Dominant Man

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" Alright Felix, keep me posted about anything else” I said hanging up the phone leaning back in my office chair.

Sighing; I looked at the photo on the desk of Lily.

I really did miss her, even though I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her. I could see it in some of the club members eyes that they missed her and Damien too.

From the first moment I was informed someone was at Sarah’s shop the day Lily first arrived. I had a thread of hope it was Sarah. But, it wasn’t.

Then, when Lily gave me those pictures the day she invited me to dinner and saw pictures of Sarah & I . All the anger left me that I had for Sarah from keeping Lily away from me. Then was left with heartbreaking sorrow again that I had to ignore until later & talk about Zest & Beast to cover it up. When Lily said I could take the pictures with me. I knew it was time to let go of Sarah and say goodbye in my own way.

It was time to move on & give Beth a real chance that she deserves and no holding back.

So, after leaving Lily’s place that day, I took some of the photos of Sarah & I, to stick in a small tin can that I had in my bike pouch. Then went to Sarah’s & I’s old favorite place down by the beach to bury it there by the shade tree. I carved Sarah’s name and a cross into the bark. When I was finished, I said a little prayer and was thankful Sarah left me Lily knowing I’ll always have a connection to her and never be forgotten in my heart.

Looking away from Lily’s picture knowing she and my grandson are far away from here. It reminds me of Sarah’s leaving.

I don’t want Lily gone no more then she needs to be.

In order to get her back I need to make it safe for her, and the only way to do that is to get rid of Thomas and his father. They are the only enemies I’ve had left since Mary’s death.

I know Damien is strong enough to finish Thomas off knowing he has Lily and a son to fight for. Viper is already crazy mad with vengeance, because he almost lost Thomas once already and Zest is free.

That’s why Felix has been trailing Viper for quite some time now. Viper has been trying to sneak around to find Lily’s whereabouts with no luck at all! Felix has been in a few shootouts with Viper since the first time he kidnapped Lily. But Viper has been sacrificing his men to get away.

Beast & Zest have been hanging out together like old times when in the fighting building. Beast thought about fixing the place up when Lopez brought it up the night he questioned Sabrina’s man Jarrett.

Then Zest showed up making it reality as a fighting business again to release his anger every time he thinks about what Viper done to him and as a cover up to get information on Viper’s whereabouts, plans, his other club’s and secret hideouts, so my club can take them out when given the chance.

It’s just a matter of time until we catch him though. Because Damien & Thomas’s fight is a week away and Felix just confirmed on the phone that Viper and his men have been lurking around the outskirts of the prison.

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