The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 12] The Price of I

[Part2] 12] The Price of I

Lily’s POV

Eros swims me back to his ship and ignores the Ezili crew, which is the Erebos aboard.

Bellus tries to intercept us, curious of what happened, but Eros only had a mind for one thing right now.

“Where are the others?” Bellus tries to ask upon the main deck, scowling already.

Later,” Eros snarls back, taking me away.

We enter his ship’s quarters. I’m deposited on his bed, a mess of navy sheets. Eros turns to slam his door shut. He even locks it with a key and then stalks to the end of the bed and stares at me, as I’m attempting to sit up against the pillows.

Blade must have given me some kind of sleeping potion in that wine, because I am out of it.

“…you have a lot to answer for…” Eros’ rough tone struggles to keep quiet, “Now that you are safe. So, sweetest half-wit, answer me.”

“You have not asked a question,” I can’t help but be a smart ass, “And what I require is not hard. Eros. It’s logical. It’ll benefit us both, I’m sure. Space. I need. Space.”

“You wish to leave me,” Eros cuts the crap, his hands now lie uncomfortably comfortable at his sides, all his energy pouring simply out of his eyes as his head tilts, and his gaze focuses on my growing frown, “Admit it.”

“Yes -” I nod.

“It’ll cost you, greatly,” Eros doesn’t let me continue, his snarl seeping through his tone, “I am already spent with your antics, half-wit, you deny me what is my right. You reject the King of Ezili.”

You are a selfish crab,” I begin to snarl back, “You left me.”

“I did leave, I had a lot to consider. Burning that island was fun until your mother resurrected it from the damn ashes – it’s a mermaid haven, the second edition, strengthened by fire and blood. I’m sure they’re out for vengeance,” Eros lets some truth shine through.

Eros isn’t scared. He’s just disappointed more long term pain wasn’t a reality.

I didn’t know this until now, but I put it away at the back of my head to use later.

“So, my mother rules?” I whisper it, to get confirmation, “Fantasia? Really? So, I do have a home still. Kind of.”

“Yes,” Eros scowls, “You do. You can live there if you like. Free of me. Free of Ezili. Free of a life spent bowing to me. But it’ll cost you. As I said.”

I know it’s a trick question, but I dine to answer him, “Just tell me what you really want, Eros.”

“Your tail – whenever I damn well please to fuck it,” Eros chuckles, “You’ll bare my children and you’ll take my cock anyway I please. And you can be free to roam – in your little Ruins, through the Deep of the ocean, maybe build a little house in the palm trees, run the damn black rock I grew up in. But you will allow me access to you, when I visit, do you understand?”

“Where will you be?” I ask, “Killing Belle Island mermaids?”

“I will be where I will be, half-wit,” Eros growls, rougher than usual, “And I will seek you whenever I please. But you will regret the things I desire.”

“I am not your enemy, you stupid shark,” I growl, “I just want some damn space. Get it through your thick skull.”

“If you don’t want to end up in a tank for the rest of your life, you’ll listen,” Eros grins now, sadistically delighted all of a sudden, “…the deal will benefit us both… you scurry along, call to me when you’re ready to face me and we’ll unite. Until then, simply fuck me when I require. Okay?”

“You made it sound to be in your favour, you made it sound a lot worse than it actually is, and to your detriment – I agree. Fuck you. I agree,” I throw up my hands, “On one condition.”

“What is that, sweetest pet?” Eros smiles warmly, a double threat as his cock bounces up and starts to grow – those ridges and bumps tempt a nervous hiccup past my lips.

“No children, not yet, drop that subject. I don’t even know who I am yet, and we both grew up orphaned so we have no idea how to parent anyway,” I add that last bit in for good measure.

“I will convince you otherwise,” Eros tries to hide his anger by placing a foot on the bed, presenting a fat thick and hard blue cock, with blue balls the size of fucking coconuts.

Not really that big, but – he needs to let that out.

My god.

I’m pretty sure that’s a medical issue.

“Geez,” I whisper, staring without flinching, “You’re packed in tight there.”

I hiccup again.

Eros strokes his cock, deepest blue ocean eyes hooded with lust and a mild but mostly pissed off Erebos attitude, “Come here and lick my balls, Lily.”

It should sound amused or mocking but… it’s not. Eros is serious now.

I’m a little impressed. For the first time in a long time, I hear his real desire, uncoated with beautiful words or lies or songs or stories.

The honest truth.

I could take that.

“You should know, I feel something in my bones, in the sea of my blood, that I’m more than a Darv… I think I’m a guardian of that Island… and here I am, about to lick the balls of a murdering, revenge seeking, rage filled Erebos. The very predator I’m bound to fight off,” I whisper this as I shuffle along the bed, “I suppose I can allow this. For myself.”

“I allow you to speak, disrespecting my beautiful cock – all because when I do fuck you, Lily, I won’t stop cumming until your stomach is round with it. My seed. My balls are heavy – your tongue is wet… good fish, please me,” Eros watches me grab his cock and lift it, I fondle his balls gently with my hand first.

In the strange moment, I feel a punch in my guts.

Washing waves of a natural opening to power.

A twitch in my tail bone.

My feet; curling.

I can shift – I can shift again!

I’m already recovering quickly.

Which meant I didn’t have to do this now.

“Kiss me once… for good luck?” I glance up to Eros, as I lick the very tip of his cock, just quickly.

Eros’ eyes break with impatience, he grabs my chin, just under it, forcing one finger into the corner of my mouth.

“No,” he breathes a bit heavier, “Take it down your throat. You don’t deserve my lips yet, half-wit.”

Eros’ finger presses against my inner cheek, past some small puny Erebos fangs in my mouth.

In this moment, I take Blade’s advice.

I can decide what I want. I will decide what I do. I know what I desire now.

And I won’t submit today.

I didn’t need a deal – I needed to cut Eros’ damn ego.

I bite down on his finger until he bleeds – and I pull on the Rough all around the ship.

First, I tried to kill Blade. Now, Eros was the one in need of a good crash – this time a freak wave.

Possibly a few to make this spontaneous plan work.

“Take it,” Eros ignores his bleeding finger – in fact he lets me taste it. I suck on the wound a bit, swallowing the sweetness of him, savouring it for now.

I grab back onto the head board tightly while I do so – because the ship isn’t just going to rock in a few seconds.

Eros is going to slide back – because I’m going to flip this thing so hard south – that nothing is left of his precious wooden toy.

And then I’ll escape – and I’ll decide the rest.

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