The Mermaid That's Sweetest

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[Part2] ⤀ 17] A Chaotic Limbo

[Part2] 17] A Chaotic Limbo

I use the Rough as best as I can to gain speed, even though Eros has equal power over the water. I manage to find a desolate little strip of sand. It’s not much but it’ll do. I swim into the shallows further than any Erebos can manage due to their size.

I shift into my tail, scramble to my feet and run to the middle of the strip of sand.

It’s a little piece of nothing, but at least I am out of the water.

Yes, they were both powerful on land, yes, they could definitely toss me back into the water. Yes, Eros could send a wave ploughing into me. I half expect such a move, but the only thing I see coming for me, are two bobbing heads as Blade and Eros swim around the tiny island, circling me like damn sharks.

“Leave me ALONE!” I yell out to them, knowing I will soon be tempting them to land.

I start to pace and a few moments later, something is tossed onto the sand.

It’s a crab wrapped in seaweed.

A gift.

I almost kick it back into the ocean but I know I’ll need my strength.

I was very hungry… and I was particularly interested in crab… I liked it raw… and the seaweed was edible. Enough.

Thank you,” I hiss under my breath, storming up to the crab and sitting on my butt. I wrench open the shell for the meat and I have my little salad like a barbarian. I would eat and then I would lie on the sand and rest.

I had a whole night in the Rough where I couldn’t return to Belle Island so… I may as well do nothing, lie back and wait until the sun would rise. As I’m feasting on the food gift, I look up to see what I hear. The splashing of water from legs and feet.

Eros is magnificent in the ocean, looking like that, in the moon light, with the Rough churning around him. He doesn’t sweep his luscious hair back, he lets it drip in curling tendrils over his chest.

I chew with my mouth full, as Eros stalks me with a predator’s gait, slow and large lunges. I tense up, but the moment his feet hit the sand next to me, Eros pretends to lunge in for me, but swiftly rolls behind me at the last moment instead. My whole body has winced to the side but I quickly relax. Eros chuckles with my nervous reaction.

Argh. I tentatively lean my back against his abdominals as his cheek rests on his palm, and his fingers also trace down my spine, petting me repeatedly.

You worry me, Lily. Are you okay, Lily. What are you feeling, Lily. Do you need some comfort, Lily?

All the things he could ask.

What Eros does say is, “That crab makes your inner pores sweat, Lily, my sweet,” Eros’ rough rasp is husky with over powered hormones, “Your ass is going to be well inclined to penetration –” he is so serious about it, even when I turn to him and grab his neck with one puny hand – I can’t fit it around, I can’t squeeze – but I do attempt to push his head back into the sand and hover my face over his.

I want to say you selfish, despicable, horrible eel, dolphin dicked, shark minded, monster.

Instead, I think of all that has occurred on the Island.

When faced with trouble? I choose an it’s-too-hard mentality, the mind of a loser. I had never won anything. I’ve never been taught anything useful, otherwise. I’ve been pitied as a Darv. I’ve been stolen, enslaved, and left. I didn’t have much education. But I had feelings.

And all I can do is act on them.

Eros burnt the island, everyone liked to spit at me because of that.

So, I spit on him.

It’s on impulse, from all the disgusting times I felt a warm glob of mouth-water hit my skin.

I let Eros have a taste of total debasement.

My spit lands in his eye ball – appropriately.

But Eros doesn’t stay still enough for me to glorify my petty little win.

He leans up, grabs my neck easily in one hand, then flips me onto my back and hovers his snarling face over mine, now in the power position. I assume Eros will spit on me in return, instead, his eyes calculate as they take in my stubborn hurt expression. He leans down and his snarling mouth almost caresses my own as he speaks, barely comprehensible, “I do not spit on my lover,” his eyes flick down to watch my mouth open in a breath, and he licks his tongue against the roof of my mouth, one slow lush movement, “But I know your kind of mentality,” Eros leans up, losing his snarl to instead stare at me with a small amused smirk, “You’re begging for… rough… loving, Lily,” Eros leans down again, just as quickly, his nose touching mine, “You grow sweeter when you... sweetly submit to me… but Lily… arrogance doesn’t suit you. It suits me,” Eros twists his head with a tilt as he dives into capture my mouth. This time he kisses me as if it’s his last.

I love the sudden warmth and passion of it, but… a curiosity… and strangeness to it… his tongue tastes… of Erebos blood.

Not his.


In shock, I bite on Eros’ lip and struggle to move my head away, he allows me room to squirm, simply to see my panic and delight in it.

Where is Blade?” I whisper.

Here,” Blade’s head pops above mine, his forehead knocks into Eros’ playfully while I’m laid flat in the sand, Blade’s fingers twirl through my hair and yank me down so slow I barely feel his grip – but he’s got it tight. Sneaky bastard –

Eros licks one fang and I see blood from a recent drink.

My heart drops into my stomach.


All my anger at Belle Island… – fades within a moment, as if nothing for this new feeling.

A weight in my chest haunts me as I ask the question quickly, “Are you two together?” I gasp it, “Together, together?”

Blade stills, and raises a brow but says nothing. His eyes flick up to Eros, as they remain hovered over mine. Eros shakes his head, “Half-wit,” he drawls, blinking slow, “Blade and I have been fuck buddies forever; it’s mutually unconditional –”


“EROS!” I smack him, and Eros promptly grabs my wrist and shoves it back down into the sand.

“LILY!” Eros snarls back at me, far more ferocious, “Calm your fish tits.”

“I have nice tits!” I want to cry, my lip wobbles as jealousy surges through me.

I thought – I thought that –

“Oh, heavens, she’s insecure,” Blade whispers, while watching my every expression. I focus on Blade, my cheeks as red as the crab I just ate. The sly pirate is delighted by my stray tears, “Lily, Eros is yours eternally and entirely…” as Blade murmurs that, I let out an exaggerated breath of relief, but he also adds, “…and mine as well. Isn’t he a delightful bastard –?”

“Lily,” Eros looks disgusted at something, his lips curling and his humour lost, “You don’t think I would just fuck one kind of fish. I am a King. I do fuck; what I will.”


“I am of the opinion, Eros,” Blade speaks over me, while holding either side of my head in his hands, I hope he doesn’t twist my neck, “…that you and Lilith shall rut till morning. And then you and I shall swim and torment some dolphins, what say you?”

I am left speechless and almost some kind of heart broken, and while Blade is relaxed, Eros is concerned.

“Lily,” Eros speaks seriously, and he even shocks me with his finality, “Where do you think I learned to kiss so well? Blade is a pretty talented bastard –”

“I am pretty too –” I complain in a whisper, and Eros slaps a hand between my legs, cupping me and instantly finding my hole – sliding two fingers in with ease.


I was wet.

Really wet.

And –

“That’s interesting,” Eros purses his lips, “Though, not so much. Lily. You must know. I love you. Blade is a hobby.”

“Shut up, you fucking greedy piece of –” Blade starts to hiss and fades out, totally offended as he sucks in a sharp breath, “I am your fucking maker, Eros.”

“I am a hundred times stronger than you, Blade,” Eros snarls back.

“You’re daft. Learn to share,” Blade tries to snarl but it comes out like a strangled last breath, he’s so infuriated, his damaged voice box strains further, “You can’t have everything to yourself.”

“Lily is my treasure. For life,” Eros lowers his tone, “Mine. You are silver, Blade. She is gold.”

“I want to see your scope for generosity expand, King Ezili,” Blade calms down slightly, as they argue, it’s like I’m not there, until Blade suddenly looks down at me and lowers himself, and his mouth, toward my forehead. He whispers the lightest and slowest, gentlest kiss onto my skin, his razored fang scraping just a little.

I remember when Blade made me cum with his fangs – and I blush slightly.

Eros starts to growl, almost a snarl – and Blade swiftly leans up, “Why can’t I have her too, Eros?”

“Because she is MINE,” Eros clamps a hand over my mouth as he launches forward and head butts Blade to back off.

Eros lowers his face to mine, as if protecting a bone, as he shows both fangs and they drip saliva onto my face…

When I roll my eyes back, Blade slithers back into the ocean – never shifting out of his tail.

Eros doesn’t stop glaring until Blade is in waist deep water, glaring at us.

Finally, Eros stops being so tense and lowers towards my face.

“I will never share your body for acts of coitus, Lily…” Eros murmurs over one of my cheeks, placing a nervous kiss on the corner of my mouth, while still glaring off Blade, “I simply can not,” Eros finally ignores his ‘friend’ to stare down at me, “Though like Brutus, if he chooses to watch you be… defiled… he is my welcome guest. As long as one cock buries itself into you. Mine. I want our children. I don’t want you having Blade’s children, he’s fucking crazy – the fishes would be mental, Lilith. Mental.”

Eros is rambling, and while he’s being a hypocritical piece of shit, I’m smiling just a little bit.

And then the tides change on emotion again.

Eros finally kisses me again and closes his eyes.

This time, I give into it.

I wrap my arms around his neck and Eros rolls us in the sand so I’m on top. He shifts into his tail and I feel his scales rub between my legs.

“Tail or legs?” I whisper, suddenly needy for a fuck.

“I want your tail, my sweet,” Eros blinks down to my neck.

I nod and I shift, and we go rolling again.

With arms wrapped around my middle, face down and my little tail being squished by his, Eros hisses away the hair on my neck and nuzzles in, kissing my thumping artery repeatedly while his cock finds my tail and the rest all happens…

…in a fucking frenzy.

Eros clamps possessive fangs into my arching neck, while my body thrusts back onto his as he thrusts down into mine, fucking me silly. Bang, bang, bang. Slaughtering me apart. His cock is dancing with excitement inside me, flexing my walls apart.

Really, really silly fucking.

I’m cumming so hard already from the hormones being released into my neck.

In sharp pulses, I’m screaming from his bite, his cock and his weight, while Eros rides me from behind, he is able to penetrate my tail on either end.

Eros sucks deeply on my blood, utterly ravenous for more. He takes too much, I’m certain, but he almost doesn’t seem to care as he makes his statement.

When my body goes weak with his fucking, Eros takes his fangs out, licks the wound better and then rolls us once more.

In a timid state of numbness with my limbs non-compliant, Eros lies on his back, holds me up by my hair and shoves me down further, making sure his cock’s seed spurts directly onto my face…

I take it, breathless to complain.

“For the spit,” Eros hisses, “You stupid fish.”

“Fuck you,” I speak and the cum drips over my lip, into my mouth. Eros drops me and I weakly get up onto my elbows, “Eros…” I moan his name, not sure what I want to say… but he knows his mind well.

Eros leans over to my ear while I’m collapsed, pressing his lips to my cheek, “I am done with you, when you want me back, you call me to reunite. I told you… I told you… the consequences. You want me, you must submit. When you’re ready for me… you call me with your blood…”

Eros lays me on my back and then shifts into his legs, standing and walking back into the ocean.

Just like that.

I gulp as he goes, and I look up at the sky as I taste his cum and… it’s sweet like honey.

Odd… but I’ll take it.

I find myself licking my lips clean.

And then a few minutes later, when the silence from a lack of souls descends, I cry up to the night sky.

Not because of Blade.

Not because of Eros.

But because of my heart, torn two ways.

I wanted to find me, and I wanted Eros to know me.

Yet neither seemed to exist in the same realm.

I could not submit to him… I don’t think I ever could again, in that way by finality.

But I loved him… and it hurt to be in such a chaotic limbo.

Taming Eros was the hardest thing of all, because it just might be impossible.

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