Dominant Man

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I heard & didn’t waste anytime giving Thomas a good hard punch to the face, sending him stumbling back a bit against the circle fence as we started attacking one another.

Bouncing on my feet, I chanted in my head after each move! Left!, Right, Block, Right, Left, Block!, Uppercut! Kick.

When we landed on the ground trying to get the upper hand on one another Thomas spoke.

" Do you really think you can kill me?” He taunted.

" I don’t think, I know I can!” I said punching him hard in the ribs making him grunt proving my point.

Hearing some commotion going on the outside of the circle. I tried not to think much of it, as I didn’t want to get distracted, so I blocked it out getting back on my feet.

I wasn’t going to go easy on the son of a bitch after all the bull shit I had to go through because he didn’t die when I shot him.

" Well, I have a plan to get out of here and it’s not dying by you!" Thomas said panting, trying to keep blocking my punches.

So, he knew he couldn’t win against me?

" What the fuck are you on about? ” I ask not really wanting to hear his shit.

" As I was saying, I’ve talked to the Warden and he told me all about how your mafia friend over there is the one who helped Lily get Zest out of here. I also know that the mafia man has connections to kill me if I win or lose this fight. So, I have a plan to get out of this fucking shit hole! And when I do, I’m going to find Lily and fuck the life out of her! Keeping her as my own personal prisoner for the rest of her life! For her getting Zest out after my father paid good money to keep his ass in here and for me landing in here, death would be to easy for her. ” He said spitting out blood.” But first, I’m going to kill your friend then you!”

Pissing me off talking about Lily that way, I snapped and didn’t let him talk any longer.

Punching him over & over again in the face I was suddenly thrown backwards as stone, smoke and debris rained down on me.

Dizzy, & buried under rubble, I could hear the prison alarm & gunshots going off.

What the fuck is going on? Is this what Thomas meant about his plan? I thought coughing away smoke.

With my throat burning and muscles aching, I hurried to push stone and dust off me.

Once I was out, I crouched down looking around through the smoke making sure not to get shot looking for where I last saw Thomas, but he was gone. All I saw were prisoners fleeing left & right through the huge fucking hole in the wall that led outside to where Thomas & I were just fighting a few seconds ago.

FUCK!! Why can’t that fucking menace just die already?!

Knowing I had to keep low. I ran over to where I last seen Lopez.

“Damien!” yelled Lopez.

Turning to face where I heard his voice, I spotted Lopez coming my way with the man named Marco holding him up with one arm hung around his shoulders to keep Lopez up & steady.

" Need help?” I asked as soon as I made it over the stone and bricks on the floor.

“No, it’s just an arm and leg wound. Stay here low and out of site until the police enforcement arrive! Don’t say a thing to them about what happened! Just finish your two weeks with your head down and you’ll be out free. Thomas and the other prisoners will be wanted after this. We’ll talk more another time, I can’t be here when the police arrive.” Lopez said out of breath.

" Alright! ” I said helping Marco get Lopez to the hole in the wall.

Watching Lopez and his men leave, I could hear shooting in the distance from the left, but was drowned out by the police sirens coming from the main road on the right.

No wanting to be near the scene when the police showed up, I headed back to my cell to change and stay low.

So much for getting out a week early to see Lily & meeting my son!

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