The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 11] The Roughest Sea

[Part2] 11] The Roughest Sea

Lily’s POV

If loving Eros had taught me one thing? It was to never trust an Erebos.

Blade anchors down and I decide to go swimming for the first time. Blade opens a door at the back of his quarters and stands with me as I look down at the Rough I ignited.

“Lily. You shall not swim alone, I would not allow it, think of the dangers in the sea for a Mermaid all alone,” Blade speaks behind me, quiet and very polite, despite the fact he is my natural predator.

“You have business with Eros?” I ask, “You can call him here but I do not wish to be with him right now. You can both chat. I, on my own, will make my intentions clear. I am going to find my own path, my own identity; before Eros can be with me. What do you think of that?” I am telling the truth, but I’m also testing Blade as well.

“You’re breaking your bond?” Blade whispers, a satisfied growl coming out from the back of his throat. I turn to face Blade, as the wind whips through my hair and he starts to take off his stolen sailor’s clothes.

“The bond remains!” I yell so he can hear me over the wind, “I suppose you wish I was dead if you love that selfish shark?”

Blade laughs so loud – I can’t hear him at all. It’s all air as he throws off his coat and shirt, and starts on his breeches.

“Girl. I don’t dine alone,” Blade winks at me as he kicks his clothes back into his ship, turning to me, “You don’t understand my tastes.”

“Perhaps you’ll enlighten me one day?” I shrug and start on my dress. I am not fazed by being naked. I pull the heavy thing down and Blade all but stares openly, “Will you free Darya?”

“Certainly, when she’s back with full blood – she’d only die if she attempted to swim in this cold Rough right now,” Blade’s eyes focus on my hands.

“Do you perhaps love me, Blade?” I smirk, “Because Eros loves me?”

Blade pauses. His whole world seems to shift and his vision flies up to mine, “He… actually loves you… half-wit?”

“Aye,” I shrug, “Nay? Maybe,” Blade shrugs back, his eyes now guarded as he holds out a large hand for me to grasp, “Thank you.”

“I know how to treat a lady,” Blade stands naked by me, kicking in my dress for me, “Follow me closely.”

Blade’s fingers slip through mine as he jumps off the ship.

I watch his form drop below the water and then I make sure to hop into action.

I would be a victim no longer.

I pull up the ladder leading to the water.

I pull it up out of Blade’s reach.

I stare at the Rough choppy seas and I mould them into a different pattern.

I start to churn the waters round quickly.

Into a whirlpool big enough to catch him off guard; and violent enough to kill.

Eros’ POV

I float in the water off my ship, feeling the pattern of these waves. So Rough. So sudden.

Not too far ahead is where it began.

Every little ripple of energy I felt for lovemaking. Every ounce of patience I had for Lily and the Darvs to succumb to my Clan’s order was drained out of me with their elopement from the Isle.

What kind of generous King won wars and tamed the clueless? Clearly not I. I was made a fool of for my kindness.

I am guided by my intuition now, that Lily has ignited the Rough.

It started not long ago, and now I feel my gills expand to allow a scent to drive straight through my blood - an Erebos never forgets his or her first Pairing.

Mine was a rather interesting push into adulthood.

Blade was like no other friend I had ever had before. He read my thought patterns. He understood my moods. He taught me how to kill and how to fuck stray Mermaids looking for a bad time.

The problem with Blade’s perfectionism in friendship and his idea of loyalty was his tendency to extreme possession.

He denied my right to leading Ezili by spitting in the face of it. Blade was more important.

But no.

I was the centre of my world. Not Blade. I had to abandon him and go back to my roots, he knew I would one day, but he never got over my departure. The suicide attempts were his ploy at getting me back into his little world. I just reasoned he was a crazy Erebos; crazier than most. Blade felt too much and he enjoyed too much, so when he lost… he… well… it was all, always, too much for Blade to handle.

While I enjoyed Blade’s turbulent company as a young man, now I had seas to rule and little fishys to fuck alone. He was but a nuisance when he got involved in my mind.

Luckily now we were on mildly good terms. I appreciated his company. He pretended to favour my brief visits.

Yet, Blade’s blood is scented on the seas, a distinct hit of urgency is bound to it.

He was near death.

But I am closer than he knows. I was not a fool and I knew some of his tricks well. I had been tracking him correctly for some time.

I swim fast now, shooting through the Rough with quickest urgency.

When I near Blade’s ship over the horizon, I see bubbles in the water and the swirling of a whirlpool the closer I get.

I pause briefly - I cannot believe what I’m witnessing.

Lily is on the back of the ship; trying to kill Blade.

I choose wisely not to panic.

I had to break Lily’s eye contact with the water – so I summon a wave and rush it towards her as quickly as I can. Lily doesn’t see it coming, but I knock her off into the sea before her plan of murder unfolds.

I wonder what enraged her so?

As I swim closer to Lily’s body hitting the ocean waters – I notice the most peculiar thing.

She is naked but her legs are not shifting into a tail. She is floating on the waves, knocked out.

In this moment I know Blade has poisoned her temporarily.


My best friend and my lover were trying to kill each other? Fighting over me, perhaps? How charming were they both?! Amusing creatures.

Chuffed, I intercept Blade before he can swim to Lily’s pale body first. I scoop her up and pull her aside, grinning at Blade attempting to steal her from me as he bursts from the water.

“Idiot,” I snarl, rather happily, “You are so jealous of my beautiful Lilith.”

Blade blinks slow and bobs down below a Rough wave.

“You’re looking quite overjoyed there, Eros,” Blade whispers correctly, “I assure you, dear friend, I would have killed her quickly if I got the chance.”

“I would have intervened before, I’m always on her tail,” I smirk, “And I would have ripped your throat out if you hurt a hair on her head.”

“…but she is rather pathetic though, is she not…?” Blade rises above the water, “I do apologise, Eros. Before I could kill Lily, she attempted to murder me first. We are rather silly, you should whip us both.”

“You’ve hit on something genius, as usual. That is how the Water’s Will has it, then, you and Lily are destined to be best friends like you and I. Since that is how you and I both met. Attempted murder. Did you know she is a halfwit?” I smack her bum, pulling her down into my chest, her pretty head lolls back, the darkest green hair looking healthier in the water.

“Mmm, yes, she also hates you as I do,” Blade swims closer, grabbing her hair and jerking her awake, “Lily. Resilience please!”

Lily groans and I pat both her cheeks, eventually squishing them with a finger and thumb, “Sweetest?” my finger ends up between her teeth as she opens her mouth and then stares up at the two of us.

“Oh… here you are, of course… anyway, Eros… I have some news to share with you,” Lily meets my gaze, ignoring Blade, “Listen to me carefully.”

“Have your friends hurt you again?” I ask.

“I don’t want a mate,” Lily blurts, “I’m going back to the Island to find my own identity.”

“You are my little pet,” I chuckle, “Silly starfish –”

“Please. Come aboard for tea, Eros,” Blade nods to his ship, “Let’s make Lily into our pet fish. I would like to see how she goes hanging upside down?”

Interesting suggestions… but no.

“…hmmm… not today, Blade…” I shake my head, narrowing my eyes, how about not ever, “I’ll see you around, Lily is my sweetest fish to handle. On my own. She is mine, after all. And we have not fucked in a long while. Be good?” I glance over Blade as he tilts his head at Lily and floats backwards, his eyes drooping.

“I miss your rage, Eros,” Blade hisses, annoyed, “Such a Lordy lord now.”

“I have rage, Blade, just not the kind you understand,” I hold Lily close while she groans into my neck, “Goodbye, old friend.”

“I expect you to punish her generously,” Blade adds, “She whines too much. She must learn to toughen up for the world is cruel and mean.”

“I am aware of Lily’s short comings.”

Blade swims off, chuckling as he heads back to his ladder, swinging in the wind.

I feel Lily pull away from me, looking rather dazed, “My sweet lady, I’m afraid if you want to leave, you’ll have to wait until your legs can shift again, so for now you must tolerate my ugly company. I know,” I pull her tightly back into my chest, “It’s hard to tolerate I.”

It must be hard. I was so handsome it was painful to witness daily.

It had taken its toll on Lily’s mind. Mermaids were often rendered daft around an Erebos gaze and their poisonous pheromones. It lingered around and changed their will.

Poor Lily.

Such prey-minded.

Perhaps I should woo her more regularly, and be kinder to her?

Ha. Absolutely not.

I needed to tie her up.

We must fuck immediately.

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