The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 13] The Fate of Lilith

[Part2] 13] The Fate of Lilith

A month later

I changed my fate drastically 4 weeks ago. When I escaped Eros’ demands upon his ship by pulling on the Rough and completely annihilating that wooden plank of his that he loved so dearly. It was a life to be bound in a beautiful estate on the Topaz Isle in Angleton, burdened to breed little fish to a wealthy Erebos King, with a loyal Clan and a selfish plan.

The tragic part is my revelation about my freedom.

Freedom wasn’t a perfect salvation for me back on Belle Island.

It was pain, starvation and constant uncertainty.

It was a tragedy. All of it was.

My whole life was a damn sea turd.

Belle Island’s population of Coral Mermaids and Merka weren’t just slaughtered in that battle, some innocents were stolen away, never to be seen again, dead or alive. Possibly kept as pets for mortal enjoyment, or perhaps for a stray Erebos with a keen nose for Coral blood. What did that mean? That left a certain amount of angry kin back on the Island, desperate and ready for answers, blood and vengeance.

Then there were my sisters; those backstabbing leeches.

Since the Darvs disappeared for over 6 months, we were all, at the beginning, as guilty returning as the real catalyst of the war, whether we had anything to do with it or not.

I couldn’t hate Eros more in this present moment because of how I was perceived by everyone; because of my ties to him.

A reckless, selfish, brainless monster. A bloody nuisance. One minded and set on one mode; destruction.

Look what happened.

Now, I sit on a rock by a river pool, under the balmy air and dim silver moonlight, making a spare weapon out of a damn stick. Carving a rock along a branch was my anxiety reliever these days.

The Darvs, ha ha, those bitches, were hunted upon their return, until they decided to negotiate with Fantasia.

I was the reason the Island burned, apparently.

I was the one who couldn’t satisfy my mate, which caused Eros to seek blood and murder over peace and unity.

Yeah. That’s right. The whole island was fucked up because I wouldn’t fuck that fish-brain long or hard enough.

Fantasia and the Council believed it.

I. Hate. My. Sisters.

More than you’d know.

We need peace. Halina had said.

We’re tired of being without a home. Roanne and Vanora agreed.

In truth, we are innocent. Zandy, in denial.

You’re lucky you’re not dead. Rivea, simply disgusted by my perceived uselessness.

It wasn’t meant to be this way. …Darya, whom I thought I could trust, but she bought into the easy deal for peace, by throwing me under the waves.

So here I am. Alone. Battered. Because I have a whole Island hell bent on capturing me and using me to lure Eros in.

Thanks, sisters, for telling them how much he desires me.

The seas around the Island were too dangerous to escape solo, there were too many patrols now, warding off mortal sailors. Even now, on land, I can hear a search party distant, scouring through the tropical Island, searching for me.

I could barely sleep long without someone trying to hunt me down each day, each night.

I jump off my rock, seething inside, and I limp my way into the forest.

I have a permanent scowl on my face and scratches all over my body.

Unlike their beliefs, that I was a running coward – I had my plan.

Fantasia, the Queen of the Clans and my estranged mother, approved of my capture.

So, I decided I needed leverage.

The Strange.

Yeah, I had a plan.

I needed to spook the Island’s rage for me, to a calm rivulet, so I could get one bloody word in.

Eventually, I stumble into my makeshift den, a little tree hut. I lie down underneath the palm tree house, damn Eros’ foretelling – and I nap until my fresh accomplice arrives.

A couple of hours later, the plan begins as I’m awoken by my only companion.

“Lily, sweetest… wake up… you poor pale thing,” Blade’s airy welcome hiss whispers over my face and I blink away my sleep in the early purple dawn to see him hovering over me, his nose inches from mine.

“Are you ready?” he adds in a whisper.

I grit my teeth and I nod.

It was time to change the fates again; my way.

We had our story planned.

Blade would announce he was my real mate.

That Eros died at sea, from a fatal wound.

Death was a curiosity on the Island.

I was going to use the lie to my benefit.

“I’m ready to kill my mother,” I nod.

“You are the eldest, from your calculations, Lily?” Blade asks me this, for the thousandth time since he anchored off shore, snuck on the Island and visited me by frankly sniffing my blood out. And now this crazy spontaneous plan was unfurling.

“Yes,” I breathe back, “Are you ready to be an honoured member of the Island, Blade?”

“Only temporarily, while I can,” Blade winks, breathing harsh as his green eyes glitter with venomous joy at the prospect of gold on the other end.

“You are the most sweet kind of Erebos, Blade,” I kiss him once on the cheek and Blade grabs my hand tight in his before I can stand from the sandy dirt beneath me.

I do know, Blade is a sickly sweet, but it is a nice change from the rough of Eros’ tongue.

I wonder where that shark is lurking… even though 4 weeks had passed, I’m sure Eros would let me suffer a little longer alone before he decided to appear.

Allow me to clean your wounds?” Blade tilts his head, licking over a razor fang, anticipating more of my blood on his tongue, “…may I?”

Hmmm. Blade intends to lick me, all over? Heal every scrape? My knees, my shins, my elbows, areas of my chest and my back? I had fallen down multiple slopes, from mud, or loose soil, or desperate lunges into the river when running, hitting rocks in my journey. I was always bleeding somehow, someway, since my return.

“You are a curiosity yourself, Blade,” I murmur indirectly as he raises my hand with his knuckles under my palm, licking my fingers, then the back of my hand and the start of my forearm.

I watch as one thin cut from a thorn, seals completely.

Blade doesn’t answer me with words, he glances up to meet my gaze, blinking slowly.

“…I told you,” I gulp, wondering how far I can admit this, “Eros and I are over… for now.”

“Are you open to a new beginning in the mean time?” Blade smirks and lifts my arm, kissing my elbow so softly, “Lily? Are you lonely, my sweet?” I don’t answer him, Blade answers for me, “You are welcome to feel loved, half-wit, anytime.”

“Please. Don’t call me a half-wit, Blade –”

“Because Eros endeared you with it?” Blade shows a fang, proper proud of my sudden and irate show of anger.

“It’s supposed to be an endearment?” I scoff.

“The best kind,” Blade licks his thumb and runs said thumb over my neck, and a small wound there, I flinch from his rough swipe, but eventually that small pain turns to a pleasant healing tingle, “Half-wit is nicer than being called food, is it not?”

Ha, ha…

But I guess Blade was right somewhat.

I was food to all Erebos.

And Blade? Was a pawn in my move of chess for the Belle Island’s throne. Why? Just so I could have a voice and shove it up all their tail fins.

“You flatter me, Blade,” I murmur and I watch as he squats at my feet and he lifts up my ankle, kissing away more wounds. Blade blinks and chuckles pleasantly into my leg as his mouth runs over my skin sideways like a crab, but he doesn’t answer me directly, yet again. After all, Erebos only ever really flatter themselves, don’t they?

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