Dominant Man

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Welcome home


Sitting here in the hot summer sun in front of the prison gates sweating on my bike second behind Jack. Eight of us were waiting for Damien to walk out. Except for Zest, Jason and few other men that had to stay behind to watch the club.

Jack had Drake bring Damien’s Harley along, knowing Damien would want to have a ride to get that free feeling back.

Jack and I hopped off our bike’s as soon as we seen him coming.

Damn! He’s gotten ripped!

Waiting at the gate, Jack and I embraced him in a big hug glad to have him back.

" Man! It feels great to be out!” He said pulling back from the hug.

Taking a better look at him up close, he has matured a lot from all his fighting. More so than Zest & and I have back at the club.

"Damn kid! What happened to you? Your all buffed up & ripped, it looks like you could take me out right now!” I said getting over my shock.

“Well, that’s what happens when you have focus to know what your fighting for, a purpose, a motivation” Damien talked seriously.

“It looks like our boy has matured Beast” Jack said to what I was thinking a second ago.

“Alright, enough with how I look. Can we get the fuck out of here?” Damien asked ready to go.

" Hell’s yeah! We’ve been sweating our asses off out here all day waiting for you” I said getting on my Harley.

Revving up our bike engines, we were flying down the dessert road in no time.

It was dark by the time we pulled up to the club crowded with men and women waiting around to congratulate Damien on coming home.

After about an hour everybody made there way back behind the club to settle down by the bonfire waiting for the cookout food Beth and some of the old ladies prepared.

" Alright everybody!” Jack shouted out to get everyone’s attention.

" Before we say prayer, I’d like to officially say “Welcome home Damien!” Jack yelled lifting his beer for cheer having everyone’s attention on Damien.

Once everyone was calm and seated to eat. Damien, Zest, Jack, Jason, Kevin and I sat around in our own circle to talk.

I just mostly listened to what Jack was talking to Damien. "I know Lily isn’t here with us tonight to celebrate & welcome you back, but I hope we’ll be able to change that soon. When you went to prison she felt bad, guilty even. So, before she left as I told you, she got Zest out surprising us all! By bringin him home so we wouldn’t be one man short while you were away. We all miss her and want to meet your son. Now that your here in person I would like to congratulate you on being a father, I know you’ll be great. For now it’s just us in this circle besides Beth and Lopez that know about him.”

" Thanks Jack” Damien replied leaning back in his chair.

“Yeah, congrats D, ” I said taking a swig of my beer.

“Have you all seen what he looks like or how big?” Damien asked.

“No; Lopez only told us she was pregnant. That’s why she took off, at least Lily told you she was. Unlike her mother not telling me. At least you’ll be able to see him grow up” Jack replied.

“Well, Lopez gave me this from Lily when she first had him” Damien said standing, pulling out an old photo from his wallet handing it to Jack.

" Damn! I can’t wait to meet my grandson, you must be proud. I know I am. ” Jack said handing the picture to Jason.

" Wow! He looks just like you man!” Jason said looking at the picture before passing it to me.

Looking at the picture myself, I understood what Damien meant when he said he had a purpose and motivation.

Something I don't have, only my brother

" You have a beautiful kid” I told him.

I just hope the past doesn’t repeat itself I thought before passing the photo back to him.

" Yeah, I wonder how big he is now?” Damien asked to no one in particular putting the picture away.

" Well, one things for sure! We’ll make it right for Lily and him to come back. Thomas’s escape is a setback for us, but we’ll pull through to get those mother fuckers” Jack said determined throwing his empty beer bottle into the bonfire.

“Yeah, I owe that girl my life and I’ve only met her once! She’s givin me freedom to live on the outside again to get revenge on Viper for having me locked up for eleven fucking years” Zest said cutting in the conversation.

" Yep! That’s Lily for you, always thinking to help” Damien said with a far away look in his eyes.

Seeing as he hasn’t sat back down, I figured he’d want to call it a night and probably sit over at Lily’s shop for awhile to get away from everyone. So, finishing off my beer I threw it in the fire.

“It’s great having you back Damien” I said sincerely before walking off to my room for the night.

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