Dominant Man

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My days are numbered in this fuckin hell hole! Only a month left I thought as I kept hitting the punching bag in my cell.

Within that month in two weeks I’ll be able to finally take Thomas out! Yeah, that’s right they kept us separated all this time on each side of the prison to make sure we kept our mouths shut about the deal and to keep our bargain to fight. Because the warden knew we wanted to kill each other and made us wait for the suspense that would bring in the high bitters for the bets that go on here every month & a half.

I’ve crossed paths with Thomas a time or two since we’ve been in here and the tension has been high.

Punching the bag one last time I sat down on my bed taking a rest to look at the photos on the wall.

The first couple of months I was in here I wasn’t happy that Lily took off, but after she had Lopez give me a picture of her & our son. I then understood why she left and I’m glad Lopez helped her with it. Because believe or not, it took stress off of me to know that she’s safe far away enough from Viper as possible that he can’t get to her, like Jack couldn’t find Sarah.

At least I have a way to find Lily!

When I first got that picture though, Wow! I was proud in that moment. I will never forget it. It’s the greatest feeling ever! To know that I have a family to look foreward to that I made. I was also happy Lily told me about our son unlike her mother not telling Jack.

One whole fucking month left! Then Lopez said he will take me to see Lily for a few days so I could vacation with her before going back to the club & help Jack. So her and our son could return to be with family again.

I asked Lopez how she was doing and if she’s happy. Taz the bodyguard Lopez has for her. Told him the baby keeps her happy, but underneath it all she’s sad and misses L.A. and tries to hide it by keeping herself busy going from place to place.

When I see her again, I’m gonna ask if she’d like to settle down and live together once it’s safe to go back to L.A. and hopefully after a while if everything is okay. Ask her if she’d like to be my wife if she still wants to be with me.

It will be a while, but I can dream about it until it’s reality-

I was interrupted in my thoughts when the mail guard stopped at my cell.

" Ya, got mail!” He said sitting it between the bars before walking off repeating the same thing to everyone else.

Reaching over grabbing the two envelopes. One was from Jack & one from Lopez.

I decided to open Jack’s first to see how everything was going.

~ Hey! D ~

Just checking in to see how your holding up again?

Here, everything is steady with the club. Your not missin much. Only Zest’s fighting business is picking up getting new fighter’s every week. Can’t wait to see what you can do in the ring. Lopez said you been makin him proud by not losing fight’s so far. Beast said Hello & wants to see you get in Zest’s ring to kick some ass to knock down a few newbies attitude a notch. Jason & Hanna have been hooking up together. Jason said he found another joke for you, (Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road?)
The answer is on the back of the letter.

Flipping the paper over, I laughed after reading it.

( Because it got stuck in a crack!)

I’ll have to come up with something next time I write, I thought as I flipped the paper back over to read the rest.

All the others brothers said Hi, take care & hope to see you soon!

~ Jack ~

Well, at least there was no bad news.

Grabbing Lopez’s envelope next I opened it.

# Damien

If all goes well in 2 weeks, you’ll be able to get out a week early to spend a week with Lily,

P.s, say nothing to no one

V. L.

Now; that’s some great news! I thought getting off the bed ripping the note to flush down the toilet.

3 weeks left

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