The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 15] The Wreckoning

[Part2] 15] The Wreckoning

Later that twilight

I could live where I wanted on Belle Island, so I retreated to the Ruins below the Ezili Castle. Again, all of it was abandoned, the Ruins and the Clan Castle, which had windows and doors completely boarded up to avoid stowaways.

I’ve laid down to rest in the shallow pool water of the Ruin rock pool, realising the task at hand of becoming a Sentinel for the Island. Sink all mortal ships. Create a curse.

I was once a Darv and a half-wit only.

So many titles awaited me, upon the meaning of my new tomorrow.

A Princess of Belle Island. A Sentinel of Belle Island. A Warrior for Belle Island… but a cold blooded killer? I had identified as one for so long, and now –

With permission to use the power of the Rough… for those deadly deeds… the concept of killing was almost as far away as it had ever been before within my mind.

Permission changed everything.

I still wanted to be a Sentinel and do my job, I was excited to… but what about my charisma? I could learn to tap into my charisma with a ¼ blood of a Siren, to enchant the ships captain’s away from harm and certain doom.

Sinking a ship would be the fatal last option, if all else failed.

…an entire species was on the line…

The irony of it all.

Darv sacrifices, a barbaric promise, had kept a level of safety for Belle Island. Eros drove a whole port of mortals to raid and burn the Island… and he didn’t realise he almost killed off his only food source… the only breeding ground… he almost indirectly doomed all of the Erebos in the ocean.

Oh, well, what did it matter? The Island still stood. Fantasia saved it.

I was the young blood. The future of the Island would become my responsibility. I didn’t feel like thinking about my sisters playing a role in that part yet, inevitably.

I would focus on me first.

I felt my estranged mother was trying to teach me my own path, albeit slowly.

Could I even trust an estranged parent? Was I blind to do so?

I had to start somewhere.

Was I to become everything I thought I needed to become, overnight?

It was all words right now, whirling my mind in circles of never-ending possibilities and questions.

I may as well do something useful. I had to create some action. I had to orchestrate my own destiny.

I’ve been wading on my back too long, after cutting my palm and bleeding into the pool… I’ve awaited Blade but he hasn’t appeared. I would go to his ship and speak to him offshore, to see what kind of payment we could conclude upon, now that there was no secret treasure to offer.

My tail swishes left to right as I rise up onto my tail bottom, sitting up in the pool water, about to shift and rise.

I fail to move any further, however, as I see a glimmer of darkest green to my right.

Blade is already here. Correction; he has been. For quite some time, I’m sure. Watching me think.

Blade is also exquisitely presented out in Erebos form, how else to describe this massive monster of the ocean?

I’m plainly frozen in shock, witnessing iridescent darkest green scales very much like my own. His tail is probably the longest Erebos tail I’ve ever seen, and the blood pulsing through them makes it glow in stages and pulses of power.

The whole tail is a hypnotic charm, of gleaming predatory seduction.

Possible. Seduction. Not inevitable.

As my eyes shamelessly roam, I note Blade isn’t as strongly built as my King… rather a lonely killer, who could fade into the role of a charismatic captain around a crew he could drink whenever he wanted.

Blade’s emerald eyes shine like new lazy money, except those lazy eyes are open wide, as he turns slowly and holds out a hand for mine which is still bleeding into the water.

I silently raise my hand and he takes it so gently, dribbling spit into the cut, closing my fingers around it and then yanking me over towards him; playfully.

Treasure,” I begin my speech, but Blade simply groans loudly in annoyance, “What?

“…come swim…” Blade lies back on his blue grey flat rock as a wave breaks and mists up cold drops of water which fall onto his skin. His tail flops once as if kicking an irate knee, outward, “…show me the Island? Tell me about Eros… where did you meet… where is he now?” so many airy questions.

“I wrecked his ship,” I jerk my wrist out of Blade’s hold after I almost forgot he had acquired it, just a simple Erebos trick, distracting me with his tail and his eyes and his incessant questions.

Once out of Blade’s touch, but within reach, he looks over me in slight annoyance but doesn’t give too much away about that; whatever is really on his mind, “That’s not very nice,” Blade whispers at me, in a half-hearted hiss.

“Wrecking his ship?”

“Mmmm, Eros loved that ship,” Blade blinks at the ceiling of the Ruins, “Sadder still that he punishes you with isolation… poor half-wit…”

“I’m sure Eros sits in wait for the right moment to come in and… make me sadder, when I’m at my loneliest, knowing him,” I murmur, “I think… whatever, nothing… he is just a selfish shark… boohoo… crying about it will do me no favours, Blade.”

“What if you die tomorrow?” Blade asks, suddenly leaning off his rock shelf, slithering slow into my pool, coming towards me– but I swiftly wriggle back just in time to put enough space between us in the large rockpool.

I can’t believe Blade just asked me such an odd question.

Or can I?

“So, we are trading gold for a talk in Erebos philosophy instead?” I raise a brow.

Blade laughs, barely a sound, “If I could sing… I would sing you a melody so beautiful… you would trust me to loop a noose around your neck and you’d kiss me as I set you… swinging…” Blade watches me without blinking, as he sets forth a dark poem about death; murder. I narrow my eyes as Blade doesn’t approach, instead he just rolls harmlessly onto his back into the water. He pulls the rest of his majestic and huge tail into the shallow water too, as it curves around the pool like Eros’ tail once did, the end of his tail tickles mine. I swish his tail aside, warning him to stop teasing… and joking about such dark things…

“I knew you’d be the type to joke about such a horrible thing… but I’m afraid you’ve conjured up images of you hunting down prey and doing such a thing to your victims before you rip into their necks… and I don’t have time to contemplate such twisted musings about nooses. I have my whole future to reclaim and you helped set me on that path, Blade. I listened to you… you were wise in the strangest way… now you are being too strange.”

“What would you do tonight, if you were to die tomorrow?” Blade asks again, rephrasing his question a little bit, while he now stares at his tail, and the green pulses garner his complete attention away from me.

My first instinct is to deny answering such a question.

But I also guess he really wants an answer, so....

“…I would swim…” I whisper back after not a moment of thought, a true answer, that I even surprise myself with. The thing is, I didn’t even know that is what I would blurt out. I didn’t even know one of my truest loves even slightly leant itself to being within the water.

I had convinced myself for so long I was afraid of it… or that I hated it…

Blade and his natural ways with hypnosis. Such a sweet, strange Erebos… giving me answers with his questions, all the time it seemed.

“Is that all you’d do?” Blade blinks slow, glancing from his tail, to mine, and then upward, almost kissing my neck with his soft eyes, before blinking once more to meet my own green eyes, staring a bit too much back at him.

“…you’re meaning…” pleasure, from an Erebos’ saliva entering your blood.

I can’t make myself say that, while staring at Blade’s mouth, which is closed, hiding the razor sharp fangs I know hide beneath.

I look away for a moment to the ocean beyond… a blast of cold wispy air rushes in suddenly, helping me realise just how alone I am down in this cave, on the most desolate empty side of the Island.

And how close Blade was edging towards me. One inch at a time.

“What are you really doing here, Blade?” I turn to glare back at him now, a hint of distrust –

“Like I said,” Blade sneers back, as if annoyed I’ve broken the hypnotic spell, “If I could sing –”

“You can’t, but what can you do?” I twist the conversation to Blade, and try to erase the growing tension.

I expect Blade will list two hundred things he can do.

I do not expect Blade to fall deathly silent as he watches me instead.

It is not wide, glaring eyes anymore.

It is a hooded and menacing glower… but still just casual enough for me to feel comfortable-ish.

So, I simply refuse to speak first.

“What if –” Blade begins, but I smartly cut in.

“What if I died tomorrow? You’ve asked me three times now –”

“What if Eros was dead?” Blade carefully watches the way my expression does not falter.

“He is not dead,” I blurt, “I would know it. I would feel it. I feel. He is on a beach, talking to a sea urchin, about how it hurts to be his kind of handsome. Blade. Eros is alive. I know it.”

“What if he was dead?” Blade whispers the question again.

“Tell me if I’m mistaken,” I growl, “I get the impression you want to kill him -?”

“No,” Blade shakes his head, brows creasing, “It’s a hypothetical question, Lily. What if he was… what would you do… and if you were dead tomorrow…”

“Is this how you seduce your prey, tell them they’ll be dead by sunrise, but they’ll have the time of their life before then – living like there is no tomorrow, playing with you in the sea, learning how to live like a… like a… dead person,” I chuckle hysterically, because Blade was crazy.

“It’s fun. You should try it sometime,” Blade holds out a hand, “So try it now. Bring in a wave. Let’s go swimming. Show me where you and Eros met. I want to know…”

Ironically, I would be safer in the ocean, closer to the water, I could drown him before he could rip me apart.

And I wasn’t sure what Blade wanted exactly…

“I’ll bring in a wave, but I won’t hold your hand – keep up with me,” I challenge him, raising a large enough wave to flood the entire cavern.

Blade hears the swell rise and it actually breaks his attention from me for a moment, to witness it crashing in.

“You’re so scary, Lily,” Blade whispers at me, mocking and smiling – just as the wave fills the Ruin, to carry us back out into the sea.

Without many important words to exchange, I take Blade around the Island and he’s polite enough the whole way. No touching. No wayward advances. Although he does swim close, inches too close at times. But never enough to dare even a tickle.

Eventually, I do the one thing I didn’t want to, but Blade was being a companion I could get used to… so I decide to delight his curiosity.

So here I go, fool or not.

I swim with Blade towards the rock pools where I properly met and healed Eros, and I let a gentle wave wash us over the rock shelf and into a separate rock pool from the ocean.

By the time, we both slip in, I realise there is not enough room for two tails, even with Blade’s flopping out one end. On instinct, I shift to my legs, and Blade catches on quickly.

By the time I turn to him with legs and no tail, Blade is smiling devilishly as he coyly brings his own silent tail back around and winds it around my middle, like a snake, bringing me in closer to his torso.

“Caught you, little mortal,” Blade jokes, “What puny legs you have,” he holds me up and my legs flail a bit before he drops me down into the rockpool water, but only slightly loosens his tail from around my body.

I hold the hot scales with my hands and feel a tad uncomfortable about this amount of scale upon flesh.

Blade –” I whisper, in a slight panic.

“Relax…” Blade whispers, “This is where you met Eros?”

“Yes,” I nod and finally meet his eyes, and Blade holds his chin, hiding a smirk, “What is so funny?”

“Oh, nothing,” Blade winks at me and pulls me in closer, until my hands must lie on his chest, lest my face smacks into his mouth. I hold my lips out of reach and purse said lips, shaking my head at him. Blade shouldn’t be holding me this close, “What’s the matter, Lily?”

I want to ask him, what are you doing… and what do you want from me?

But I already know. And I was the one who hadn’t made any proper rejections thus far.

“Lily, sweetest?” Blade prompts me, his breathless whisper sounds pained naturally, as if he perpetually needs a hug… Eros abandoned him… Eros abandoned me… if Eros was dead for today… for one night… and I would die tomorrow?

I had an answer.

I recklessly clasp my hand over Blade’s mouth, his eyes widen as I press my cheek to his and put my lips to his ear.

“…will you rip into my neck…?” I test the words and almost instantly –um –I pull back as quickly as I dived in, “I don’t know why I said that. I take it back –”

There is no time to even breathe now, as Blade wraps his hand through my long tendrils of hair at the back of my skull and jerks me inward, holding me below his lips parting, allowing his razored fangs to plunge deep into my neck, simultaneously flooding out that sweet-horrid hormone that made you – ah… shit.

A cataclysmic orgasm rips through me at once, and the injection of euphoria slowly fades out in perfect waves, half as intense each time, while I’m whining and panting my release into his neck, trying to breathe, losing my breath.

My whole body shakes then collapses from it, a life time of regret happens in that one moment.

Blade only drinks a minuet portion of my blood, like fine wine, pleasantly sipping.

He pulls his razor teeth out of my neck and watches the blood gush down between my breasts, before he lazily and far too slowly, licks the two ragged wounds clean and shut.

Moving me over.

Blade deposits me next to him.

I lie back in a panting naked mess, and I wish I could sink back into the shelf and disappear.

It felt so amazing, while the guilt was almost unbearable –

When I finally build the courage to look Blade in the eye, he lies back, looking up at the sky, as if imagining he was dead and free like a ghost.

He was a morbid curiosity, a bastard too.

“I didn’t want you to do that,” I whisper, “You damn Erebos –”

“Oopsie,” Blade whispers from his corner, while chuckling, slowly looking down at me, “Did that hurt?”

“The. Exact. Opposite,” I hiss, “That’s the problem.”

“There is no problem,” Blade interrupts me, his voice deepening, less airy, as he speaks seriously, and without hysteria, “Look behind you, little fish.”

“That. Was. Pure. Hilarity. Blade. Well done.”

No way.

My spine curls as I feel a tickle of a mocking finger pad trailing its way up my neck from my shoulder and a whisper of the Rough in my ear adds to the blood curdling sensation.

His hot sweet breath –

I jerk up and see Eros grinning over my head.

…it was a set up?” I whisper, shying away from Eros and Blade, quickly to the other side of the pool.

Eros is leaning on his elbows, tail lying in the ocean, as he watches me with that slow tilt, the one that never ends as his eyes fixate on my scurrying form.

Blade himself is relaxed and smiling at Eros like he’s the sun and the moon.

Two crazy Erebos.

“Run along now, Lily,” Eros drawls after me.

“I would pay the price of freedom, this is it, is it?” I ask, “Getting pranked?”

“Torturing your fickle fish brain,” Eros chuckles and Blade chuckles with him, “My sweetest half-wit, so amusing.”

I scramble out of the rock pool now and back off with my shuffling steps, careful not to slip, “Well at least I am free to go,” I point out, flicking my hair aside, trying to hide my nerves.

I was caught off guard.

“Enjoy your freedom, little one,” Eros murmurs seductively, while Blade waves me off with a curved brow. Yes, his eyebrow waves at me. Strangest creatures of the night.

Eros blinks slow and then tilts his handsome face toward his long lost best friend. In hopes of talking after I’ve stormed off.

I – well I do.

I do storm off.

But not before setting a wave crashing over them, gushing up their fins and into their gills, only half drowning the bastards for their silly game...

…which was just a tad… confusing with it’s intent

I didn’t like that Eros was enjoying this.

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