The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 8] A Circus in Diremont

[Part2] 8] A Circus in Diremont

Later that night

A Circus in Diremont is where we all end up after a two hour journey by carriage to the other major town on the Topaz Isle. Diremont is facing the Main Land, with a larger port and many more places to get drunk, whilst facing the ocean.

Eros, Bellus, Darya and I decide to take on this task while Catherine’s body is dealt with quietly – by Angleton’s undertaker; which happened to be Eros’ General Nereus.

Eros and I arrive in style, ready to intercept Blade, his crew and his loot; namely Vanora and Rivea. Meanwhile, Bellus is telling Darya how to act as bait. She would be the distraction.

I thought we’d just intercept their ship, but Blade and his crew ended up at the local circus.

“You seem quite familiar with the tickets and the process, Lord Edwin?” I ask Eros as he buys us two entries while I’m forced to hold his elbow and appear as his wife or date.

Eros rather loves it, standing quite tall, but his ocean blue eyes also run over all the necks of the audience as if he’s choosing a love-nest present again. Since Catherine didn’t work out.

“Edwin,” I add, growling, “Don’t even think about it.”

“Oh, my sweetest Lilith, ever so trill by your sweet yet sour mouth, my little lady… we’re going to have babies… two or three or eighty!” Eros begins to sing as we walk into the circus tent, “I can’t wait to do the hanky-panky, do you enjoy the spanky –?” I have to slap Eros lightly in front of the crowd, hissing through my teeth.


Eros simply growls, smirking, pink cheek apparent as he pulls me with him towards a seat at the back, away from everyone.

“Sit,” Eros pulls me down onto his lap and I feel him through his pants, hot and bothered.

So, being a mortal Lord does get to him eventually. He wanted to swim. And kill. And play. I could tell he struggled at times with legs.

“Mortal life is taking a toll on your intelligence,” I whisper into his ear, “Shame.”

“Oh? How about I bite your neck right here and set you screaming with a crowd to witness you, sweet fish of mine?” Eros hisses back in my ear, for me alone.

“Excuse me. Lovely voice you have there, mate?” one of the men from the front row turns around, showing a blushing wife, “Care to sing some more for us?”

Oh yes, mortals loved a Siren’s song, male or female or quarter-breed.

“My Lord is sick and must rest his voice, that is why he sounds quite rough and horrible,” Eros’ arm tightens on my waist and the mortals shrug, disappointed.

“I’ll ignore that, Lady Lilith. Now watch, it begins,” Eros says ‘lady’ with such disdain that I smile.

Was it possible to drive him back to the sea, without me even trying so hard?

I decide to tempt Eros further, as the seats fill and the lights dim to show a dirt circle for the performance, I run my hand under my ass and I grab Eros’ cock through his pants, when –

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!”

It does begin, while Eros shifts uncomfortably in having to keep silent. His blood boils and then a hiss is leaving his mouth.

What ensues is me teasing his cock, running my hand over his bumps and ridges, while he watches me with that look he’s mastered of pure menacing promise. If he could slaughter me with his cock right now, I’m sure he’d attempt to.

However, Eros enjoys the public teasing so I keep him on edge the entire time.

The first 30 minutes are high risk performances. Trapeze acts through fire rings, the tight rope and many more basic but entertaining shows.

It’s at the end, when I feel Eros’ cock tip leaking with my strokes – that I see a tank being wheeled out, with two squished mermaids inside. It’s small and torturous and my hand squeezes.

The circus master doesn’t need to say a thing.

Rivea and Vanora are locked in and bruised.

The crowd gasp, oooing and ahhing.

Eros cums in his pants.

I glare at him but he has to add, a whispered breath by my ear, “I should buy you a restrictive tank like that, half-wit –”

“You made a mess, my Lord,” I breathe back, while I nod to both Darvs, “At their pain?”

Eros shows off a fang, trying to deny it by looking fearsome, but simply looking guilty of the crime instead.

“Come have a closer look! This is the end of the show, you’re allowed to get as close as you want to these newly acquired captured mermaids; very rare Darvs. They’re on sale by my close associate; Blade.”

“What should we do now?” I turn to Eros and he’s eyes are focused on the curtains being pulled apart for the new entrant.

“You won’t interfere, I’ll handle this,” Eros stands and puts his hands on my shoulders, forcing me into the seat, “Stay here. Understand?”

Eros turns, before I can reply.

I watch, completely irate, shifting uncomfortably in my seat as fog filters in and Blade walks out. Hands spread, a confident gait from an Erebos that has cut his black hair short. The pirate attire is typical, a stolen suit, rings of all tones, covering all his fingers and bored eyes the shade of jade green. Whilst in a suit Blade looks ‘tame’ enough, I know in the sea he’d probably live up to his name.

“We’ll need a quiet moment for this auction. I’m hearing any offers above a half million,” I still with Blade’s speech, which is not that of a singer. He speaks quietly, husky but with a whisper that travels. I wonder if he’s had his throat slit and it’s damaged his voice box. Whatever the case, it makes my hairs stand on end.

A tense quiet ensues where only those dare to mumble, and some hesitate in approaching him – probably because Eros is taking the lead.

I wait for Blade to perhaps flinch at the site of Eros. After all, Eros was a little taller, and more fearsome, he’s voice was more perfect, his charisma was vast. Blade struck me as someone who avoided crowds when he could, and would be louder only with friends.

I can just feel it off him.

He’s a quiet predator.

Blade’s eyes don’t even acknowledge Eros as he stands to his side, speaking in a low drawl to Blade, words I cannot hear.

Blade himself seems to block him out, his nostrils flaring as he looks up and then up some more, to the top of the stand.

To me.

I’m uncomfortable to see those jade eyes, with a false chilled aura, watching me so casually.

He doesn’t blink and I feel… like a target.

It’s in that moment, I realise Vanora and Rivea, though silent from their tank – had the truth beaten out of them. About me. About Eros. About Ezili. About all of us on the Island.

This was worse than an auction – this was a set up.

I stand and turn too late – by then I’ve been snuck up on. A visible tear through the circus tent, allowing in a second enemy. A gag is already pulled through my mouth by one of Blade’s crew – and cloth runs over my eyes. I try to scream through it or fight – but it’s already too late. A sweet smell enters my mouth, my nose is pinched and then I’m down in the Deep of my subconscious – asleep, subdued and now at Blade’s mercy.

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