Dominant Man

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Tonight's Fight


Walking in through the back of the prison on high alert. I looked around at my surroundings before going in.

I had a bad feeling something was about to happen.

All the prison guards knew to watch out for any threats from Viper or anyone else, traders would be killed on sight. But just in case Felix and his men are hiding out, as well as Jack’s in the desert.

The undercover mafia men here said some shady shit was going on between the Warden & Thomas before I arrived and it needed to stop. So, I have some men interrogating him as Thomas’s & Damien’s fight is about to start.

The Warden should’ve known better to watch who he’s messing with. I should’ve avoided Damien’s whole imprisonment & had Thomas killed off, but needed to test Damien myself and see if he was serious about Lily. But after tonight’s fight in this hellhole, the mafia Don Alessandro has agreed it’s time to end the warden and move on to the next prison for the fighting business.

And I am glad!

Knowing tonight’s fight is more important than most. It could make or break Damien and it has me on edge for Lily’s sake. The mafia men here said they’ve been watching him fight & placing bets, he would be great for the mafia, but Alessandro and I respected Anthony’s word to Sarah to leave Lily’s life alone & since Damien has a kid with Lily, he’s included.

With Damien not knowing much about the mafia. He sure has past his test & made a good impression in the fighting business by being undefeated in the circle. I’ve watched and gotten to know him and has proven to be man enough for Lily in case something ever happens to Jack or I.

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard the rowdy prison crowd get loud and louder the closer I drew.

When I passed the prison fence that separated the prisoners from the fighting circle. I could hear betting on the amateur fighters going on clearly as I made my way towards the reserved seats.

Once I was seated and my men spread out, I looked around to see if any new people decided to come for tonight’s turnout that looked suspicious.

Noticing Marco, Alessandro’s third waking my way, I waited until he got close enough to speak.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

" The Warden was a tough bastard to break, but we got him to talk. Late last night he gave a copy of prison blueprints to a man outside the prison. Twenty minutes ago the prisoner Thomas confirmed a money transfer. Our men caught the warden checking it out in his office. We’ve swiped and cleared everything to make it look as if the fighting was the warden’s idea if any prisoners talk. We can probably expect an attack at any minute. Would you like to cancel or proceed with the match?” He asked.


“Proceed, there’s no turning back now! We have to much money invested in this. Have all guns out & ready and extra guns on Thomas and whoever he’s been in contact with here. Have the cars ready. Call Felix, update him to be ready any second now” I said pulling out my own pistol.

The bell rang as I looked around while the announcer spoke over the speaker.

"Good evening gentleman! The last match of the night you’ve all been waiting for is about to begin! ” he yelled as the prisoners got more rowdy than ever.

“First! We have our undefeated fighter!!... Damien!... Of the Silver Nights, weighing in two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle!” The announcer shouted out above the prison crowd’s applause, as Damien came out from the left the side of the back. He was buffed up and pumped, wearing a black and silver robe with black boxing shorts.

When he noticed me, I gave him a quick nod in greeting.

" Next! We have our challenger!!... Thomas!... Of the Black Devils, weighing in two hundred and forty three pounds!... The announcer called as Thomas came out from the right wearing almost the same thing as Damien, except his was a red and black robe with red boxing shorts.

“Alright fighter’s!!... Let the match begin!...


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