then… he… flicks her out the window.

Catherine quite literally goes flying. It reminds me of a great white shark throwing a seal into the air to kill it in a more spectacular fashion.

The window had been left open anyway, so at least nothing shatters?

But we do hear the screaming and then the sudden silence.

God damn eel.

She’d be dead for sure from the impact.

“Good riddance,” Eros shifts from his tail to his legs and jumps out of the bath, dripping with water, he hurries over to me as I cradle my bleeding face. They’d be superficial wounds and shallow, and yes, they hurt – but Catherine was dead.

And I couldn’t even complain because I killed a mortal last night.

I was no better than him.

I’m silent as Eros gently grabs my hand and pries it from my face. While I close one eye, I see him dribble saliva onto his palm like a salve, before rubbing it along my wounds.

I hiss in a breath temporarily from the sting, but a few magical seconds later and he heals me completely.

I try to pull back but Eros makes sure to snatch up both my wrists, holding my arms up so I have to stay close, “Hello, Lily. You resorted to poisoning an entire party. After trying to ruin me… I realised you don’t understand something. I have a ship.”



What -?

“I know you have a ship, you sailed away –!”

Eros grins with a new idea, “Let’s sail away – together.”

What?” I try to pull back again but Eros pulls me in and kisses my forehead quickly.

“A honey moon, we’ll fuck on my ship,” Eros unhands me to smack his hand down into his other palm, as if he’s just come up with the best idea in the whole Deep.

“I’m a Queen of the Rough and Ezili – I do not sail away to fuck on a ship,” I hiss, “I am not a thing to simply feed from and fuck, Eros!”

Eros’ eyes are still alight with absolute delight at his own musings, but he takes a while to process what I just responded with.

Eventually his lazy eyes fall onto the love heart locket around my neck, the one he made. He stares at it and then lets out a rough growl and scoff at the same time.

When Eros looks back up to meet my defiant gaze, he settles his mind and I almost believe he may say something wise – but then I see his cock jump violently in front of me.

Argh,” I shove past his naked form and stalk up to the window, looking out to see Catherine’s state.

She tried to grab the ledge at the last second, and instead of falling on grass – she dropped to the tiles below. She lies spread, blood pooling from the back of her head. She died instantly.

“We need to get back into the water,” Eros whispers in a slightly deranged and excited hiss. I slowly look over my shoulder to see him checking himself out in a full length mirror in the corner.

He’s quite impressed.

“You don’t listen to me.”

“I listen to every word,” Eros counters.

Prove it,” I huff and walk over to grab a blanket, chucking it onto the water puddles he’s left all over the room.

After that’s done, Eros stalks up behind me while I’m now pulling out dress choices from the wardrobe.

“You only need to be in your tail, perfect, as you naturally are,” Eros slowly pops his chin on my shoulder, his eyes watching my hand closely as I sort through my dress choices.

His other arm wraps around under my breasts, pulling me back and puffing out his chest.

Eros has jerked me from my task, inhaling deeply and exhaling forever.

“…what do you want…?” I inquire, suspicious.

“What are you planning?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were on the shore with your little trinket Seven,” Eros leans down to growl in my ear, finally letting onto the fact he saw the morning event.

“They’re women, not trinkets –”

“I do not like you as a Lady, Lily… you’re quite abhorrent in this constant mood.”

“Perhaps because I am a mermaid and you burned down the entire Belle Island with your scheming –!” I try to take this conversation somewhere serious, but Eros –seriously – starts cackling as I mention the Island.

“That I did,” Eros cuts off a louder laugh he so desperately wants to expel, “…that I did do… and it was quite amusing to see in some regard –”

Argh! I’ve had enough.

I turn around in Eros’ arms, which he allows and probably wants.

I look up at him and I prepare to smack my head into his smug mouth – but Eros tightens his arms.

Now I can’t move and he slowly tilts his head and slow-blinks down at me.

“I do love you, Lily,” Eros speaks sincerely.

“I used to be scared of the sea,” I speak, “Now I hate it.”

“That’s not how you’re supposed to answer my declaration of endearment for you, half-wit –”

“Do you really love me?” I ask it, perhaps needlessly.

“Yes, I love you so very much, half-wit,” Eros’ smirk drops, however, “But not moping about like a seaweed in the shallows – your new shields need to be… washed away. We will sail. Tonight. Just you and me. For one night. A…” Eros gulps, “Rendezvous.”

Am I crazy… for suddenly believing in his intent?

There is a strange passion in Eros’ eyes and I’m entranced by his boldness.

I try to nod in a silent agreement to the rendezvous, gulping away my nerves to my new direction.

Perhaps… time alone is just what we needed.

Eros is satisfied with my agreement so he unhands me, and he very visibly decides not to touch me again, so while I awkwardly try to walk around him, we step in the same direction, then I realise I need to grab a day dress, so I spin anyway just as he tries to walk around me.

I end up bumping into Eros’ side and I put my hand on his torso, feeling his sudden heat as he ends up stepping awkwardly into the wardrobe’s swinging door, hissing his frustration at the wood before heading to his clothes piled on the bed.

Ok, we are separate again.

I grab a pink dress, blushing right up my neck – when a loud knocking is suddenly all we hear.

Lily? Are you in there, Lily?” Darya calls out in a panic, so I jump over and open the door to see her waiting, fist raised while knocking. Bellus is also stumbling out of his guest room while pulling on pants.

“What is it?” Bellus snaps, delirious from his own fading sleeping poison, sucked from Darya’s blood last night.

“…it went bad…” Darya gulps while answering me instead, “Blade has Rivea and Vanora. Zandy escaped with a spear wound through her tail – Halina’s healing her in a rock pool.”

“You got to be kidding me,” I whisper it, while I feel Eros slyly pop up behind me, curious to hear of how I might have failed with my little trinket Seven.

“Did you say… Blade?” Eros asks, watching over us, straight to Bellus. They share a secret all-knowing look.

“Yes,” I ask, “He’s a pirate.”

“No. Half-wit. Blade is an Erebos,” Eros corrects me.

Darya and I share anxious gazes.

“No way?” Darya snaps.

“He trades mermaids for big money, he’ll trade them into the other port side of the Topaz Isle – the side more keen on the supernatural. We’ll get them back, don’t worry,” Bellus growls.

“Lily,” Eros speaks, rather coy, losing his Rough edge to pretend to sound like the Lord, “…why… were Rivea and Vanora sneaking off to a pirate crew… and their ship… close off shore?”

I purse my lips.

“They went for a morning swim,” Darya blurts.

Eros keeps staring at Bellus. They’re look is getting too intense.

“…I think we’ll be needing bait… for Blade,” Bellus eventually grinds out, his eyes falling onto Darya’s head, “What do you think, Eros?”

“If I could fuck with the way you think, Bellus – I would. As always.”

Bellus raises a brow, but doesn’t complain.

Frickin’ eels. The Erebos breed in general never made much sense with their inbred ‘logic’, but they both seem content with their serious plan.

With the look in Darya’s eyes, however – I don’t think she’s looking forward to being the bait... to another monster of the seas; from Bellus to Blade.

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